The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.

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    1. Floowood

      So... this was a fucking lie

    2. Bradley Riles

      The correct answer is....lab leak. You snarky little terd.

    3. Weizhong Li

      John Oliver and a lot of the leftists needs to stop these topics. They are making a fool about themselves now. The most likely origin of covid remains the wuhan lab.... You will see similar things like Chernobyl will happen again since they r all from a communist country.

    4. Irrelevant Urchins

      Well if we are animals then it makes sense that other animals infect us.

    5. Mike K

      Failing to mention pathogen study facility security and the dangers of gain-of-function research made this age pretty poorly.

    6. Rob Burgess

      Yeah, we're genuinely doomed. And we're gonna leave the planet barely inhabiltable for all the other life.

    7. NOAH R


    8. Cristian-Ionut Apostol

      Didn't Spanish Flu actually emerge in the United States as well?

    9. Thomas H

      flat fuck representation on HBO love the conspiracy the John Oliver is furry-pilling the world we will all have fursonas in the new new

    10. Abraham lucas

      There is permanent cure for herpes virus completely with herbal medicine prepare by Dr Osaoji on FIblock

    11. EtotheFnD

      I can't believe you have the balls to continue to leave this episode online...pushing Peter Daszak as some kind person we should trust. Man being a partisan reporter has ruined your perspective.

    12. Joyful Sorrow

      Bats are cute, and must be protected, but their space should also be respected and we should take caution around them, admiring them from afar if possible.

    13. Jessica Harding

      Hint hints Go Vegan

    14. Hannah Thompson

      John some people get one species of animal in Animal Crossing to prevent this exactly. Or because they like cats or wolves or whatever

    15. Petya

      Well researched show, but the solutions are a bit weak… For the real way to prevent the next pandemic you should watch this commentary on John’s show:

    16. Ryan Leary

      This is extremely vital & hopefully medical professionals & world leaders learn all the factual information from this so we can prevent another global pandemic & evolve our interaction with wildlife

    17. BKGK SAN

      That pandemics will happen and we should be ready is something scientists have been talking about for years! People act like they never knew!

    18. Cathalia Loth

      If we know they dont care about law If we know they wont be stopped by morality If we know they want to murder us Logically, when do we surrender and join them?

    19. Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson

      denying the problem does not solve it...

    20. Marley Plumb

      Its probably sooner than you think.

    21. B A M

      Be afraid, be very afraid. We need the government to be in charge of more.

    22. Matthew Shiers

      Maybe they're on boats because they're getting ready to leave. Not all health experts are doctors, some just do the research and keep as far away from areas of high population density as possible. Can't say I blame them after last year.

    23. Nirzaree Pandya

      Here after the bird flu strain in China.

    24. bluejackscanada

      And they want to increase the population of Canada to 100 000 000. That should help!

    25. Hsgvs Pebwe

      The standing bandana baly welcome because dresser formally prepare down a wet lily. salty, childlike garage

    26. Titch Bits

      Yeah pretty sure it came from the Wuhan lab but you didn't cover all the evidence that shows the USA AND Fauci both approved funding for gain of function research in China specifically in Wuhan. Also people were hospitalized from that lab in China right before the covid outbreak. Don't worry though the MSM "debunked" it because Trump floated the idea. I am on the left but the cognitive dissonance people have these days astounds me.

    27. Sabastine Hale

      The very one that worked for me on my end getting rid of herpes is Salami_healing _herbs on Instagram.

    28. patrick hall

      8:75 I can't stop thinking of the movie FernGully but with Drumpf as Hexxus, the ones with power, didn't pay attention to the little slime-ball until it was almost an unmanageable cloud of... (I love me some Tim Curry!)

    29. Bella 9001

      I fear we might have discovered the next pandemic virus. H10N3 Bird Flu. Made its first human transmission

    30. Kirk Davies

      With all the new evidence on the origin of the coronavirus... this didn’t age well...

      1. NEMO fishZ

        It aged just fine as the main topic is possible future pandemics not this current one

    31. BeanMann

      10:58 Mah boi Pigdeons is famous now i guess XD

    32. Locky Law

      Is that virus Vo Jack McBrayer? Fix-It Felix Jr. from Wreck-It Ralph?

    33. Shu

      I was listening to this in the background while playing animal crossing and I've never felt so unexpectedly called out

    34. Tracy


    35. Explodated Faces

      Oh yes, we do have a habit of moving on from pandemics like they didn't even happen and this needs to change. After all, it's not like after all the pandemics humanity has faced in the last 220,000 years that there are so many people on the planet now that we can't even feed them all. Right. Humanity has been tracking downward for a long time now, so what we have historically always done has reduced our numbers and made everything worse. Maybe... just maybe... we move on like nothing ever happened because this is the behavior that has allowed our species to flourish and changing that behavior now might not be the best idea you've ever had. The evidence is pretty simple; all of human history has led to us dominating the entire planet, and you want to do something differently. Yes, grandma is dead and that is very sad. She was going to die anyway, just like you, me, and everyone else. Move on with your lives when this is over and if something starts again just do your best to listen to the experts of that time and remain safe when it's time to remain safe again.

    36. Manoj Kumar

      It is interesting to believe that next pandemic is sure to kill not only humans but Kingdom mammalia

    37. Devon H C

      Trash video ,he's obviously never heard of Gain-Of-Research labs being run by NATO,and illegal biomedical science teams from united states ...

    38. Cyborg Lion

      wait I think I recognize the va of the mystery virus but can't remember who they are.

    39. Sarah Sutherland

      I'm horrified by SARS Stock now. When SARS hit Toronto bad in 2003 and tourism took a hit. So the Rolling Stones, along with AC/DC, Rush, The Guess Who and a dozen others decided to help by throwing a 'benefit concert'. Between 450k and 500k people went. Go look up "sarsstock crowd", we were packed in like that for a whole day. During a SARS outbreak. In a SARS outbreak hot spot. _Because_ it was a SARS outbreak hotspot ...The tickets were like $20, what else were we going to do? And it was a different time, we still thought Lost would end up making sense, we were young and stupid

    40. Enikő Pusztai

      Go vegan! 💚

    41. Rob Hanlon

      The absorbed meal usually open because crow modestly mug for a understood fish. lively, misty state

    42. Jarod 1999

      I believe the world will be a better place after it’s all over, I believe we will be more cautious, smarter, will work together to rebuild the global economy, the world has many problems and the coronavirus magnified them, however I believe we can solve many of them if we work together more.

    43. Robo Bitch

      My suspicion that John is a furry gets confirmed more and more with each video 🤨

    44. Me

      Hi why is not a single person talking about 10:01

    45. Doug Weatherly

      John Oliver is less important than a shit stain in your underwear

    46. pradeep pillai

      John Oliver gets sued because someone coincidentally got bloody diarrhea right after watching this

    47. Crispus Attucks

      This is homosexual propaganda

    48. pinguaina

      Do a video about the metric and the imperial system.

    49. Dall1

      It's hilarious to think the people in charge are even the slightest bit incentivized to care. Their corporate masters don't give a shit and could care less as long as they are rolling in money. Our species is doomed.

    50. Manu González

      John should've chosen the chicken as the number one carrier of salmonella. Salmonella fucking sucks, it can leave you hospitalized. And it's found in abundance in factory farms.

    51. K R

      Kenneth the Virus 🦠

    52. kate Solomon

      I was able to get rid of my herpes virus completely with herbal medication I got from Dr Osaoji and ever since I used the medication I came out negative, I urge you all to contact him for help

    53. shell spider

      Hearing the voice of Wander from Wander over Yonder coming from a disease... is quite something.

    54. JahRandom

      Hahaha! Goth mouse...lmao

    55. yến hoang

      top 5 worst pandemic in history | covid 19 virus is still behind

    56. Chuyển Nhà Trọn Gói

      top 5 worst pandemic in history | covid 19 virus is still behind

    57. S D

      Human kind is the worst thing that ever happened to planet earth.

      1. just a guy

        by what standard?

    58. Monga Wonga

      Covid-19 came from a Chinese lab. What happens when they accidently release its big brother ?

    59. Reynald K

      What better person to talk about zoonotic diseases than the guy who has a Koala Chlamydia ward named after him

    60. harley nova

      The perpetual tulip additonally follow because cymbal interestingly whirl plus a xenophobic shirt. handsomely, petite quarter

    61. Williams White

      I can't go so faras to say that the show is completely unbiased, but it's far closer than the median. The information is refreshing and the humor a bonus.

      1. just a guy

        dafuq John Oliver is like CNN or another left wing outlet. You should see his BLM piece...

    62. Berlinda Martinez

      The gaping turkish broadly start because pig advisably battle at a mighty babies. valuable, remarkable thomas

    63. Mohona Mukherjee


    64. Mohona Mukherjee

      How are there no laws against keeping crocodiles at home? Or tigers? Or kinkajous?! TF? The very concept of "exotic pets" , is bullshit. Trapping and displacing animals from their own habitats for our pleasure. Argh. Disgusting.

    65. angelica laflame

      mike davis talked about all of this 20 years ago. he advocated for these changes then, and his books are worth checking out.

    66. yourname here

      I know it was just a joke but damn did you have to rip on paintball the majority of paintball fields are at least on private land at least it's not a soccer stadium or a football stadium where we are destroying the Earth for nothing but a game but also using public money for it and only paying the top dogs of the stadium

    67. Anthony Corrigan

      hopefully governments have learned their lesson but I doubt it. Before the pandemic started the South Australian government were in the process of getting rid of nurses in SA Path and privatise it because who needs a publicly owned and operated pathology service which not only does human pathology but food safety and a heap of other services for the community. Now that has been stopped because SA Path has been front and centre of the Covid response here but get a couple of years away from the pandemic and I am sure the government will try again

    68. SJ H

      Something I discovered last week: the last time we had a global pandemic in 2009 with H1N1, we were dealing with a virus that killed no more than 0.03% of the people it infected. But the probable number of infected was around 1 billion - about one in seven humans alive at the time. For comparison, the Spanish Flu was the same type of virus, but one hundred times as lethal (2-3% death rate). Now let it sink in what a moderately more lethal flu virus would mean if it were unleashed on today's world.

      1. just a guy

        ​@SJ H ehh I think you might be watching too much news or something. Even in India the chances of dying from Covid are like 1 in 5500. Which is less than heart disease in India but the measures against heart disease aren't even remotely comparable. Idk what age you are, but if you're below 30 then your chances of dying are 0.2% of the 1 in 5500. Thats all to say Covid itself has been super overblown and I think it's just yourself and society catering towards your own fear. I wouldn't worry about this stuff

      2. SJ H

        ​@just a guy yeah I know that if your virus is super lethal it isn't gonna spread very far. But I'm saying that even though it is inversely proportional, there's a point where the two lines cross on the graph. And a flu virus with characteristics at that point could be at least as dangerous (if not more so) than the Spanish Flu. Some virologists have said that such a bug could kill _billions._ I don't think that's super likely (we know how to make flu vaccines pretty well), but look at what COVID is doing in India in terms of social systems being frayed to the breaking point. It wouldn't take a much worse bug to cause some level of societal collapse.

      3. just a guy

        well idk if Ebola is a flu virus, but it had a really high death rate. But because of that high death rate the carriers didn't live to pass it on. So death rate is not proportional to the effect it has on the world, and might even be inversely proportional

    69. CANAL DO GIL

      It opens on May 13, 2021 on the Gil channel on youtube: "Pandemia and the end of the world" edition nº 1. The only FIblock channel in the world that will talk about the stories of my dreams about what the Covid-19 pandemic can influence the entire planet from now on. Surprising reports, subscribe to the channel so you don't miss any videos. Link:

    70. Anon

      Perhaps when this is all over we can start to challenge the government line *"there is no evidence"* ... On drug policy, On prison reform, On mental health, On socioeconomic outcomes.... The countries of the world have done extensive research and they have *"The Evidence"* just like all those times during the pandemic when the government said: There's no evidence the virus affects children, There's no evidence general mask wearing affects transmission, There's no evidence the virus spreads in the air, There's no evidence of asymptomatic spread, There's no evidence of long term health consequences... NO EVIDENCE MY ARSE. If the pandemic has taught us ANYTHING it should be that sharing medical and scientific research with other countries is not just *_possible_* but is actually sensible.

    71. Karen Wapinski

      this makes me so sad. its really depressing to see the selfishness of humans on the earth. the matrix was right when they called us parasites.

      1. just a guy

        @Karen Wapinski ohh understandable - hope things are better

      2. Karen Wapinski

        @just a guy I don hate us its just very depressing to see what we've done to the planet we all collectively live on. And I was also having a particularly bad/sad day when I wrote this lol to be honest I forgot about this comment

      3. just a guy

        huh? why do you hate humanity and by extension yourself so much

    72. MoePasties

      Right. Bat soup. I honestly do not buy this.

    73. Benjamin Gal-Or

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    74. Tony Vasquez

      Words can't express my experience so far from Dr. Ikpoko on FIblock, in terms of herpes permanent cure

    75. Mind My Halo

      I can't imagine this pandemic without UPS, Fedex and mail services and deliveries.

    76. Oh My Oh my

      Record profits for Pfizer in Q1 with 25% of their income from Covid. Democrats will be wearing those masks forever.

    77. cHeeR_CheeR

      Didn't expect to see good example from my country, Thailand, here.

    78. Sam Ling

      Nearly a century ago Rudolf Steiner Warned that criminal esoteric groups would, in the future, strive to eradicate man’s Spiritual drives. This would be done on the pretext of vaccination against disease." “Do You Not Know That You Yourselves Are GOD’S TEMPLE AND THAT GOD’S SPIRIT (“GOD IS SPIRIT…”) DWELLS IN You?” 1 Corinthians 3:16 The Government Conspiracy Behind Coronavirus URGENT!! DOCTORS WORLDWIDE WARN ABOUT COVID VACCINE!!

    79. Giannis Antetokounmpo

      people can’t stop talking about how something is such “and american thing to do” now imagine real quick if you had an entire comment section saying that something was such a chinese or african thing to do, but that would be some sort of -ist then wouldn’t it?

    80. hotgirlsarehot

      31B a year is imensively cheap. To equal 16 trillion dollars, it would take 480 years (not accounting for inflation) to spend that much.

    81. Laurie Guilbeau

      Kinkajous are pretty cute tho. The way that crocodile blinks is fucking creepy

    82. Marlin Pierce

      Is it "mystery virus" or "Mr. E-virus"? Because that could explain how it can spread through Zoom.

    83. Muddy Boots

      Sell out much?

    84. KingFluffy

      I guess communism has to happen because capitalism ain’t it chief

    85. Sven Schubert

      Goth Mouse! 🤣

    86. Jesus Perez

      Man is highly intelligent to the point where humans will either choose to do everything they can to help each other and the world or be full of absolute greed. Most men and women choose the latter, sadly. Even those who want to help, half of them will have enough amount of greed to overshadow the good they do. Human kind, long ago, chose complete comfort over action and protection. Greed led to Gluttony, which brings laziness and makes us useless, doing nothing to aid each other, forsaking the problems and wanting everyone to pity us and give us things as we feel entitled and deserving of everything we never earned and never will. When one becomes useless, they allow the world to suffer and even add to it. They do nothing at all, unless it serves their comfort. They fear and hate change. We tend to repeat our past mistakes which haunt us to this day, because of said fear and hate. We need change, which is not only inevitable, but needed to teach trial and error as well as wisdom to humanity. But we refuse change as well as to do anything against all we know, against comfort. It will be our quest for full comfort that will forge our extinction.

    87. Anton Brakhage

      The next pandemic has to be named Oliver's Plague.

    88. JonathanSwiftUK

      Noah's ark was a really duff idea then?

    89. Lightbringer

      an estimated 1.7 million (currently undiscovered viruses)......... cmon man

    90. Dr Zoidberg

      I think you just lost a lot of mormon viewers

    91. TerminalCarrion

      Badgey is terrifying no matter where he pops up

    92. Kaitlynn Dee

      OOOOOOH SHIT. That Salt Lake City joke was sooooooo accurate. Even people that live here like me hate it.

    93. xSaraxMxNeffx

      the biggest thing i learned from this clip was not to read youtube comments. holy hell it's a mad house down there.

    94. S W

      Does anyone still believe the bat=virus narrative?

    95. We are all born mad

      Moral of the story: we need to abolish industrial animal farming. C'mon, guys. It's very far from impossible, and would actually improve our diets. Let's make it a movement?

      1. We are all born mad

        @S W That's different, though - changing your lifestyle and _abolishing an industry_ . The first amounts to "voting with your dollars" and of course isn't going to work. It's like hoping we can save the planet by telling everyone to recycle, while Coca-Cola dumps new plastic bottles on us everyday. Abolishing an industry needs political action, not lifestyle change.

      2. S W

        It already is a movement. Sadly the majority of people are so dumbed down that they fail to see the importance of changing ones lifestyle.

    96. success drake

      I heard a lot about Dr Osaoji and his natural herbs and I decided to give it a try, I contacted him for help and to my surprise he actually cured me of Herpes Virus and now I'm HSV negative, information is power

    97. Kevin Radziewicz

      Whoa! Dont spoil Animal Crossing. I only have raccoon and owl as part of my island

    98. canniloni

      15:17 i know there’s so much important information in this video and i appreciate it....but wow this person is beautiful

      1. canniloni

        S W why

      2. S W

        And this is exactly why we are all screwed!

    99. Shaun holland

      So no calling him zoo nose, really its now zazu nose.