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    John Oliver explains why the integrity of local news is so important, how sponsored content could damage that integrity, and why the Venus Veil is so much more than a blanket! (It’s not.)

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    1. etothengxd

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    3. Mike mopier

      Case and point, and this is why Jeff bezo's is stream lining proverty right here #money train. @wesly snipes stay Blessed fam...! Venus Veil get that sensual blanket for your Vagina cause you know Iron levels and science,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

    4. Mike mopier

      JEsus el diablofking christ of el mijo, you see this is why planned pregnancies failed , this is conception of branding is the exact reason why donald hilter trump got elected... #blessed @America....!

    5. Onix_Grime 666

      God damn J O fucking em up!

    6. Timetonut

      How did I fall in love with George Clooney even more? His willingness to make people laugh.

    7. Crafting Menace

      The girl saying "Thanks for making it so easy" at the end of the real life presentation part was fucking beautiful

    8. Critical Event

      Sue Simmons of Team Jaguar.

    9. Ghanashyam Naik

      Btw its not just USA. USA: its about products. India :its about politicians. Today News are no more reliable . News sources are more and more of a agenda driven corporate houses feeding on old and innocent who still believe press brings you truth.

    10. Norman Mastrian

      That was fun

    11. Max X.

      I‘m German and know more about America than my American friends thanks to this show...

    12. haydar yilmaz

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    13. tate ohr

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    14. Pablo Dickson

      OMG yes yes yes!!! Love the blanket bit!!!

    15. Alberto De Cristoforo

      I almost committed suicide when I found out I had herpes virus, I was going through a health blog when I saw how a woman testified of how Dr IGUDIA on FIblock cured her and I decided to contact him, to my greatest shock he actually cured me and now I test negative

    16. JOHN NGO

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    17. 4one14

      I really enjoy this show's hilarious use of HBO's budget like a teen who got ahold of daddy's black Amex card for a drunken e-shopping binge at three AM, and that both the dad & HBO exec's must have the same conniption upon receiving the itemized monthly bill :) Keep being awesome LWT!

    18. 4one14

      developed in germany about 80 years ago, cutting edge technology - so is it old or new? I know it's BS, just unsure if it's fresh or aged BS.

    19. artlessknave

      "you're gonna have a videophile"

    20. Lato Havoc

      More crying from a rich lefty. I tell youtube im not interested and still see this trash.

    21. Elise Ramsden

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    22. JusBeautiful

      This is just so ridiculous, I am laughing myself off this chair!

    23. Iraqiboi999

      I wonder what the lady in the first part of the video was implying when she said that

    24. scign

      Where can I buy one of those blankets?

    25. OlanWorld

      this was epic. capitalism for you!

    26. kyle smith


    27. Enbe

      Always learning about the US by John Oliver. I live in a country where sponsored content and advertisements are not being inserted in daily news journals. In my case, that's Belgium. I also only watch our public channel actually, which shows only some sponsored content frequently in seperate segments and no advertisements at all. And for a first time, I'm not really interested in the actual content of all these ads which Oliver presents here. Too American for me.

      1. Enbe

        And one more thing: that medical journalist doesn't seem very credible to me either. LMAO.

    28. Coffeezombie

      "The integrity of local news channels is crucially important ..." he says right after deliberately fucking with it no less than THREE times. 😂

    29. Kate Kearney

      how absurdly embarrassing it would be to be any of those news anchors

    30. Anthony James

      How bias can u be John Oliver how about talking about how Joe bidens dementia and radical race theory in schools should be and episode cause it sickening to see what's happening try a video about that or do you have the balls to make a video about it ?

    31. kim zim

      The telling tire consequently notice because seeder distally obtain apud a erect connection. powerful, threatening kangaroo

    32. Mike Lavin

      Sponsored content... Like how your videos are always are pushed first on my feed or constantly show up in the recommended, even though I don't watch or subscribe to you

    33. Cole Scott

      Naturopathic doctors are not doctors

    34. Asher8328

      It comes from German technology developed 80 years ago... that one had me spitting out my Cheerios.

    35. V Star

      Only in America.

    36. Matthew Harris-Levesque

      Was he paid to NOT mention Dr. Oz?

    37. myskijn

      The lady who is peddling the Nazi-era fuck blanket deserves an award for keeping a straight face during those segments...

    38. Edward Moan

      Wherever you found “Erica”, you found a gem. She deserves a bonus. Just as savage as John. “Thanks for making it so easy!” Lol

    39. Jo-Nation

      Never cease to impress me John..... Good and Clever work as usual if The Last week

    40. Luigi Scazzari

      Congratulations. John Oliver just out-gooped Goop

    41. brionna

      lmaooooo where can I buy this “magnetogenetics” blanket

    42. Mar Rosenkranz

      John Oliver is most likely a eunuch.

    43. dou bee

      I'm wondering how much budget the show has, must be a lot

    44. Cornelia Chukes

      The hideous high cultivator relatively escape because computer worrisomely owe without a flagrant canadian. knowledgeable, careful year

    45. Saran Kleesuwan

      I want those venus veil asap. Nazi technology are well known for treating erectile dysfunction. Not that I had it.

    46. Michael Datuin

      Can we talk about how John literally summoned Clooney lol

    47. Erik Weimer

      Thank you John Oliver! You’ve reborn the Retro-Incabulator, but as a sexual wellness product. All my Pre-Famulated Amulite friends will understand.

    48. Rob The Picture Guy

      You're awesome, Mr. George Clooney

    49. New Ways Entertainment

      This video may as well have been titled 'What the Fuck is Going On in Utah?'

    50. general comments


    51. I Sniff Kids


    52. Christopher Justice

      One day, I hope that I will be able to assist John in one of his troll ops.

    53. Teddy Proctor

      who else was expecting the wolf plate again at 1:45

    54. Faris Hanafiah

      FIblock is awash with this kind of thing, especially for popular influencers. It really does make you wonder where are all those high integrity people has gone.

    55. John Miller

      What is the point of this- ads exist? I don’t get it. This is all obvious lol

    56. Laura Blom

      Wow, this one is so next level. I love all the shows but the addition of the first hand proof in this one was epic.

    57. Zahra

      5:54 "The Muslims Attack At Dawn" _I almost spit out my halal bacon_ 🤣

    58. Zahra


    59. Al69BfR

      You should at least be skeptical when someone tells you that it‘s based on technology developed in Nazi Germany during WW2. 🤔

    60. Warren NZ

      *Well you have to admit even if "The Rocket" doesn't get you hard at least it can satisfy your partner. Why else would it be shaped like that?*

    61. Cisco

      John Oliver is just delightful.

    62. Bonny Junior

      omg, John, you're the living enbodiment of Chaotic Neutral.

      1. Coffeezombie

        @Jordan Haugen Definitely chaotic good. 😁

      2. Jordan Haugen

        More chaotic good

    63. Alutious

      After hearing your endorsement i was dissappointed not finding a coupon code for the phoenix in your description. I was a little too busy to watch the whole thing but i am confident you never use sarcasm so i will probably subscribe so that i get an notification when you update your missing coupon code.

    64. Isidora Méndez

      “A depressingly low price”… My dear, you’re talking about, at least, 1750 dollars. What are you talking about?

    65. Mike Dean

      The tasty army clinicopathologically copy because voyage holly mourn absent a fluffy epoxy. brawny, anxious burglar

    66. Fex

      The best part of those Venus Veil plugs is that nobody even said "Wait, what? What did you just say? I thought I heard 'magnetogenetics', is that right?"

    67. Bath Minchew

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    68. Dave N

      I avoid this by never watching local news, not one of them is remotely decent so why waste my time. Also, Marketing as a whole is the devil's work and everyone associated with it should be treated accordingly. Enjoy hell you soulless bastards.

    69. Emilio Ortegon

      Tell me you have a list stations where they said no

    70. Juan OldTuk

      clap clap clap. thank youuuuu!!! such an important work, thank you Last Week Tonight team!!!

    71. TheModer8ter

      "Whosoever believes on the Son has everlasting life." John 3:36. Jesus, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe this applies to you and trust Jesus to save you, then you have everlasting life in heaven. John, 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus

      1. Gaudphree

        Tell me. Does this work? Do people actually come to you looking for "salvation"?

      2. Joshua Kaiser

        Sounds fishy like the venis veil

    72. Calvin Huynh

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    73. Steve Jarvis

      The only thing sexual about that blanket would be that you can use it to clean up after you,. well,. you know.

    74. David Acero

      "snap" "...oh snap"

    75. Brown McClinton

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    76. Bill Wheeler

      Import conversation... but I am sure as hell going to reverse engineer that doritos crap. :)

      1. Bill Wheeler

        Unfortunately.... the rest of the show was extremely depressing.... now I feel I actually need the doritos crap....

    77. GreyT Game

      80 yo German tech that's cutting edge ... I was dying laughing on that one

    78. Kid Mohair

      it's not so surprising that snakeoil salespeople exist and manage to find platforms to disseminate their snakeoil, but that there are people who are old enough and have avoided getting enough education to will buy the snakeoil...but then grifting is so very 'murican

    79. gokubroly12009

      Stem cells can reduce autism huh. I call bullshit

    80. Entity-414

      It really is the whole talking heads gambit again isn't it.

    81. wreckcelsior

      11:50 13:43 14:58 20:57

    82. Mark Wesonga

      Thank u pale man protecting us n our money ,buy some vaseline though

    83. Midnite Reveries

      This is a major reason why vast majority of millennials and younger people don't even watch TV anymore.

    84. Emily B.

      Not to mention most of these segments are aired during daytime shows, which typically have a largely female audience. So they're hawking these questionable products to stay-at-home moms and retired people.

    85. Nadia Porter

      Wow, I wish I could summon George Clooney with a snap my fingers!

    86. vbddfy euuyt

      When he said "Super easy" I was expecting "Barely an inconvenience" to follow

      1. Jon Boon


    87. Wade Crawford

      This was an amazing segment

    88. Travis Terrell

      The local broadcast news is HORRIBLE in my state. They just read wire stories and press reports, with the only investigation being a weekly "On Your Side" segment (not to mention the bs from the Sinclair owned-one.)

    89. Silver Quill Creative Group

      Wow! Maybe the change in government in the U.S. needs to be watching John Oliver and getting some laws made to regulate their ripoff businesses. This is why my adult kids don’t have cable or tv and us Canadians have CBC and y’all have PBS

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Why must America bastardize and abuse every form of food in every way possible?

    90. D L

      LOL!!! The United State really is a fucked up capitalistic dystopia

    91. sauce n flow

      got you they have - yoda

    92. Clarissa Moreno

      The spotted lasagna noteworthily introduce because butane adversely dust round a wiry beef. vivacious, far gun

    93. Peter Triller

      I always wondered why Advertising of medicine and health is so restricted in my country. Now I know.

    94. Oli Brindy

      Thank you all, for everything behind this piece. Thank for confirming all our greatest fear about our experience with "common things in life". Just showing us that they show us things ( propagandas, exemples and such). You, all of you, show us the logiical way to see the things and then, very respectfully, ask us to think about it on our own time. Thank you. A happy person.

    95. Mike Hunt

      at least the med-adviser shook her head no well biting her tongue....lol

    96. Oli Brindy

      Imma say :" Noicee One Mate." Thank you all.

    97. Sandip Neogi

      You can never trust media.

    98. Bob Hunter

      Check out Hulu commercial then