The World Health Organization: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver discusses the crucial role of the World Health Organization, why Donald Trump is skeptical of it, and how his plans to withdraw the United States could have dire consequences.

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    1. Dotty Trista

      The materialistic prosecution ipsilaterally sin because age optimally rejoice besides a disgusting ray. bawdy, flawless process


      This video has not aged well according to the state of things in June 2021.

    3. Matt Orfalea

      16:00 almost eradicated polio

    4. Matt Orfalea

      13:10 took a while to acknowledge mask wearing and airborne

    5. Matt Orfalea

      11:40 does not age well

    6. Matt Orfalea

      3:40 small pox will never return

    7. NOAH R


    8. flanker

      Funny you've made no mention of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. i.e The current head honcho of WHO. Who happens to not even be a medical doctor. Who also happens to be a former Foreign Minister of Ethiopia. I'm sure the massive foreign aid China gave to(and continues to give to) Ethiopia had absolutely no bearing on any decision he made.... You know John, I think you're a really smart guy who really cares about people. You even have the balls to shit on China's treatment of Uighurs. But what you're doing with videos like this one, where you completely ignore the main argument of the other side and just counter the "arguments" of the shitstain that's Trump is really making a huge disservice to your program.

    9. C G

      Huh, wonder if Jon will have the humility to admit now that saying that Trump was just blame-shifting on China when we now have increasing evidence of its goverment’s willful disregard of its own role in the international spread of the virus and attempts to silence any Chinese immigrants in North America who spoke out against them as the authoritarians they are, was wrong/disingenuous… I hate(d) trump, but FINALLY laying some blame on China’s regime for its instrumental role in the origins / initial spread of the virus was ABSOLUTELY right (a phrase I never thought I’d use). And what’s more, between March and June of 2020, it was OBVIOUS that the WHO WAS repeating the CCP’s party line…. Jon and fellow posters, don’t let a legitimate loathing of trump blind you to the humility of admitting that there were, admittedly, a small number of things he actually got right (clock twice a day, and all that)

    10. Jono Gaukster

      Sorry, Who???

    11. الأسود العنسي

      When will the audience be back.

    12. Phil Thornton

      Biden getting back into the WHO just shows how weak he is, the WHO is not fit for purpose and anyone who thinks it’s going to do anything is delusional

    13. CheapGeek

      John Oliver seems to know a lot about orgies.

    14. Brandon Davidson

      If you ever doubt that your vote matters, just remember that Biden won the election, and he rescinded Trump's WHO withdrawal.

    15. Addison Youngblood

      Before the episode: WHO? After: WHO cares

    16. Yashakur

      But it’s corrupt AF though, IN CHINA’s FAVOR..

    17. Candace Crofoot

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    18. Thoth

      we are as strong as the worst prepared country

    19. Md. Mubasshiruzzaman


    20. harrison spence

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    21. Deters Person

      This...did not age well

      1. Deters Person

        @Fernando Giubilei you haven't seen the latest new about the Corona Virus have you :/.

      2. Fernando Giubilei

        @Deters Person What do you mean by covering up the origins? Are you saying they didn't act fast at first, tried to keep it quiet or are you saying they are hiding that it came from a bio-lab? Because the first two are posible, but the third one is a nutjob conspiracy theory.

      3. Deters Person

        @Fernando Giubilei The organization helped cover up the origins of the Corona Virus, they did a lot of good don't get me wrong, but that was then and this is now

      4. Fernando Giubilei


    22. Marielaa Usher

      10:47 Actually having El Chapo investigating the Mexican drug cartels might be good since he probably would want to eliminate all cartels except his and then you just have to worry about one cartel

    23. Zona Crawford

      When was the last time the USA was successful doing anything. Our country is the leader of all f**k-ups. 🤷‍♀️

    24. Mike Mushkin


    25. Thomas Connors

      Where did the first guy get small pox from???

    26. pinguaina

      Do a video about the metric and the imperial system.


      We know half truth are more dangerous than lies... We also know many of the medical concept are half truths! Venkatesan sangareddi chennai 🇮🇳india.. .....

    28. Kathryn Ashworth

      Trunk looked at Brexit and wanted to an even more ridiculous Leave.

    29. alexb1886

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    30. G

      Dr Tedros isn't a medical doctor WHO continually ignoring "Taiwan's" warnings (closest to China) WHO & China told the world (same day) not to introduce travel ban on Feb 03rd 2020 for "economy" reason, not health. Neighbors to China, such as Japanese Minister said "WHO" should re-name as "CHO" WHO own internal documents continually acknowledges lack of information needed from China. No other countries suggesting pulling out from WHO including Taiwan or Japan or S Korea, but WHO really need to shake things up after SARs with similar consequences, because of China (again).

    31. Nizha Lopez

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    32. Music Athority

      That termination with the WHO goes in to effect next month. now that Trump is no longer in office can that termination be overturned? and has the Biden administration taken steps to insure that America will still be involved with the WHO? as I continue to watch this video from what John says it appears it can. which also as John says and I quote. "It is the dumbest thing we can possibly do and I mean that fucking literally".

    33. Barry Lichtenstein

      WHO, an arm of the UN, called for an emergency meeting on Covid 19; they spent two hours of that meeting condemning Israel. Why arent you mentioning that? Thank God Taiwan is an amazing country as they fought and beat the Covid 19 spread when the WHO and most countries obeyed and refused to send them aid, and then they helped others. (BTW: the Trump administration was the only one in history to back Taiwan.) When did you become such a sell out John? I think you should find the point where you lost all integrity. FU John, we used to trust you You have really evolved into an unfunny d**ck

      1. X Random

        FYI, Taiwan is currently not doing well in terms of Covid 19.

    34. Prometheus

      The last person you'd want to get informed from is some technocratic fascist puppet like Oliver.

    35. Dark Rainbow

      I can’t forgive the US. Bye.

    36. Ballas George

      I remember, In my socials, I heard people say that the U.N. is bad And when I asked why .. they just said it's bad because Trump said so and they are stopping him at every turn.. And all I kept imagining was a criminal trying to remove the cops from the city because they kept stoping him at every turn ... I may be wrong.. but It sure sounded that way.

    37. Joseph Männchen

      Fun fact about literal pipe organs and China: “After 1949, virtually all the pipe organs in China were destroyed, many during the Cultural Revolution. And for 40 years no pipe organs were installed on the Mainland. The first pipe organ installed after the Communist victory in 1949 was the 1989 III/60 Rieger-Kloss in the Beijing Concert Hall.” Vox Humana, 11/1/20

    38. Yo Thisgamesucks

      Love watching “it might sound tedious, but it is really important “ with John Oliver

    39. sebastian arbelaez

      Don't forget WHO's opinion towards Taiwan

    40. Atle Hassum

      I'm not from the US, and I hadn't even been born in the 1980s, so I don't think I'm expected to know everything around it. But I didn't know Reagan was such a frighteningly dimwitted numpty until learning it from this show. I mean, is it really possible to be so idiotic that you dismiss the regulations necessary to be able to rely on what networks call news, actually can be trusted? I mean, come on! Thanks for keeping me and everyone else educated on why things are as f*cked up as they are.

    41. Jordan Swart

      The far right’s hard on for China will never cease to amaze me

    42. Tarielka Roldán

      "if you listen to Mike Pompeo, which you absolutely should not..." Proceeds to show a video of Mike Pompeo

    43. pemb bini

      Looking back so I never forget why it was so important for us to get that asshat out of the oval office his whole term was a long series of set backs

    44. Bill Weeks

      I'm fine with the withdrawal. I'd like to see us also withdraw from the UN. And make them pay rent and income tax.

    45. Wayne Igoe

      Given another year, he'd have probably pulled out of the UN too... The man knows how to pull out of anything... Except a woman.

    46. Fox


    47. Dejan Jovanovski

      Ok so lets pay 43million and have a seat at the table. Why are we always paying? We have hungry people here but we gotta pay 450 milllion for WHO? Not cool

    48. Jeff Reams

      Look who's not leaving the World Health Organization now in July 2021.

    49. Nick Good

      China lovers

    50. Aniket K

      14:03 ... “good humanitarian partner around the world” ... & I thought China lies so much!

    51. Jaden Cutcher

      Donald Trump addressing Xi Jingping as "President" while standing in front of interpolated flags of the United States and fucking India is a perfect summary of whatever the fuck he has been doing in the White House for 4 years. Oh wait nevermind addressing Xi as President is a western media fault and Trump is just parroting that, also appropriate.

    52. Moldveien

      Pulling out of the WHO is definatly wrong, but the WHO is also bad, for anyone wondering its bias, take a look at the reporter asking one of its executives about Taiwan, where he first pretends to not hear it, second pretends the call lost connection, and then finally throwing it off by saying "we already talked about China"

      1. Moldveien

        @Jose Perez Well I agree with leaving political adgendas out of health policy, which is exactly why I wanted their numbers represented, but more so their actions, but I get how that is a pipe dream, but I don't think it should not be critiqued either way. I do enjoy discussing with you though as you atleast are willing to entertain my position instead of just ranting at me, so thank you, it's a rare thing on the internet :)

      2. Jose Perez

        @Moldveien China will never allow ROC numbers or representatives to hold any special significance beyond that of any other regional Chinese government. For China, Taiwan is just another region and nothing more. Any display to the contrary is met by fervent CCP condemnation and escalation. If you don't play by their rules, they don't play with you at all. In my eyes, the WHO made the right choice to cave to their demands. They had a public health mission. To let personal ideology or sensibilities stand in the way of that mission would be a fault.

      3. Moldveien

        @Jose Perez I am aware of this, as I said pulling out was the wrong choice, I am just putting this context here for people wondering where the whole WHO is in China's pocket angle comes from. I am not outraged I think my comment was rather straight to the point, the reason why I belive Taiwan should be included atleast as a observer or in some other form like being Chinese Taipei as they do in the olympics is beacuse they have had a very good response to the pandemic and there are valuable lessons to be learned from its approach. This is me speaking from expirience as I was traveling in Taiwan when the pandemic kicked off in spring last year, off course Taiwan is a sore spot to deal with in international politics I am not so deluded to think any country should recognize the ROC, but I think trying to find a middle ground so they can share their DATA and findings to benefit the world as a whole should be taken seriously.

      4. Jose Perez

        Recognize Taiwan = lose relations with China. The WHO simply could not afford that during this pandemic with Wuhan at the epicenter. The WHO, just like the US, France, and Germany, chose to get its job done rather than pick this losing battle.

      5. Jose Perez

        The United States doesn't recognize Taiwan as separate from China. Look it up. I can count on my hands the number of nations that recognize Taiwan. Just a bit of context to your outrage

    53. Germae Anne

      John, your knowledge on orgy management is oddly specific.

    54. Marika Fragen

      I don't like the WHO much. Some of the shit they've pulled at the behest of the Gates Foundation is criminal.

    55. Donde Merlin

      Good Reagan joke.

    56. Darragh Ryan

      Thank god biden won

    57. CC Overview

      The WHO was shown to just eriterate Chinese propaganda without doing any investigation of their own. Leaving that organisation was the right decision.

    58. T Lindsay

      The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

      1. T Lindsay

        @Jose Perez Thanks! I appreciate your willingness to see another angle

      2. Jose Perez

        @T Lindsay oh, I hadn't considered that angle. Well, it got me to look it up. Nkce job

      3. T Lindsay

        Thanks for your advice! Part of the process of advocating for change is appealing to public forum so that others may also learn and advocate for change

      4. Jose Perez

        Nobody that works for the HBO will ever read your comments. Write a letter or make a call. Writing these comments is like putting a complaint in a bottle and throwing it out to sea, hoping that one day John changes his stance.

    59. film theory

      Its amazing that something can go from being that wide spread to completely gone for no reason within a couple coronacold

    60. Jarid Winters

      Too bad that he was exactly right, watch the shitshow interview in which the who representative is terrified to even say the word Taiwan because they know if they acknowledge Taiwan as a free country from China the overlords won't like it.

      1. Jose Perez

        Not a single western government recognizes or has talks with Taiwan. They deem their national interests more important than a picking losing battle over ideology. The WHO deemed their mission more important than this battle too

    61. Geordan Neville

      The who

    62. goldmemberpb

      Hearing Trump talk for those briefings makes me sound like Shakespeare. Going from Obama to him is like moving out from a mansion to a motel.

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    64. J M

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    65. larry west

      I could not agree with you more. I have been telling people about how much of an idiot trump is since well before his dumb ass t.v show. and yet I have neighbors who claim he is a great leader and knows business better then anyone yet take zero time to look into the facts and believe anything the man says. I think the real problem is the morons in this country who voted him into office. let them not wear masks and maybe with any luck nature will do its job and get rid of the morons and those with a brain will go on in a much nicer and safer and kinder country.

    66. Jan Murray

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    67. Mike Magnuson

      Can somone go to ifunny and explain this? It is a dumpster fire over there

    68. teemoIRL

      The WHO has only repeated China's statements on the virus and it's origins tho, so to say it's not just literally true doesn't make it ok that instead of pushing the fact China isn't allowing any form of investigation into the origin of the virus isn't a good move which was Trump's complaint against the WHO. Obviously don't claim it's from a lab in China without hard evidence but don't say it definitely isn't either without an investigation. Every expert Ive heard believes it's a very likely possibility

    69. Anghus Morgenholz

      Because donny wanted to steal that money. And his childish whim is more important than any number of human lives.

    70. Anghus Morgenholz

      There was something terrible going on now that terrible is waiting to go to prison.

    71. Anghus Morgenholz

      I remember my small pox vaccination it hurt and looked horrible.

    72. A P

      China should be heavily punished for creating and spreading Corona virus. China's claim that there is lowest damage due to COVID in China, this itself proves that they were well prepared and aware about their fatal experiment s before creating & spread of the virus.😠😠😠

    73. arthur king

      Biden won! We're back in the Paris meetings as well as the WHO

    74. hedgehog3180

      Only the US will set up an organization like the UN to try to legitimize it's own geopolitical actions and then get upset with that organization later on because it sometimes does good things and then start to leave it.

    75. michael jordan01

      WHO is one of the most corrupt organizations i seen. They are definitely a puppet to China. Agree or disagree

    76. Kevin Brooks

      On a scale of 1 to John Oliver talking about trumps fuck ups how mad are you?

    77. Lawrence Maweu

      And because of this, we now have a vaccine from China and Russia. That just sounds weird. A vaccine from China?

    78. Amanda McCallum

      Despite Trump and his B.S. the WHO did screw us to keep China happy. Most countries had legislation that the moment the WHO declared a pandemic the legislation became active and plans started. The definition of a pandemic is a virus that is endemic on more than one continent. The moment the virus started appearing in Europe the WHO should have declared it but in order to keep China happy they waited, thus world governments waited instead of acting. The WHO needs to respond to this.

    79. julian galindo

      Do have one on our gov. ability to stop news that they claim will harm national s.?

    80. Nicole Mouser

      It’s nice to he here now and be like “holy crap, we dogged a bullet”

    81. Andrei Orha

      Not caring about Trump at all, but WHO did 'condemn' USA actions of stopping flights from China and encouraged other countries not to do so, and it praised China after China tried for months to cover and lie about the new virus, up to imprisoning doctors that tried to speak out. WHO might need diplomacy, but they also need credibility, and right now they have none for praising China. If "Nobel" for peace would give the award to Hitler posthumously, they would lose credibility, and rightfully so (the little credibility they have anyway). So no, it's not just acting late, arguably WHO helped the spreading of the disease and praised the ones responsible.

      1. Andrei Orha

        Perhaps pulling out of WHO is not the best course of action, but it's a shared fault. WHO can't just ask after all they did to just forget about it and continue on, they should have changed something. First thing, Tedros Adhanom should have been booted instantly once the virus spread outside China and retract their praising of China. Maybe WHO is not a China pawn, but Tedros Adhanom sure seems like one, and China propped him up after he messed up so badly. As long as Tedros is still in WHO, that institution has no credibility.

    82. Brandon B

      I find Trump as despicable and incompetent as anyone, but that doesn't mean *everything* he says and does is wrong. As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day! He's right about the WHO, they've become a propaganda machine heavily controlled by China. When they originally announced that masks didn't help against the pandemic they were straight up lying. Yeah perhaps it was for the greater good so that there would be supplies for healthcare workers, but that doesn't make it okay. They still knowingly lied and spread misinformation that was bad for people's health in order to further an agenda, which is a dangerous line to cross regardless of the justifications. People shouldn't just forget that. As far as I'm concerned they lost all credibility then and there. As for there pupetting to China, just look at the effort they spearheaded to change the name from Wuhan Virus to Covid19. By the time it hit the West they were already initiating the change so we didn't see the stark difference. But for the first couple months it was steadily The Wuhan Virus. Ontop of that, there proclamation that it has no connection to the Wuhan Virology lab that worked on bat viruses just a couple blocks from the wet market is total whitewashing. As for the cost sharing, maybe he could have worked harder to reverse the decision to lock the funding, so that other countries would pay a fair share. But then again it's totally understandable that he just said enough is enough, given all their other corruption.

    83. herman bean

      Jeopardy? More like leopardy

    84. Myra Bae

      I agree with John Oliver 99% of the time...not this time! China is hiding something and dragged their feet to combat it

    85. Adam Kaufman

      The who?

    86. lorinda roberts

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    87. Amateur Terminator

      Are you guys on a CCP payroll? After today's Atlanta segment I'm quite certain you are. How disappointing.

    88. johnny rocket

      John do you want to change your views of the WHO being a shill for China after the higher ups of the WHO dodged questions on Taiwan.

    89. Amber Dent

      Honestly, even if it wasn't more nuanced than the way Trump put it, the U.S. government literally pisses more than $500 mil, and for that matter, so does China. Like fuck.

    90. luna vondeling

      why people just can not respect the science and not taking those politicians seriously

    91. Jayden Van Canne

      Oliver talking about having to stay at the table to be able to pass reform gave me strong Brexit vibes.

    92. DIBIS


    93. iuzarneimaveilabal

      WHO Cares :))

    94. Stan

      Raegan's neoliberal policy is to save on everyone except the oligarchy.

    95. Stan

      The real cooperation between countries will start only when the means of production will pass hands to the working class. Before, every company, every country will compete with each other, play against each other to extract profit, no matter what's at stake.


      #proteger_a_los_profesores_en_marruecos #protect_teachers_in_moroco


      #proteger_a_los_profesores_en_marruecos #protect_teachers_in_moroco


      #proteger_a_los_profesores_en_marruecos #protect_teachers_in_moroco

    99. Yeetus

      Yeah oliver is wrong on this one.

    100. devalapar

      This channel is very informative.