The Supreme Court: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    In the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, John Oliver discusses the future of the Supreme Court, why the government doesn’t always represent the political leanings of the electorate, and how those issues will impact the next generation of Americans.

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    1. Emma

      Our court has always had a conservative bent.

    2. The Creeper

      John Oliver is 10 years older than me but my grandma looks younger than him

    3. Musa Bah

      It is amazing how you see things before anyone does. Joe manchin is an ass hole

    4. lani bobc

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    5. Andreas Otto Hansen

      To be fair, america is right leaning. Compared to Europe.

    6. patrick hall

      7:10 I don't think you do get it. It's about potency not velocity. Think coffee or tea.

    7. UpRoaryus

      "Kill it in the cradle before it grows up" indeed. What happened, Mitch? Did someone say something similar to your mother when YOU came into the world? If not, perhaps they should have. You ghoul...

    8. Patricia Whitehead

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    10. Carissa Hatton

      For anyone who's curious, mule piss also has a very strong smell, as well as "the stream". The implications...

    11. George Hale

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    13. Mccann Antonette

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    14. legendhero 45

      Oh no, moments of this video are so very very horrible and so very very terrible.


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    16. David K

      So much for separation of powers. Presidential, and legislative make sure to get who they want in the Judicial. So, no separation of power. Our bicameral system of "checks and balances" oh, don't have that either. I really wish people would stop using the word "conservative". I haven't seen any real conservative presence since about 1982. Even the left is just leaning center from the radical right. There is no liberal or progressive presence in Washington, anywhere. Anyone who isn't a lunatic radical right is labelled a socialist. I like Ike.

    17. Amina Branda

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    18. Drake Blake

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    19. Menroth

      What's with the absurd amount of bots in this comment section?

    20. Amanda Tan

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    22. Falcon Adam

      John Oliver explains everything wrong with America in 21 minutes

    23. Anton Brakhage

      Ah, remember when the big fear was that Trump might send a close election to the courts? Back last fall, it was a borderline fringe concern that he might just direct his mob to storm government buildings and, say, try to murder Congress. Donald Trump- no matter how bad you think he is, he manages to be worse.

    24. Darkstarscream 1

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    25. D G

      I love the "READS PROMPT" subtitles around 9:30, how did that happen?

    26. Paul Johnson

      You mad bro?

    27. Darkstarscream 1

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    28. Emily K

      What I just thought of while watching this is WTH is trump up to now!???

    29. pinguaina

      Do a video about the metric and the imperial system.

    30. Duong Lien Huong

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    31. orchardlea

      The way this episode aged like a terrifying fine wine is a testament to the quality of analysis by the writing team.

    32. Needham Southerland

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    33. the man the legend the cab driver

      The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact has the ammoumt of states it needs if you include the pending states

    34. Berlinda Martinez

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    35. Red Gaming

      I’m curious could someone tell me who antonin Scalia is, I just want to know that’s all

    36. Music Athority

      John Oliver is absolutely correct, it's amazing how a British American citizen is so much more intelligent than Americans about American politics. with all due respect to John Oliver Americans shouldn't have be educated by a man from England. but the fact is even though a Monarchy has it's flaws. the British people on average are wiser in regards to American politics than most Americans are which leaves me to say two thing's. (one) is Americans need to grow a brain. and the (second) is I would like to say thank you to John Oliver for pointing out some facts. that Americans for some goofy reason don't seem to know. which in some ways can be attributed to misinformation on the internet.

    37. John Arvid

      "If there is one group of people who don't get to complain about their opponents going to extremes to get what they want, it's congressional fucking republicans."

    38. Tomislav Andrasec

      be really glad black Americans seek equality, not retribution...

    39. Jane Doe


      1. Jane Doe


    40. matthew benard

      America you have a small group of good people, but your country and the rest of you conservatives, should be walled up.

    41. Dylan S.

      A liberal icon replaced by a symbol of hate and bigotry. This is AmeriKKKa.

    42. abhishek venkata

      Hehe, this makes me really happy.

    43. JustA Dad

      Fucking Joe Manchin should have watched this. he is literally deciding not to give Americans the right to be represented.

    44. PsionicMonk

      "The people elected Trump" Yeah... What did the popular vote say? It's sad how delusional these people who buy this shit are.

    45. GlibertTheFrog

      I feel that many centrists didn’t care about what trump was doing, they just didn’t like him

    46. Mark Mcalpine

      Y don't we allow judges to pick their replacement

    47. Mark Mcalpine

      She should've stepped down during Obama but no she liked falling asleep during court hearings

    48. Kelly Arthur

      Another fabulous video. Another sad, depressing reminder of how fucked up the U.S. system is. I can't help wonder why Democrats don't have the balls to block Republican nominees for _anything_. And really, somebody needs to beat the mule piss out of Mitch McConnell. I do have to say, we've had way to fucking many "Terminator" films already.

    49. James Card

      And this is why america sucks.

    50. ohsosmooth01

      Do the people of Puerto Rico have to pay taxes to the US government?

      1. Meme Lord

        All residents have to pay US federal taxes, while some have to also pay federal income taxes to the US. So much for "no taxation without representation."

    51. Nightmare

      Ok the part about America being center right is actually correct as the Democrats aren’t left in the slightest but are instead just center right, with the right being extremely insane right. Left ideas don’t exist and aren’t represented by any party in America. There is no labor party, they are both bourgeoisie oriented.

    52. Mephisto Faustus

      Mcconnell was the puppet master until it got out of hand.

    53. Tom Peters

      I can't believe a man that "loves beer,don't you drink beer" is a Supreme Court Justice. The damage trump caused is gonna be felt for generations

    54. nightstalker638

      So one thing about this video that annoys me is when John disparages the senate saying that the rural states are disproportionately represented as oppose to California, when EQUAL representation is the WHOLE POINT of the senate. The senate allows small states to have an equal say, while the house of representatives allows California to have an proportionate representation. On another note Puerto Rico should be a state no question asked, and the reason that D.C. is not a state is because the founders did not want any state to host the capital, that way a host state could not have disproportionate leverage on the government by say passing local ordinances to apply pressure to congress.

    55. Paul Mezhir

      YES!!!!! Ive been waiting years to hear John say "merkin" long did he wait, I wonder, for the perfect opportunity

    56. antonie Bui

      Man idk, been waiting for avatar2 since I saw avatar in 3d. 4 more? I take that.

    57. T Lindsay

      The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

    58. Saramai Nyugen

      No lifetime appointment!

    59. Mike Ximenez

      All I want for my b-day is john oliver yelling about FUCKED shit while I smoke weed and eat cake.

    60. Cody McCollum

      Mitch McConnell and Nancy pelosi are everything wrong with modern day politics.

      1. Eggs Bruhnadict

        They’re not even comparable but yea

    61. Deanna Kelly

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    62. Tomeika Reid

      The stream is not the point... It's the strong odor that rises from the piss.... Mitch knows alot about piss!!!!

    63. A G

      Well, we won the election, but we still got fucking manchin

    64. Noah Cook

      It's hilarious to hear John discuss the inequality of the Senate when it was designed to make sure every state had an equal voice in legislation. I'm sorry but the day we change the Senate is the day we destroy our republic.

      1. Martijn

        Can you explain to me why the voice of a state should be more important then the voice of the people actually living in the country that will be effected by the legislation

      2. Nocona Roubideaux

        Not really how sovereignty works there buddy.

    65. Henry Zitsow

      I think that it is important to remember that we are not a democracy by design, the FF intentionally avoided democracy like the plague, we are a representative republic.

      1. Valerie Rodger

        by design not a pure democracy doesn't mean by design not a democracy of any sort. It is a republic that is a representative democracy. There are democratic elections for political representation. That makes it a democracy. The country was founded, discussions about democracy used the term to mean pure democracy, so dropped the term pure as something that was generally understood. We no longer use the term democracy to mean pure democracy, we use it in the more general sense. Somewhere along the line, though, people decided to conflate the Republican party with the idea of a republic, and the Democratic party with the idea of democracy, making it seem that republics and democracies were mutually exclusive, which has never been the case.

    66. Andreas Ersson

      Can't blame Manchin, he comes from fudging WV, no way a normal democrat can win an election there.

    67. mario yu

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    71. Next Gen

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    73. Nikola Subotic

      Oliver's views were always progressive and that was clear from when he began with this show, however, it used to be different. It used to be that he would criticize and attack things that most people can get behind as he was calling out true injustices or giving limelight to very pertinent subjects that were otherwise often not talked about so much. Now, it's just a Republican bashing fest. To 99% of people it may seem the same because very few people spend hours a day following politics and not from a partisan perspective. Per se, he points out that tape from the republican senator talking about blocking Trump's appointee yet the Democrats would have, absolutely have in the past and will do the same in the future, the ONLY and ONLY difference is that in this specific case it was the Republicans that were in the position where they had the votes to block Garland's vote and streamline Trumps'. Yet, on most TV channels (as they are mostly liberal-leaning), all you would hear about this subject is how hypocritical this is and bla bla bla and they point out things like what this senator said or whatever other soundbite they have and there are tons seeing as all these politicians have been doing this for years and years and years. Conversely, on Fox and the few conservative outlets, you would hear the soundtapes of what Chuck Schummer and others were saying before calling it hypocritical. At the end of the day, these clowns are collectively taking everyone for a ride and it's not by accident. With the amount of research they do for these shows and the level of quality with which its done on honest subjects, there's 0 chance they don't know, they know everything and they know the message they are peddling is complete bullshit but they want you to believe a specific thing. Yeah... those are most shows, TV programs and so on that talk about current events. John Oliver's show wasn't a show like most, not a comedy 45 mins like others. John Oliver's show was good, excellent even, I watched probably every episode because it thought you something, it was genuine and it brought positivity to the world that way, whatever your political allegiance. Sadly, that's changed, now it's just leftist propaganda like the rest. I still try to watch but it's not the same... when you extensively know the subjects he covers, it isn't hard to spot the manipulations. I still watch but I cringe and I'm genuinely displeased at the bullshit and cheap manipulation when I see it because although it won't fool me, I know 95%+ of people are unprepared to deal with the information and they take it as face-value. This puts you somewhere in the category of a lot of the people you criticize here weekly John. Hope you wake up and stop sucking up to people who aren't nearly as good as you want to promote them to be because everything in life has a price and the "John Oliver Effect" may not be to history what it began as and what it could have been. Cheers.

    74. Steve Dizzurp

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    75. JT Bergstrom

      It's like he just read the constitution yesterday for the first time, and now he's trying to get you to act surprised.

    76. JT Bergstrom


    77. Israel De la Rosa

      So uh... Who's going to be the one to have to break it to John that the Democrats ARE Center-Right?

    78. Stoodmuffin Personal

      I don't know why the Fems still try to compromise, they haven't attempted to compromise for over 12 years. If not longer

    79. Christian Ehrnsperger

      Quick reminder: "Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me". John 14:6

    80. Raininglibtard Tears1488

      Ruth Ginsberg is burning in hell with John lewis

    81. Bernardo Santos

      18:03 ah yes, the NaPorVoInterCo document

    82. masatoshi hayashida

      Why there are right and left judges? Judges suppose to hold up the Law , not influence by the politics. Simply speaking.

      1. Valerie Rodger

        That's what happens when you have judges either elected or appointed by elected officials without any input from the judiciary at large. And then Americans wonder why so much of the legal system is so corrupt.

    83. Aida Murphy

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    84. Super Man

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    86. Uncle Daddy

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    87. Jerold Randolph

      F*ck Republicans without the foresight of lubing first. (Well, 98% of them, to be fair.)

    88. Adam Wey

      he spouts out so much into in so litle time, we don't have time to digest. I love him!

    89. Adam Wey

      john oliver has become the bullies he hates so much

    90. Ryan Leary

      Get rid of the racist electoral college system. Most total votes wins, period. Grant voting rights to Guam, Puerto Rico & all other American territories (vote whoever you want, no one can force you to) Grant Senate Representatives for DC, Puerto Rico Don’t pack the courts, get term limits.

      1. Kadan Seward

        Term limits lead to the same issue unfortunately. More partisan courts

    91. Mariana Johnston

      I had no fucking clue what a merkin was and for the love of Agatha Christie that was the greatest google search I've ever made.

    92. The King

      I will say, the only time I ever had a slight amount of respect for Donald Trump was after Ginsburg died, he actually seemed genuinely sad. That respect immediately left when he started talking about Barrette

    93. Eric Sollom

      John o. Is the best!

    94. g welch

      What the fuck do you mean this country is not center right? Of course it is. On a global scale this nation is center right. As much as I love John Oliver, he is very misleading sometimes

      1. Daragh McQuaid

        @Martijn I agree. That’s the problem. On most issues, the American périple are generally centre left on economics and about centre on cultural issues. The problem is the politicians in power are a lagging metric and more closely reflect the sentiments of the 90s than current day America

      2. Martijn

        @Daragh McQuaid the thing is, most democrats are also right wing. Bernie Sanders is barely centre left.

      3. Daragh McQuaid

        @g welch is that why Republicans have won the popular vote once since 1988?

      4. g welch

        @Kadan Seward no. On a real political scale, the vast majority of Americans fall under center right. Certainly most of our representatives in DC fall under that category.

      5. Kadan Seward

        The country is, but its people aren’t, which is what he was talking about

    95. Falcon Adam

      Silver lining, even the trump appointed conservative judges threw out his ridiculous lawsuits

    96. mousemuffins

      8:12 aged like the finest wine.

    97. mousemuffins

      8:12 Dr. Seuss is grinning in his grave.

    98. Jairaj Ranchod

      He's describing the Senate acting the exact way it was designed to (technically Senators were supposed to be elected by state legislators rather than popular state-wide votes though)

    99. Gwen

      no, Mitt was right about that.. America is center-right. more Americans aligning with the Democrats than the Republicans is what makes it center-right. if more aligned with the Republicans, it would be far-right. there is no major left wing party in the United States.

      1. Valerie Rodger

        Americans align with the Democrats because it's the only viable option to the Republicans in what is essentially a two-party system. That makes the federal political landscape center right, it doesn't mean that the American people are center right.

    100. JuggerNuts1994

      "My liberal friends over many decades have gotten used to the idea of having a liberal court" is a blatantly false statement, since it implies Mitt Romney has friends in the first place.