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Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    1. Bryce Barbato

      Why didn't you guys/gals discuss the direction that China is taking with regards to banning one-use plastics?

    2. Amy c

      For anyone wondering: the phone number at 6:55 is a Hall and Oates hotline

    3. ditsie

      why in the world would this video be age restricted, the world is broken

    4. Marcus Chamberlain

      Crazy how this video in particular is age restricted with no reason I can think of, had to update my age through google’s t.o.s to view. Coca Cola if you’re reading this.... fuck you.

    5. Joyful Sorrow

      I was sort of hoping that he'd mention "tonight we're going to be talking about plastics. And by that I don't mean the kind of plastics you might see in a stereotypical highshool movie...." " a furry who can't commit". Because to be a furry, you naturally have to fully commit to the lifestyle. Yes, gatekeeping exists everywhere, even in the furry community. These days, news guys who want to stay relevent simp for the very same things they once would have mocked - in that same attempt to be popular. But sure, no one can say that BTS isn't made up of a bunch of conventionally attractive korean guys who happen to like making wacky music videos and sometimes spread meaningful messages through their music... like every other singer in existence... but seriously, I think some other comedians could take a note here about being more open-minded towards things from other cultures...

    6. Tom Niehaus

      Starbucks cups are not recyclable, even tho they know a solution is readily available (it's called EarthCoating). Their management know all they need to do is set some goal they have no intention of ever meeting and their uninformed customers will say gee, aren't they great... btw United Airlines cups are recyclable, so are Burger King's in Australia - the fiber can be reused up to 7 times, but the tree killing industry is pushing a "compostable" cup to destroy the fibers (kill more trees) and fill the "compost" with micro-plastics, which you are you and the fish are going to be eating soon...

    7. DCStudios iPhone

      Blob fish looks bad because it’s OUT OF WATER! We wouldn’t look so great either if beamed into space without any suit. #DefendTheBlobfish

    8. onequartercanadian

      a few nights after this episode, i legit had a nightmare involving Totes McGoats

    9. Charles England

      “You’re like a furry who can’t commit.” Oh that hurt my sides so much.

    10. Craterfist

      The phrase "carbon footprint" was made by BP as a method for pushing blame for pollution onto individuals.

    11. yakJaxx

      I'm surprised he didn't address all of the plastic fishing nets that are in the ocean

    12. Razar Campbell

      I just wrote this same message somewhere else, so I'll be brief this time: When I did my BSc 20 odd years ago (double major in chemistry) one of the subjects I did was Environmental Chemistry. In my extracurricular studies, I found that recycling papers and plastics actually used more energy and produced FAR more pollution that to simply make new paper and plastics. My study looked at trends over the next 50 years and the relationship was linear, with no reason and no evidence to suggest that extrapolation beyond those 50 years would change the trajectory into anything other than a continuation of that linear progression. Ie: It will ALWAYS be worse for the environment to recycle, than to produce new paper/ plastic. HOWEVER, this was 20 years ago now and the one thing I couldn't account for in my study was the discovery of new recycling tech that would decrease power requirements and/ or decrease the pollution emitted during recycling. So it's theoretically possible that recycling is an environmentally conscionable action these days and if so, I would be VERY eager to hear from any Chemists out there with the appropriate Environmental Chemistry accreditation. If things have changed and my initial conclusions are no longer accurate I would be very eager to hear from you, so please do let me know. Cheers, Raz

    13. Galfin SP

      I wish we used unrecycleable plastic for roads.

    14. Dr.Mantis Tobogan

      Aaaayuuup iiits gotta be a dam goods ferret ahh AINT THAT RIGHT TOTES!

    15. Jerome McCollom

      Jon said aluminum like an American instead of the British way, the Queen would be ashamed Jon. I am an American and I say that word much easier the British way, by the way

    16. Marcus Price

      Jesus Christ. Stop whining about every goddamn thing in the world. It is the consumers fault. Companies don’t make things that people don’t want to buy. If you want a lettuce that doesn’t come in a plastic container go to the farmers market and buy a lettuce off of a pile of lettuces.

    17. Jon Sullivan

      Anybody call the number since I was too scared to?

    18. #1 kukukeke

      Dudes, look at SEASPIRECY it is fwking nuts

    19. Erik Lindgren

      a way to recycle plastic is to burn it in a heat plant, ,much much better than putting it in landfils at least!

    20. Aayush dangol

      How is this content inappropriate??

    21. PoMaQue

      No idea what is being said in the video, but FIblock is blocking this under "age restriction". Only way to watch it, would be to provide credit card or ID card details... like that's ever going to happen. Here's a thumbs up anyway, John Oliver never disappoints.

    22. Lanoira13

      This Totes McGoats slander is unacceptable.

    23. eoin leen

      The Richard Kind bit was fucking outstanding!!!

    24. Dave Webster

      Don't worry John, we can use some new bacteria and fungus to turn old plastics in to petrol! That way it can fuck us twice!

    25. S Saba

      "You're like a furry that can't commit" Comic gold!

    26. Clockwork Kirlia

      Thanks for drawing attention to this!

    27. Weifeng Zhou

      6:55 To whom that actually called the number on that picture: 719-266-2837 What happened?

    28. Jaden Cutcher

      It is a travesty that all it takes for a public safety bill to be shot down is for the corporations it affects to pay a single congressman enough that they introduce a filibuster and then nothing happens because partisanship, and also yeah somehow public safety itself is a partisan issue

    29. Marley Sullivan

      I didn't realize how big of a problem recycling was in the states. Where I live we can recycle all numbers of plastic, the grocery store I work at is days away from eliminating plastic bags and single use plastics are going to be banned in my province completely by the end of the year. Do you guys at least compost? Between what we can recycle and compost where I live we really don't have lots of garbage in comparison. Garbage is collected every two weeks and our bins are rarely full.

    30. Mai-love Beautiful

      Maybe it’s time for some companies, like Tropicana, Beneful, etc., who use plastic to store their products to create sites in order to receive back their containers to be reused again. They should create a mailing address and provide consumers with a free shipping label so that they can ship the bottles back to the companies and these companies will sanitize and disinfect the bottles to reuse them. It’s a solution which can help companies save money and reduce pollution. Some bottles, after it’s opened, can be reused.

    31. ZeldaLuvsRoy081901

      In Peru, I always remember buying beverages in 1 liter glass bottles for my household, then having to return the glass bottle to the store where I bought it from. Twice a week I remember seeing a guy collect all the empty glass bottles, haul it away on a truck and delivered to the local Coca-cola plant. Not once did I ever see plastic being used. And Peru is a developing country. Just a thought.

    32. Sagesoft Mobi

      Damn, He made a episode on the Kardashians

    33. VampyrMygg

      Here in Norway, we got something called "pant," it's basically a deposit of between 2 and 3 Norwegian Kroner when you buy a drink in a plastic bottle or aluminum can, and you get it back by placing the empty bottles and cans in a machine (panteautomat) that register each bottle and can at some stores, as a way of making the bottles return again after use. Some Americans on a TV show tried to return bottles, devices that have been around for as long as I can remember, so I don't really think of the fact they're not normal everywhere else. (Pant has been around since like... 1902.) It was kinda an eye-opener of sorts seeing them struggle to figure out how to use it... Though I gotta admit, I ain't got a clue what happens to them after that, I hope they're recycled at least.

    34. Obnika JL Castin

      Oliver: Moving on .... Me: 🙂

    35. Sergi Sobrino

      Are you saying Nestlé are being evil? I can't believe it.

    36. Patrick Ivan

      Neat. Saw a clip from Canada's Marketplace! And our township (in Ontario), just put out an email that blatantly lied about black plastics. They said: "Black Plastic is NOT recyclable". The truth is, that much is, and that it's the sorting facility colour scanning devices that sort the plastics, that have issues with black. Then there's a nonsense that EVERYTHING is wrapped or contained in plastic. Obviously I'm being a wee facetious, but go try to buy your week's groceries without ANY plastic, and see how well you do. No cheating and going to a super fringe expensive "organic" store.

    37. Scarlet Psycho Wolf

      I wonder how big of a meteor would be made if it was entirely composed of plastic waste. Next thing I was imagining was X Men Apocalypse where Magneto was collecting every grain of iron/metal in the world, except it was plastic waste instead

    38. 4D4N

      This video has age limitation by youtube, i can't watch it. why?

    39. Elise Wong Creations

      There are more zero waste stores popping up in the cities of Malaysia here where you bring your own containers to fill up your dry grocery needs such as spices, noodles, rice etc then they will charge you by weight. These stores are unfortunately small and are started by passionate people who wants to make an impact on the environment. I use tiffins to take away food and I use a reusable cup and a metal straw to order my boba tea. I try to go to the market to buy fresh vegetables without the plastic but with covid, it's really hard and much easier to go to a nearby grocery store where it's all packed in plastic. It would be amazing if the world can be almost plastic free sooner rather than later. To know that plastic might be more than fishes in the ocean is really devastating

    40. vikram mokashi

      Why can't I share this video anywhere ??

    41. Damistrok Zane

      I'm Italian and youtube wanted me to write my age before watching this video. I thought "what have John showed this time? something cruel"? yes, the truth. grazie Last Week Tonight

      1. Jordy

        Yeah these new EU restrictions are extremely annoying. As if I'm going to send a copy of my ID or pasport to Google...

    42. Cait Frazier

      "Because... of course it is." Sigh, of course it is.

    43. punkrockchewbacca

      why can't i watch this video without verifying my age, so annoying *blobfish speaks* completely understandable thank you

    44. That Other Guy

      The goat mascot can’t even see out that thing. I can tell the way those people are guiding him 😂

    45. mohammed enam

      I only recycle ♻️ paper and glass, plastics recycling is a massive SCAM....

    46. Buddys Pencer

      are we powerless or is there a lobby to vote for?

    47. nobodynemoq

      Although sometimes I don't agree with John Olivier, this video is simply perfect! I wish he would also note, that replacing single-use plastic bags with strong, reusable plastic bags is also not a good idea since these consume absurd amount of energy to be produced...

    48. pinguaina

      Do a video about the metric and the imperial system.

    49. danis k

      Ok so we're fucked.

    50. Ansgar Sachs

      Is there a reason for the age limitation?

    51. Matthew Walsh

      Well this is depressing.

    52. Sky Irwin

      That lady was pretty belligerent defending one of the laziest mascots.

    53. Ben Jacques

      Make an episode about the upcoming Australian federal election and the corruption surrounding the Liberal National party

    54. GoldStarBurst

      SOOOOOO this was age restricted for some reason

    55. Jeanet Jensen

      What the F ..FIblock just warned me about content in this video

    56. Matasa

      We need to switch to biodegradable and fully recyclable materials.

    57. Alex Hulme

      This show has been the missing piece of my morning 😂 haven’t laughed this hard in so long 😂😂

    58. Willem Duijnstee

      Why did I have to verify my age for this episode?

    59. hellodave

      why am I being asked to verify my age to watch this video?

    60. stephan_1507

      I agree with 99% of the video. BUT: If the consumer wants do anything about it, the consumer can do something about it: Stop buying anything that comes in unnecessary plastic packaging. Even if is sometimes a bit inconvenient. Who the heck needs to buy a peeled pineapple in a plastic container? Or even worse, a peeled Orange? ( I know these are extreme examples, but they exist. I did not get any plastic shopping bag for so long that they become a rare item in my house in case I want to store or transport something. I have a bunch of cotton shopping bags that I use over and over again since years. So stop being lazy, if you wanna do something about it by your self.

      1. stephan_1507

        @The Viewer in that case I totally agree, but to be honest: accessibility for disabled people has almost never been the motivation for the a product decision/development, it's sales numbers to the general public. And the general public you get if you offer convenience aka support laziness. Like offering (free) plastic bags in the supermarket. The pre-cut pineapple I see o my colleagues desks at the office, they picked it upon the way to work as a convenient snack.

      2. The Viewer

        Disabled people. Disabled people who can't safely use a knife need a peeled pineapple or orange in order to eat it. If you can't think of someone who uses a product, before you start claiming anyone who uses it is lazy stop for a moment and think "could this be an accessibility thing?". I understand the desire to stop unnecessary plastic waste, but this shouldn't come at the expense of disabled folk.

    61. George Clinton

      "with the vast majority ending up in landfills or in the environment" TIL landfills are outside the environment.

    62. Gavin Downes

      bring back string bags made from hemp

    63. Jacob Persico

      That is a real fish and it looks EXACTLY like that.

    64. Jacob Persico

      16:45 OMG that is F-ED UP! LOL

    65. Jacob Persico

      13:50 OMG That Blob fish animation is priceless looks 100% real!

    66. Jacob Persico

      10:47 I don't blame China for banning import of plastic.

    67. THE_KRAKEN

      Why is this video’s comment section specifically just swarming with spam bots right now?

    68. Sukhbir Naidu

      Renewable Energy Recyclable Plastic Two Things we need

    69. PaperMoonKPOP

      7:36 that was a really cute and funny mention of BTS~ good job, writers :)

    70. Yite Bluebug

      Totes Mcgoats sliding in actually made me jump

    71. Meny Jackets

      If only you didn't talk about dildos, i could show this to my science class

    72. Erika Kilby

      Money. The very word alone provokes a range of emotions within: ⏩ ⏪ joy, sadness, lack, abundance, plenty, success, etc. !💖🖤❤️今-後-は気をライブ配信の-再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かな-らりやば-かった-ですね!1万人を超える人-が見ていたもん(笑--やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメ-ラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候

    73. Ziom Krzysztof

      I once heard a great analogy between plastics and the story about king Midas, as in, it''s such a 'golden' material, we're slowly becoming made from it as well...

    74. Edward Morrison

      A big problem with plastic recycling I've constantly encountered is belief plastic is just plastic. Therefore anything plastic goes in the recycling bin. Explaining to these people the notion that belief is equivalent to saying "metal is metal, therefore I can make a plane out of iron" usually gets them putting on a similar expression to Tucker Carlson.

    75. Mike

      Theres nothing wrong with plastics or the manufacturers. Plastics have saved far more lives then they have taken. We use them for everything becausecthey work. The problem with plastics is that they don’t get picked up. That is a government issue. Exacerbated by their use of for-profit organisations for recycle and disposal. Because they clearly aren’t doing it ! And of course government failures lead to the sale of water in bottles. Most bottled water is sold to people with clean running tap/fawcet water . Its INSANE!

    76. Kream

      Would it be immoral if we shoot all those waste into space? Say...Mars? I mean why terraform that giant red dust? Why not terraform Earth and use space technology to get rid of waste that is evidently ending up poisoning ourselves. Heck, maybe we can even earn money by it?

    77. Maiqknowsmanythings

      I treat recycling like I do voting. When things go to shit, I have a right to complain since I participated.

    78. Oli Ver

      this is the least amount of dislikes form angry trump supporters i've ever seen on a LWT video. good to know we all agree on this, at the very least.

    79. Helmi Jonasson

      jesus humans are evil the world is fucked

    80. Witnessdomaining

      Oh, so I have to prove to FIblock that I'm old enough to see a video on plastics. Wtf..

    81. Kristofer Ho

      WALL-E movie reference

    82. Saurav Joshi

      You did not address the fishing plastic waste which is 45% of all the plastic in the oceans. Yes I saw Seaspiracy.

      1. seigeengine

        Friendly tip: documentaries are mostly garbage. Don't take them as credible sources on just about anything.

    83. Lavisha

      how is this age-restricted?

    84. CYB3R2K30

      Yeah... The bts reference ruined the video for me lol

    85. Paul Nunnink

      Gee, I had to complete an age verification for this video. What nonsense! FIblock is getting geeky! Ofcourse I'm not sending these security schmucks a copy of my identitycard nor do I give them my creditcard number. Oh no, since in a few months that data will be all over the net because some hacker stole it from under these youtube security paranoids' noses.......

    86. FreedomMoped

      Perhaps they could melt it into blocks and build The Wall?

    87. morlanton

      Great video but like, how can you talk about plastic in the ocean without mentioning fishing nets? They only make up about 80% of the plastic in the ocean.

    88. Bacarra Gonzalez

      It angers me that my favorite lettuce comes in a box. I have to settle for bag lettuce. They must have seen the bags and took it as a challenge to do worse.

    89. Lynette Foxen

      *K Cups* Anyone with half a brain was undoubtedly cued in to the fact that plastic recycling is complete BULLSHIT after the introduction of this product. [It should have been obvious before...] but when you take a 100% biodegradable process like drinking hot tea from a paper satchel or coffee brewed from an (optionally 100% recycled) paper filter~ and instead turn the process into *Individual Fucking Plastic Cups* ... There's nothing else we need to know here. BTW, a few years ago the Brits did a full coverage documentary on the subject of plastics and also those that contain toxins like cell phones and refrigerators-a big business cover up that previously no one else would touch- then traced it back to outright corruption. Check it out. It's a nightmare to behold.

      1. uupdog

        but even most tea bags have a % of plastic and arent actually biodegradable , honestly they should still be selling tea in blocks that you can shave off a bit for your tea

    90. Bruno Walther

      Quote from: Walther, B.A., Yen, N., Hu, C.-S., 2021. Strategies, actions, and policies by Taiwan’s ENGOs, media, and government to reduce plastic use and marine plastic pollution. Mar. Policy 126, 104391. Progress on pressing environmental issues often moves along the following steps, and our historical review reflects this usual progression. First, ENGOs and scientists raise an issue, and eventually the media takes it up. This is usually followed by calls for voluntary action, such as recycling plastics, which almost invariably proves to have negligible impact for various reasons. Given enough pressure, governments can then up the ante by taxing undesirable products (e.g., fees for extra garbage bags or Taiwan’s EPR policy) or subsidizing desirable products or systems (e.g., subsidies for certified recycling factories). However, such measures often also fall short of dealing with the problem as emissions continue to rise, whether for plastic (see Introduction) or greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, governments can limit or completely ban products (e.g., Taiwan’s national AP to ban single-use plastics). Therefore, many environmentalists would argue that, for many uses of plastics, especially single-use plastics, only banning them will prove to be sufficient to avert further plastic pollution of the biosphere, similar to the global bans of ozone-destroying chemicals and persistent organic pollutants as well as the proposed global ban of burning fossil fuels.

    91. Bruno Walther

      The only way to win the war against plastics is to ban them wherever possible: and it’s certainly possible for all single-use plastics. And then give a shitload of money for research and development of sustainable alternatives. You can also read it about it here: Nation engulfed by plastic tsunami State must act on plastics problem (4 June 2019) Table salt with a pinch of plastic (17 July 2019)

    92. Bruno Walther

      Got it right on bans, and then, oops, got it wrong on extended producer responsibility. While EPR laws are better than nothing, Taiwan has had EPR laws for a long time, and they did way too little to curb plastic pollution, as EPR laws enable the continuation of the sale of single-use plastics and other types of plastics. So Taiwan finally realized that they needed to ban single-use plastics, and that is what they did. You can read all about it here. Walther, B.A., Yen, N., Hu, C.-S., 2021. Strategies, actions, and policies by Taiwan’s ENGOs, media, and government to reduce plastic use and marine plastic pollution. Mar. Policy 126, 104391.

    93. Nikolas Anastasiadis

      Google asking my ID to watch this video is BULLSHIT

    94. IOnceAteAPinecone

      This really isn't on topic, but blobfish don't look like that normally, they live in the deepest parts of the ocean and for the most part look like regular fish. That guy there suffered from rapid decompression being brought up by fishermen, effectively boiling it's blood and rupturing every blood vessel and muscle in its entire body at once as it died the most horrifically painful death imaginable

    95. Space Dragon

      it's so infuriating bc i do the best i can, as a kid, to use organic materials that will last me longer - i look out for leather shoes and jackets, and i try to find shirts made of cotton or linen, instead of stuff made of polyester. i also try to reuse plastic materials in my own house so i'm not just throwing it out after a couple uses. but first of all - i'm not the boss in this house, the rest of my family can be a lot more relaxed about it than i am. secondly, it's so frustrating to know that despite all my efforts, i will never actually make any real difference, even if i was just throwing out plastic containers whenever they were empty and only ever bought fake leather shoes that flaked apart and caved in in under a year, there would be no significant change. and that's purely because of how much massive corporations constantly make more plastic and pollute and destroy the world. all this plastic is Still gonna end up Out There, and there's nothing about my life i can change on a personal day-to-day level, that will make any kind of difference whatsoever.

    96. Space Dragon

      or maybe, just a thought consider DO do it for your kids and future generations because if you care more about fish than you do the future of our species, you are a sad excuse for a human. i don't know about the rest of my generation, but i know i would personally really enjoy not eating a rich, nutrient-filled diet of various microplastics when i grow up :)

    97. Adam Russell

      Chemical Engineer here. In chemistry, carbon carbon bonds are very resistant to acids, bases, and other chemicals, except combustion and high pressures. This is why often petroluem plants use high temperature and pressures to manufacture plastics and make other oil products crude oil waste. This also explains why plastics dont degrade naturally as a result of their inertness. Plastics are very useful for that reason. It would be possible to incenerate plastics for energy and it is possible economically. many countries do this alreadly. The only downside is release of carbon dioxide and other pollutants The most efficeint way to degrade plastics is to perform the same operations on them as crude oil, cracking. This converts plastics into useable products that can be made into other feedstocks but it requires high temperature and pressures to be feasble. The feedstocks that are produced are gasoline, diesel, tar, and LPG. If people want to learn to more about this technology, its called plastic pyrolysis. The major downside of course is that produces carbon dioxide emissions as well, but it is far better than ending up in our stomachs and in the oceans. You can even do it at your own home

    98. Valdo Valiant

      Apparently FIblock consider this video inappropriate??

    99. xn0nax

      It says I have to identify myself to watch this video. What's that about? I'm not sending in a copy of my ID to FIblock, wtf

    100. wreckcelsior