Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver explains how raids became a favorite tool of police, how few guardrails there are on their use, and what we should do about that.

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    1. Starry Potts

      I've never seen cops that weren't fucking dumb. Smart people are detectives or fbi or whatever. Cops just don't have the brains to handle this shit

    2. Nanashi

      I first heard of Cop Rock from community.

    3. TheDevil Incarnate

      @ 9:30 Yeah, I'm not surprised that happened in Arkansas... Also, that poor dog :(

    4. Jeremiah Bristow

      John, you piece of sunshine, you DIDN’T include Mark Hamill’s Joker there! You absolute pos!

    5. Yonael

      20 seconds? It takes me longer than that to get to the door.

    6. Joyful Sorrow

      I swear these police raiders are Law & Order wannabes who wish they could be heroes in a raid... but have absolutely no idea how to do one in the first place. Which makes me wonder why they even bother with raids in the first place...

    7. jace7g

      This hits home. I got raided once for building a treehouse.

    8. Justin S

      Police clearly have zero understanding of basic human psychology and reactions.

      1. NeoMegaRyuMK2

        The lack of understanding is not the problem. It is the not caring that creates the problems.

    9. Yo Bro420

      Or they could pull an R6 and drone the house out first and then blow up the wall

    10. JeyRuff

      ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Police-led injustice is horrible, and should end. Yet I never saw stats in this video on how many are wrongfully killed by police vs. those by criminals. What if someone is using this truth on police injustice to sow distrust, and undo the UNITY of the 🇺🇸USA🇺🇸? --J

    11. Musa Odhiambo

      everytime i watch this show, i never want to go to america

    12. Jakob Weisser

      America has two armies. One wears blue and one wears green

    13. Naomi Seraphina

      Blessings be upon you all, John Oliver, and your staff of writers! Thank you for telling the truth, in a society that so RARELY ever enjoys the experience of HEARING the truth spoken in any of our mainstream media!! I have risked my life, again and again, as an activist, trying to tell the truth the way that you are doing (in this particular piece of journalism, and in the many other topics you've covered, and that you continue to cover,) but no matter how many protests I attend, no matter how much pepper spray and tear gas I am forced to inhale, I will probably NEVER make the impact that you are making in even ONE of your shows... SO RIGHT THE FUCK ON!!! I LOVE YOU for doing what you're doing, and I wish you all the best! Sincerely, -Naomi Seraphina

    14. The Official Sikris

      Settlers of Catan and Subway, *why you gotta attack me like that, John?*

    15. Trinity Court Studios

      America needs to do the following: Abolish police unions. Completely. Permanently. Abolish qualified immunity. Completely. Permanently. Defund the police. Completely. Permanently. All of the above. In that order.

    16. Theresa Harris

      bruh uber and doordash drivers find homes just fine with gps apps smh it's not that fucking hard

    17. vmwindustries

      Why is the plastic episode not sharable?

    18. V. Anastasiya S.

      We need policies at the state and federal level to actually change this.

    19. Quirky Black Enby

      Omg I need to watch Cop Rock immediately. That’s amazing

    20. Gillian house

      this video sucked

    21. Fabzil

      Everytime my mind wonders into "hey maybe I should move and live in America", i watch a John Oliver show and then I'm happy to stay anywhere else in the world.

    22. Sunprism

      "Hey Jeb, How many dead babies should we put in the pretend cult leaders house" "At least three dead babies, those pretend cult leaders have some really warped minds"

    23. Wakane

      Not long ago, I was genuinely asking about why it was so easy for any random person to do streamer swatting (or any other random people) in America (because the concept was bizarre to me), I thought SWAT was the elite police that you don't randomly dispatch everywhere and every time just by a random call. I got many responses trying to justify it. I still don't get it even now.

    24. joseph pope

      criminals don't live in those counties? nothing to do with "race" (whatever that is) and everything to do with community

    25. Jiji Thattil

      Every week I wish was the last airs tonight and John makes India better

    26. Joaquin Ruiz

      If anything, John Oliver undersold just how insane 'Cop Rock' is. For anyone who hasn't seen it, I highly recommend checking out their songs on youtube. It will change your life.

    27. UzzyT

      What a shithole.

      1. Kilian Engelhard


    28. Ambria Ashley

      no knock raids should be illegal nationwide. they are a chaotic mess, police don't prepare for them, & innocent people and kids almost ALWAYS end up dead

    29. Heika Naomi

      Wow... this is super f#$ked up

    30. That Guy

      Do not Trust the police!

    31. 海洋之王

      sponsored by raid:shadow legends

    32. Emilia H.

      I sometimes like to JOKINGLY call this Show:" Everything that's wrong with America, and why you should be happy not to live there. With Alvin Oliver" But this? This Episode!? I think this is the most disgusting one yet. What is wrong with you America? Why is your police burning childrens faces!?!?!? Why are you breaking random peoples doors down? Shooting them just because you can!? I don't understand. I really, really don't. This is sad and infuriating and I am sorry for everyone having a horrendously bad experience like that. This is really disappointing. I hope you have a good day, wherever you are.

      1. Emilia H.

        Alright first of all I am sorry if you felt attacked or anything . I didn't mean to be offensive but just really shocked. I am not talking about the people mostly but more about the system that allows things like that. Yes the people that use these weapons clearly knew what they did, but there need to be consequences so they think before using them. And fortunately if I would become a police officer in my country I would not have access to such heavy arms so easily. And please, burning a child in the face and then saying: It was an accident! What? How would you feel if a police officer invaded your house/apartment and burned you. Would you be alright with it? It was an accident so you wont sue the police officer who could have calmly knocked on your door told you they had a search warrant because they suspect you have drugs and to please take your children so they are not in the way of our weapons. Anyway it's just really sad. Have a nice day.

      2. Wolf Titan Reading

        first of all the child thing is clearly an accident, those things happen, unless you think you can throw a device into a house, you have been told, and assume is filled with guns drugs, and people armed to the teeth with weapons. its sad what happened to that kid. but it was not the police fault that happened it was circumstance. The fact is they are doing their jobs, when they do it. yet you want to condem people who under a daily bases have to do their job. you know what Emma go out and become a police officer learn how to do the job and see if you cn take it if you can't fuck off on that shit. if you can good, then you have a leg to stand on in your reason why. but as I said. more often then not its more likely justified these don't just happen for no reason infact I find that john is far more bias, then anything.


      Love how America chooses Life and death situations and almost killing someone as a Kid in a Candy store. *Look how Cool it looked*

    34. ChaosLord

      I think that guy might have been a little too excited about his big black truck with the big hard ramrod on the front. ...not that there's anything wrong with that.

    35. Alexander H.

      How do you propose to search for drugs - schedule an appointment? Satire is supposed to make fun of the inauthentic or irrational beliefs, instead John Oliver insists to live in an imaginary world of his own.

      1. Wolf Titan Reading

        @Ambria Ashley you didn't give a fucking good alternative, cause guess what they can slip by or get around them, so fucking grow up,

      2. Ambria Ashley

        @Alexander H. stakeouts, undercover officers, informants, descalation techniques 1-on-1... there's literally a million ways to catch drug dealers other than a deadly drug raid in a crowded community complex. cops are trigger happy in those situations, bust in all shouting conflicting directions at the same time, & unfairly target innocent Black & Latino people. it's a recipe for disaster & for dead neighborhood kids. rip Ayanna Jones.

    36. Lucas Leniek

      Wooow guess #shameless forgot to make an episode of how a young Terry Milkovic became the singing baby merchant. Thanks Dennis @johnoliver you're losing it, do you're research!!!

    37. Alex Sukacz

      People often wonder why I'm such an angry young man...

    38. Manuel Marin

      3:12 isn't that the Saint Seiya theme song? A LARGE COMPANY USING COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL?!! WHAAAT?!! 😒

    39. Norrotaku

      what ever happened to "my home my castle"?

    40. Connor Anastasio

      I can’t believe they didn’t mention swatting, when people “prank” other people by getting a swat team to raid their house

    41. Josh Hewitt

      When your police are over militarised, this shit will happen more and more.

    42. Akumu74

      ...the music from that show kinda slaps tho

    43. UNISTAR


    44. Robert Scott

      This is why I laugh whenever cops get killed

    45. existent nomad

      I wonder if America is listening to this guy. I suspect that because most of America (white America) is not affected by this, there will be no interest in affecting change. You can always rely on people to not be sympathetic to something they have no personal experience with. That's the sad truth. Black America will never get a reprieve until they become more extreme in response.

    46. existent nomad

      " I don't have a PhD in grenadology" 😂😂😂 dude is hilarious. The most shocking thing is that medical personnel who also manage lives are heavily regulated with intensive training, yet police, who also deal with lives in a more deadly way... Have virtually no training or regulation. It is shocking. America is a comedy

    47. DeepBlue

      Every time I watch Oliver, I *_thank my maker_* that *I am a CANADIAN*

    48. Yousef Kaldany

      For anyone who doesn’t know, Bryce Dallas is the actress on the left while Jessica is the actress on the right

    49. Da Mouch

      John i usually love your show but you f*****-up about palisitine and Israel and this host shows you why

    50. Phoenix

      Your average cop has the maturity and intelligence of a 13 year-old boy, yet we call these people "professionals". What a joke...

    51. Miss. Danni Tiger

      10:55 lord have mercy 22:00

    52. Newtown Chris

      I really want to watch CopRock

    53. Adri C

      I have watch cop.rock 🤣

    54. GhostCell06 -_-

      9:10 I know this entire scene is horrific but HOLY SHIT IS THE DOG OK

    55. Gamer Guru

      This goes back to why black people are killed by cops it's a lack of training, just civilians with guns and a badge

    56. Slothptimal

      Pander piece. Let's stop making it risky for people to sell and profit off of causing human misery.

    57. Chanひみつ

      In neighborhoods that sound or look white enough.. no raids happen, but in places where there is a majority of blacks or other people of color then it's a raid frenzy.. It looks like a repeat of history since the 80's. Hmm it looks like raids are playing into the false narrative that POC in the u.s. are mainly into drug related activity, in actuality the drug war just isn't solving the problem of drug usage. When people use drugs, Whites usually get a lighter sentence than blacks. Innocent people are being bothered because of the system that get houses wrong and whatnot has a lot more to say about the system itself than the people who are actually are on drugs or people who are just living a day to day life.

    58. Wyatt Wolfe

      Keep doing God's work Johnny boy.

    59. pinguaina

      Do a video about the metric and the imperial system.

    60. Mounesh Kumar

      It's so worse in the most 'developed nation' 😢😢

    61. SaBoTeUr2001

      I can't believe they don't even pay for repairing the door of the house mistakenly raided. Do the victims have to sue the sheriff/police first?

    62. JahRandom

      Wow... I'm honestly surprised Cop Rock lasted that many episodes. But, at the same time I must admit, I'm kinda impressed and kinda want to see more....

    63. Wesley Gibbons

      "Three human minutes"

    64. LuluMolloy

      That feeling when delivery drivers are better at finding houses than fucking POLICE. people who get paid minimum wage....

    65. Cobalt Gemini

      Woah, hang on. I was just rewatching this, and that clip they showed from 3:12 to 3:42, just listen to the background music... It sounds almost like the Attack On Titan theme!

    66. sydeshow

      3 human minutes 🤣🤣🤣

    67. Avery Mitchell

      1 her boyfriend shot at police and police fired back 2 stop hate on cops for nothing libtards

    68. Shae C

      I keep saying it. John and his team are the heroes we need, Not the heroes we deserve.

    69. Annabelle Stephenson

      Honestly, I'm surprised John didn't mention the sick prank of Swatting...

    70. Shek1nah

      so wait a sec: they were trained in "cult mass suicide/murder of babies" but not your everyday traffic control? priorities

    71. Chris Woods

      Wtf? What baby killing cult exists? Oh it's the police talking about themselves.

    72. Joe Dirt

      This was a great episode. Reminds me of the first few seasons before political ideology became the driving force .

    73. Chris Sims

      Sorry John, I can't watch your show anymore because I believe you have provided statistics on police raids in Chicago without context. That segment made it appear as though police were targeting minorities regardless of whether actual crimes were taking place.

    74. Dane Burton


    75. allisa s

      TOTS-R-US???????? WHO WROTE THIS?!?!?!?!?

    76. Gloria H

      John Oliver gives me hope like no other, love ya man

    77. Shibuya Neko

      surprised he didn't bring up swatting

    78. vivek bhat

      Damn never felt so great that I'm not living in America.

    79. Ireland Fyre

      Can anyone explain to me why he starts so frequently by saying moving on? Is there a long intro or something that we don't get to see on FIblock?

      1. Meme Lord

        The whole show is available on HBO's streaming service; they only post one segment from the show each week

    80. Ishita

      so messed up

    81. Kream

      Let's raid moronic cops.

    82. Dall1

      Ah yes "qualified Immunity". The one thing that allows Police to get away with literal murder. Thanks Supreme Court for this BS.

    83. Peter Pedersen

      The one positive thing you can take away from this episode is Cop Rock

    84. Gnarrcan

      “Damn bro I can’t believe I threw a grenade in a baby’s crib” - an actual police officer lmao

    85. h a n n a h ☪

      and people still say "blue lives matter" ... smfh well at least where I live in ohio, which is pretty conservative

    86. icedraggon

      Any doom fans out there notice the rip and tear comment!!!!

    87. Michael Robb

      Amen end the drug war period

    88. Anon

      Perhaps when this is all over we can start to challenge the government line *"there is no evidence"* ... On drug policy, On prison reform, On mental health, On socioeconomic outcomes.... The countries of the world have done extensive research and they have *"The Evidence"* just like all those times during the pandemic when the government said: There's no evidence the virus affects children, There's no evidence general mask wearing affects transmission, There's no evidence the virus spreads in the air, There's no evidence of asymptomatic spread, There's no evidence of long term health consequences... NO EVIDENCE MY ARSE. If the pandemic has taught us ANYTHING it should be that sharing medical and scientific research with other countries is not just *_possible_* but is actually sensible.

    89. Meisterdieb

      @11:37 Let me get this right: They violently enter the wrong house , a family`s home, flashbanging and badly hurting the baby. But when they get to the actual address of the guy they´re looking for, they simply knock. What. The . Hell! Why couldn´t they knock at the first address as well?

    90. Alberto Rodriguez

      Eh, I think Oliver missed the mark on this one. The idea is not just to stop raids, as that is easily said, the real issue is to hold the police accountable, period. A potential and real solution is the abolishment of the the doctrine of qualified immunity (insane what it does btw), or the induction of consequence via legal action and penalty to the department and officers involved.

    91. fitzmarker

      0:52 - 0:57 Or if the Music Meister invaded a police procedural show.

      1. J

        excellent reference. i hope you're talking about batman: the brave and the bold music meister

    92. Jeffrey Droog

      If we taught people more that they were useless cowards for carrying guns,we could probably make better progress in this area.

    93. Marlin Pierce

      At 0:09 you listed Hill Street Blues. However you made it seem like it was just a cop show like One-Adam 12 or Dragnet. The show Hill Street Blues dealt with issues of racism in the police force and police overreach in the face of an incredible crime climate. The captain, Frank Furillo, was an upright, just leader struggling with near impossible pressures to do the right thing. The circumstances he faced were very out of control and he did his best to come in and make them right. At one point it got so out of control that the SWAT commander acquired an armored vehicle which was practically a tank. Much of the issues we hear about today, which your episode depicts were introduced in the show Hill Street Blues which was shown in the 1980s. Perhaps it would be legitimately worth singing the Hill Street Blues.

    94. Florence00pi

      having more than 1 source to believe ... basically anything is like intelligence 101 .... apparently many in american police are just amateurs (no news there) ... land of the free ... lol

    95. Kelley Peak

      The war on drugs is crimes against humanity.

    96. Kelley Peak

      I fucking love Jon Oliver! This show never misses.

    97. Mike

      Murica. Fuck, yea.....

    98. Matt Sena

      Not throwing a horseshoe or hand grenade into a baby's crib is a generally good rule to follow for everyone

    99. Chrypton H. Draper

      John Olivier somehow forgot the best line from police-themed musical media: 🎵“Love is not admissible evidence.”🎶

    100. legendhero 45

      Oh no, moments of this video are so very very terrible and so very very horrible.