Tucker Carlson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    Tucker Carlson is admired by white nationalists, elected officials, and maybe some of your relatives or coworkers. Given that he has the ear of so many Americans, John Oliver explains where Tucker came from, what his rhetorical tactics are, and what he represents.

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    1. Thomas Hoy

      I like John Oliver….but damn that was extremely lazy and totally dishonest🤓for those of us that watch Tuckers full segments we know you cherry-picked lines and twisted what he said to try to prove your point….you might fool the dummies but that’s about it😎 P.s to anyone that was butt hurt and want to tell me I’m wrong….I feed off your salty comments😋😋😋

    2. hortonhearscrying

      i dont like how john oliver acts like its wrong to be white

    3. StarvingArtist

      12:15 Don't flatter yourself Tucker, America Didn't make her a national figure, She made herself a national figure.

    4. Robert Hicks

      You're jealous of Tucker! Tucker doesn't even know you're alive!

    5. Paulo De Oliveira

      Western civilization, compared to other cultures in the world has achievements regarding civil rights that other cultures do not have or even want have, small things like, women’s equality for example and, if Japan says that they don want to loose the view that they have of their country and their culture and there for they have very strict immigration policies well, then, is not as if all japanese people are racist for that. RIGHT?

    6. Critical Event

      Tucker used to look like he was huffing paint before he went on air. Now he just acts like it.

    7. Critical Event

      Lol, the Russian and Soviet military has has women as front line fighters since the 1930s. I dare Tucker to call a Russian solider a pussy to her face.

    8. Dyngblue123

      We have to defend our heritage and culture, is not only incredibly racist but a HUGE middle finger to native Americans who’s heritage and culture were both pretty much destroyed by his heritage and culture

    9. Johnie Morrone

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    10. Felonius Skunk

      *John Oliver has become so pathetic that he is unwatchable.*

      1. Miles Quinto

        we got a jelly jennifer yall

    11. Brenda Johnson

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    12. Joseph Masucci

      Tucker Carlson = Clown 🤡

    13. extremawesomazing

      I've shared John Oliver videos with a European friend and he's said he can't access them in his region without a proxy or VPN. He CAN watch T.C. sadly. He shares them often. PS. Be centrist. Or at least make and keep decent friends on all sides.

      1. seigeengine

        @extremawesomazing Why are you waffling about humanity and dehumanization? That has nothing to do with our discussion. The reality is that there are people who promote harmful nonsense. If you compromise with them, you have aided their cause. If you aid their cause, you are an accomplice in the harm they have committed. Why are you waffling about the freedom of speech? That has nothing to do with our discussion. You are misdirecting and making excuses for dangerous fascists and their destructive parasitic policies.

      2. extremawesomazing

        ​@seigeengine If we don't recognize the humanity in everyone, we're no more worthy to call ourselves valid or reasonable than those who dehumanize any other specific group or individual. There are absolutely values worth fighting for, yes, and this is the same feeling on any side of an argument. Your "right" will always be someone else's "wrong." In Tucker's case, I disagree with 90% of what I hear from his serpent tongue. I'll heatedly contend with T's arguments when a friend seems to be open to hearing it, but I'll defend his right to lie and influence millions on air. I'm not about to promote him, but allowing people to support him seems a reasonable compromise to me.

      3. seigeengine

        @extremawesomazing Cooperation is only valid when those you are cooperating with do not have conflicting interests. Conflict is inevitable, and it is rarely so horrid as to be worth the mass-suffering that compromising with trash brings. If I must have sympathy for anyone, it's the victims of those who compromised their well-being away.

      4. extremawesomazing

        @seigeengine Value human cooperation and sympathy, and you'll be convinced to compromise. The alternative is conflict, which may be warranted, but beware since the uncompromising extreme is to hate and kill with very few exceptions.

      5. seigeengine

        Never be a centrist. Introspect on your values, look for evidence and reasoning on what works, and follow that.

    14. Anthony Jacobs

      I have to agree with tucker on the pregnant woman thing. 8 months pregnant and still physically active in the marines, navy, and the air force is not a good look on USA behalf. They are also lowering the training requirements because of LMNOP community.

      1. seigeengine

        So the imaginary situation he made up to try to smear Biden for a Trump-era policy to have body armor and flight suits that fit pregnant women? So you're a fascist stooge with no brain activity? Good to know.

    15. Vanessa Garcia Gonzalez

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    16. Sai Sundeep

      We need jon steward back on this fucker

    17. legendhero 45

      very* very*

    18. Found Sheep

      When people like Oliver destroy this country, I wonder which country they will go to next?

      1. seigeengine

        It isn't Oliver that's destroying the country. It's fascists like Tucker and you.

      2. Serryx

        You misspelled Tucker.. and it doesn't really matter where trash like that goes so long as his empty headed followers buy a ticket on the same boat.

    19. Annette Sharma

      I am quite surprised, Tucker Carlson is still alive!

    20. Alberto De Cristoforo

      I almost committed suicide when I found out I had herpes virus, I was going through a health blog when I saw how a woman testified of how Dr IGUDIA on FIblock cured her and I decided to contact him, to my greatest shock he actually cured me and now I test negative

    21. Edward Cieplehowicz

      LOL! Imagine making an entire segment raging about someone you apparently dislike and giving him ANOTHER spotlight. I genuinely can't believe this happened.

      1. seigeengine

        "Wow, I can't believe someone criticized someone else! If they truly didn't like him they should have never criticized him! Criticism is bad! Never express negative opinions, unless I agree with the negative opinions you're expressing! I have no argument! I'm a fascist drone!"

      2. Wardy 48

        Trust me, it will cause Tucker much more harm than good to have more leftists know of his existence.

    22. Charles Mcgowen

      Love Tucker Carlson. Hate the left with perfect hatred.

      1. Wardy 48

        It's funny that "perfect" (aka "complete") hatred and "perfect" love are the two laziest things a person can think of doing. They both are saying "Don't use your brain: Stay firm, and decide your neurons don't have a job to do". Good luck living like that, boomer. You may become the first organic robot. 🤖💙

    23. Mic Phoenix

      Pathetic John Oliver.

      1. The Horrorist

        yeah why....? guess you are Tucker groupie with a hint of q tardism😂

      2. ]TENGUBLACK[


    24. Waka Maka

      this one would've killed with a live audience

    25. ken davies


    26. Sinne van der Veer

      Look up "Rutger Bregman, tucker carlson" on yt, it'll make your day

    27. Drago Milosevic

      John oliver: 'hello my name is racist'

      1. ]TENGUBLACK[

        low iq?

    28. Drago Milosevic

      'White supremist talking point' lmao

    29. Zachary Moore

      Does the fact that Harvey Weinstein produced Good Will Hunting make it less of a good movie?

    30. Verlie Rawlins

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    32. Mr. Richter

      If they’re coming after you it means you’re on target and exposing them. Tucker isn’t a problem for you lefties, you’re in your own way, he’s just pointing it out. You’re all diluted.

      1. JonStewart Superfan

        @R.o.b kudos to you , you make some good points and I appreciate that you are not a crazy person / half wit / conspiracy theorist which is often the case when talking to right wingers . Have a nice day

      2. R.o.b

        @JonStewart Superfan so? sure 60% want medicare expansion until they learn how much it will cost and when they learn that the reason medicare works in countries like denmark is because they have sugar tax in the usa a soda has 6x more sugar than a soda in denmark and other european countries and as we saw with new york they do not want to give that up

      3. R.o.b

        @JonStewart Superfan what you said was (give me an example of something the right has ever been correct about) so i gave you one now if you had been a normal person you would have said give me an example of something not over 100 years old so then i would reply with making the drinking age 21 to stop car accidents and lower taxes but in-sted you replied with the liberal comeback that because i only said 1 thing and you did not say what time or how many things i had to say you just believe that i only had 1 thing to say and claimed it proved you point grow up

      4. JonStewart Superfan

        @R.o.b 70% of Americans now approve of gay marriage , over 60% want Medicare expansion etc etc etc . The GOP has lost every debate it's ever argued

      5. JonStewart Superfan

        @R.o.b I tell you " give me an example " - you give me an example from 160 years ago , I say " that's really all you've got " ? Normal discussion didn't die - you just dont have arguments , the GOP has been proven wrong about literally everything

    33. Funsley

      Tucker rules

      1. ]TENGUBLACK[

        @Funsley dont ignore him bruh

      2. Funsley

        @JonStewart Superfan hes the best. He kicks liberals asses

      3. JonStewart Superfan

        I like how half the comments from his viewers are about how awesome he is . Not disputing the fact that he's a white supremacist in any way - just He is a racist and that is great

    34. Etiene LaMaine

      Can't wait for him to drop and get what he needs to get. No more of your shitty food anymore

      1. Faris Hanafiah

        Who? Carlson or Oliver?

    35. Danny C

      Sam Toucan talking, that's Oliver, huge Toucan nose. Ugly

    36. Rebel Yell Liquid Sky

      I hate tucker carlson, but john oliver trying to claim that there is a hierarchy of oppression when there isn't one, is kinda ridiculous. Many things can cause damage to people depending on the society it is done in and how one perceives it. But mostly if it is done repetitively will it cause the most damage. If it is done only a little, people can grow stronger from those incidents.

      1. Rebel Yell Liquid Sky

        @Rem Mo oh do explain oh great knower of all that is oppression. i've only been an activist and been researching this most of my life. please tell me how oppression works.

      2. Rem Mo

        That isn't how oppression works

    37. Johnny Shkreli

      White supremist used to burn crosses and terrorize black people, , the new white supremist are condescending people that think they believe what black people think like you just did in this video. Then to try to victimize and pity them so you can keep them oppressed and the same time make your racism suppressed.. SMH..

    38. Joaquin Mut

      Diversity is in fact weakness. Just go check China and see how diverse they are over there. Or Russia. Or any other great empire in history. Political Correctness will be the downfall of western civilization, and this clown talking is just another useful idiot, bet he doesn´t live in a black community, or a muslim one. He must live in a big mansion in a white neighbourhood, with a big fence and 24/7 private security. Hipocryte.

      1. seigeengine

        @Joaquin Mut AKA shit nazis say

      2. Joaquin Mut

        @Rem Mo It´s not about race, it´s about culture and having common goals as a society.

      3. Rem Mo

        @Joaquin Mut Because one of the biggest Nazi tells and ideas is that diversity somehow dilutes and ruins "races" and countries.

      4. Joaquin Mut

        @Rem Mo Why am i a nazi?

      5. Rem Mo

        Alright, Nazi

    39. Joaquin Mut

      Please tell me what´s the harm in preverving our nation and heritage? If any other country in the world says it, a muslim or any african country states it, i bet there would be no outrage. Why is protectin the country´s values and heritage racist? please tell me why the fuck is that racist.

      1. Wardy 48

        @Joaquin Mut If you are trying to argue that the right has helped black people more than the left in the past and in the present, I must say I disagree. I'll grant it isn't entirely predictable for ethnic minorities' stances in politics, but currently it seems a majority of black people in the US are more comfortable being on the left. Historically also, the movements that gave black people equal rights were tending to the left wing. There are black people who have profited from the economy-oriented policies of the right, but that surely hasn't been the rule for the majority of common black people.

      2. Joaquin Mut

        @Wardy 48 That´s exactly the opposite of what actually happens.

      3. Wardy 48

        Though I disagree politics in history has never done anything for black people. The left has. The right, on the other hand, is often hindering them further when they don't know what to do.

      4. Wardy 48

        ​@Joaquin Mut First of all, one correction: I did not say it is racist to look at murder rates divided by ethnicities, read my comment carefully. I said I'd DEFINITELY do it. But not for the purpose of finding someone to blame (THAT would be racist): I would do it to know the figures and formulate an HOW and a WHY research question about them. Now, finding another ethnicity as a whole to blame, instead of just the corrupt system, is largely not being done blm, and whenever they do I disapprove. They are called "Black Lives Matter", not "White Lives Stink", and if blm and some white people do blame each other, between punishing a victim and a bully who punched each other, I would definitely punish the bully first. But again, finding a culprit doesn't solve the problem. The whole "White Privilege" thing is something many right wingers objectively are trying to enforce, just coaxed in rhetoric, thus making this a matter of race though we should be long past it. As for the politics of this, I agree, it's a mess, and I come from a country that, believe me, has left in me pretty much no faith in politics for a long time.

      5. Joaquin Mut

        @Wardy 48 Racism mainly comes from politicians that gain from the people being divided so they don´t realize they are f*ing us over. This racism talk started when the "occupy wall street" movement was at it hight. They saw people were coming together over a common cause, and needed to change the narrative and get peaple fighting each other.

    40. Joaquin Mut


    41. James Enos

      It hurts my heart and I'm going to change this channel knowing that there's so many assholes out there like Tucker Carlson

    42. Jesse Babcock

      Go read the comments on Fox News articles. That'll answer your white supremacy questions.

    43. Kenneth Masters

      Tucker looks like the type to leave his girl in a bar fight, Now That's the Truth lol.

    44. BSuavo's Garage

      Lol the english guy talking bad about the American guy.. 🤣🤣🤣

    45. Cash kitty 🐈

      I'm English and I prefer to watch him than the crap you put out. You take him out of context

      1. Vladimir Putin Wide

        @foop based

      2. foop

        There is no context that can justify Tucker's statements

    46. Gleb Medvedovsky

      yet he still makes more reason then you are Oliver.... and im not even American to know and to see that

    47. Troy Fabian

      John Oliver for president

      1. seigeengine

        John Oliver can not become president, as he is not a natural-born citizen.

    48. Sultschiem

      Complaining that the country you grew up with doesn't look like that anymore and wanting that back is not inherently white supremacist ..... It would only be the case if that was specifically about race.... a massive shift in culture for example is different. I mean you could make that argument about middle class or the working class too. When he grew up, households most likely needed 1 provider, now even if both people work, they are less likely to be able to afford a family. Its a matter of context so stating that that statement is inherently racist/white supremacist is absolute bs. In Tuckers case, its obvious that he means that context, given his other statements.

      1. Sultschiem

        ​@Rem Mo Ehm, no. Quite a few of these things happened over times due to changes being made which enabled things to go worse. Example would be the student loans and changes to the law e.g. that they are exempt from bankruptcy or that they are handled by private companies. Other things went worse over time as well without any changes needed. However, that does not change the fact, that the actual STATUS itself has worsened in many fields. It doesn't matter if the underlying systems have not changed and it was just a consequence of it not being adjusted. The status has become worse than before. The state of the media has gotten worse after 9/11. The majority of news is now clickbait, whereas previously, that was just a small fringe of tabloid media before. You have social media and search engine algorithms creating thought bubbles, which causes not only massive radicalization, but the outright destruction of discussion culture. The US is close to a damn civil war......

      2. Rem Mo

        @Sultschiem Again, if you bothered listening, these issues were issues already back then. And they're issues currently being addressed by young activists. It's almost like an outdated system relying on taking advtange of the poor needs to be replaced. And not rewound back to a time where it "worked"

      3. Sultschiem

        ​@Rem Mo At no point did I claim, that not a whole lot of things (major things at that) were worse. But no. By comparison, if we are talking 1-2 generations ago, quite a few things were a lot better for the middle class. Before the pandemic 40% of the US could not afford a minor expense out of pocket, because they barely had a positive income. The media keeps trying to tell people, that everything is better.... no. No it is not. And the easiest factor to determine that is the willingness of people to create families.... they can't fucking afford it, neither from a financial nor from a stress level. Because the financial and mental health situation of the working class has become way worse. How is 70% children raised by single mothers in the black community an improvement? Black children are less likely to graduate than 1-2 generations ago. Yes, their rights have improved the same with lowering discrimination.... but the 2 things I just mentioned are having a far worse effect on them.

      4. Rem Mo

        @Sultschiem You do realize these mostly were issues back then as well except women couldn't work, minorities couldn't complain, and saying these things could get you black listed

      5. Sultschiem

        @seigeengineironic, given that you apparently know little about this topic? How about: - the media/news sources - student loans - work culture - income inequality - the destruction of the middle class - public infrastructure - privacy.... - polticial division To name a few. But hey, lets act all high and mighty while making 0 solid arguments :)

    49. TheDevil Incarnate

      Tucker was recorded once stating that he doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything, and that he will say or do just about anything for money. He admitted to openly despising the poor and looking down on them. He's a grifter, plain and simple. Amazing someone like him would be given such a huge platform. Then again, this is America after all....

    50. Daniel Howell

      The best thing Bubba ever did was get punched out by Kia "Awesome Kong/Kharma" Stevens after he talked racist shit about the Haiti earthquake relief fund in 2010.

    51. Daniel Howell

      Even RATM only claimed that _some_ of those who work forces are the same that burn crosses

    52. Paul Lake

      John oliver reminds me of the rooster on The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour. What an idiot.

    53. MackFly

      41,795 people who can't handle the truth.

    54. Eric Hathaway

      You are only mildly amusing, suck at being smart, and top it off with know it all smugness....I need to throw up

    55. Eric Hathaway

      Well gee a really really white guy who thinks he us real news guy saying the THIS white guy is really the bad one cause he is whiter....is this bizarro land...wtf

      1. Eric Hathaway

        Oh and says he does poor segments, and wears funny clothes...no your the man...God damn...compelling stories...thanks

    56. Dave Man

      You know, there's nothing like a really good fork. )))))

    57. uriel polak

      Tucker carlson is a supreme opportunist. His picture should be in the dictionary next to the word. Selfishness reincarnate

    58. Dave Man

      👿,,, Even Satan himself, cries out; Evil?,, What the hell is that?! Will someone please explain evil to me!!! I just don't know what that even means!!! 🤡😱🤡

    59. tommy srs

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    60. Israel Corona

      I’d rather watch Tucker Carlson than Jon Oliver complaining about Tucker Carlson

    61. pet per the commenter

      John Oliver is not worth Tuckers toilet paper

    62. Colton Lindsey

      Tucker lives in y’all’s head rent free lol

      1. Colton Lindsey

        @seigeengine how is he destroying America?

      2. seigeengine

        In reality I never think about him until someone else brings him up, yet he's simultaneously an evil piece of trash destroying America.

    63. Matt M

      If your so mad with tucker why don’t you debate him. Or maybe your afraid your ratings will go down if you do.

      1. Nalon

        @Matt M Notice how he has only done it on his platform in recent years. Cornel West and a few others still managed to make him look like a buffoon despite having a platform disadvantage. You're pitiful lol.

      2. Matt M

        @foop tucker has debated before. Look up tucker Carlson debates. You’ll see at least 15 videos of him debating people. John Oliver never debates anyone. He just cries.

      3. foop

        Tucker won't go on any debates, he's too afraid.

      4. Nalon


    64. Robert Prehn

      As amazing as John's show is, it would be even more American if HBO happened to own fox news...

    65. Dan Callahan

      This guy Is a joke

    66. Armin

      Oh noes, Tucker is a troll. U mad, bro ?

    67. Liselotte Meier

      Oh America...Land of the free...Land of the brave....Land of the stupid

    68. Wulf Mountain Path

      A friend revered to TC in a discussion. I felt it OK to ask her to view your segment before she draws her knowledge base from that pool of saccharine slime.

    69. James Calloway

      It's also funny that the white supremacist thing isn't being talked about as much after Hunter's N-word texts were revealed.

    70. James Calloway

      LOL The sound gets loudest when you're over the target. Tucker is an enormous influence on the political landscape so of course the groupthink morons like Oliver have to attack him.

    71. Wade Watts

      if u could hear i laugh a lot and loud as u say u (have some absolute bangers) thanks for the laughs and gaming helps if u are stuck inside be safe out there everyone

    72. ClappOnUpp

      Everything you're saying is hilarious right up until you show Tucker talking and unfortunately, being the socialist I am, I still have to admit he makes good talking points.

      1. Netluxe TV

        Establishment hacks like John Oliver pump out this garbage as part of a coordinated effort to increase the divide between people who are 'left' and 'right' in the US when in reality most people generally agree on our government being entirely corrupt and broken. They are terrified of people realizing that we have much more in common than the media would like to make most believe, hence why there's always a ton of furious fake journalists on twitter screeching loudly when someone on the left goes on Tucker's show. Unlike on any of the neoliberal channels like MSNBC he actually allows them to talk.

    73. ClappOnUpp

      John you are hilarious but the problem here is Tucker, while his reporting is wildly biased.. CNN, MSNBC and even you have taken it even farther on the other side. I'm Canadian, vote for NDP which is a party rooted in socialistic policy, and I consider his reporting more reliable then the other aforementioned sources of news.. I know it's a sad day when it comes to that.

    74. vonsuthoff

      *Tucker, like David Duke (former head of the KKK - turned politician wannabe), have discovered kinder, gentler ways of making racism palatable. But make no mistake... "Racism by any other name is still racism!"*

    75. Felix Michaelis

      The way Tucker talks just makes me so uncomfortable. He looks into the camera like a propaganda-machine. That's some dystopian shit right there.

    76. seth jensen

      If all the White Supremacists convert to Last Week Tonight fans; Does Oliver become a racist then? This is getting confusing

      1. seth jensen

        @seigeengine - coiling madness

      2. seigeengine

        @seth jensen If you were smart enough to present me with a perfectly convincing argument you'd have done it already and I'd have changed my mind as a result. But you aren't, so I didn't, and instead you're making shit character attacks to try to cover for it.

      3. seth jensen

        @seigeengine if I was smart enough to present you with a perfectly convincing argument, you would reject this, because you've already classified me as a racist apologist; simply for not showing obedience. That's okay, but if half our nation is doing this it will tear us apart

      4. seigeengine

        @seth jensen Nobody was calling people who oppose extreme views racists in the first place, so... Remember how the people promoting that theory were also calling it extremely racist things, and expressing general xenophobia? Let's be real, we all know what you're really about. You're not being subtle about it.

      5. seth jensen

        ​@seigeengine I wasn't trying to defend him actually. Just the right for anyone to oppose extreme views without being called a racist. Remember how mentioning COVID lab leak was considered dangerous misinformation and racist? Everything is Racist. What if tucker is just really narrow minded, sheltered and stupid? If it takes a 30 min episode to make the case for 'maybe racism '. I would bet we could find a better example and work on that instead.

    77. Jeff Howell

      Tammy duckworth could kick Tucker’s ass

    78. Mike Bagnell

      Kull Time

    79. N̢yar̨la̡t͞hot́ép the Crawling Chaos

      John "Manlet" Oliver is the kind of guy who would go to an Bay Area alley way, gladly get spitroasted and call it respirations.

    80. Steven Guy

      The Japanese want Japan to remain Japanese, the South Koreans want SK to remain Korean, the Mongolians want Mongolia to remain proudly Mongolian. The Vietnamese want Vietnam to remain a Vietnamese country. Explain that? Sure, the USA and Australia are essentially multicultural countries and started that way.

      1. seigeengine

        I mean, the only country listed there that really applies to is Japan, and, I don't know if you know this, but... Japan has a history of naziism.

    81. Kien Lao

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    83. Filip

      Tucker is a legend

    84. juzores1

      Man ,,, American media hit a rock bottom .

    85. Tippity Top

      John Oliver sounds pretty dumb to be honest. I don't know why Americans find him relevant.

    86. ga pa

      so does anyone really enjoy seeing oliver for 30 minutes being pissed off but lacking any arguments except calling tucker a troll racist and islamophobic ? oliver go find a job

      1. ga pa

        @seigeengine he literally didn't state a single argument in the video wasn't funny and all he did was call him a racist troll how do you call this comedy 😂

      2. seigeengine

        Yes. I also enjoyed how he comedically ripped Carlson apart, and how all you fascist drones are crying your little unthinking hearts out about it.

    87. Tj256

      Your argument is devoid of logic.

    88. ConsolationOfMusic

      I can't watch anymore of this shit !

      1. Phanno

        Lol, you are still on the video? You must be quite triggered

    89. ConsolationOfMusic

      How many "white origin stories" are in your collection of "white origin stories"? When was the "white origin story" rating system established?

      1. Sparkle Pawz

        Imagine being this triggered over a joke and then turning around and crying about people being triggered over jokes.

    90. ConsolationOfMusic

      An effective fight force relies on conformity, not on accommodating the biological transformation of every service member. Do not expect the citizens of the United States to employ military personal that are going through dramatic biological, psychological and sexual transformation.

      1. Rem Mo

        You do realize these uniforms are also for people outside of active military duty.

      2. seigeengine

        Incorrect. An effective fighting force relies on diversity, and the ability to adapt to different complex situations. If you want to posit the notion that certain types of people should be excluded, the burden is on you to prove that the way they are different warrants their exclusion. Until then, you are a nazi, and nazis deserve death.

    91. Simone Amrine

      The purring paperback electrophysiologically suspect because sister-in-law universally dam round a damp memory. cultured, jobless digestion

    92. Yonael

      White people should go back to Europe and leave the country to the natives.

    93. Seneca’s Adoptive Son

      In this monologue, replace ‘white’ with ‘Jew’. See how that holds up.

      1. seigeengine

        Fine. Jewish nazis are just as bad as white nazis.

      2. Phanno

        Because they are totally comparable. You just have to ignore data, history and social structure.

    94. Junior Gomez

      John you need a new job

    95. Bjorn J

      haha all those little safespace cry baby's here hahaha. Just look at the ratings.. Get Woke Go Broke!

      1. Phanno

        Really not sure who you're talking about? The Tucker followers who can't seem to bring forward a single compelling argument, and instead just throw out insults? We were expecting the primitive people to cry out.

    96. Keren K

      Tucker seems so upset that he can't be surrounded by white people all the time. Just move to Maine, Ohio, or either Dakota. It's not that hard, man.

    97. Keren K

      I googled tucker carlson's college degree because I was so sure it would be writing and rhetoric with the way he delivers blatantly false information-- but no. He has a BA in history, of all things.

    98. Raivolt

      This show wishes it was Tucker Carlson! President Trump#1!

      1. Phanno

        Why would a show want to be on a dying platform? Don't you have a white house to siege?

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