Lost Graphics Vol. 4 (Web Exclusive): Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver shares some of his favorite graphics that never made it to air.

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    1. Marques King

      Much luv Graphics Dept. Keep up the hilarity.

    2. Lex Slate

      Thank you for sharing, Mr. The Olvier Entity.

    3. Rennis Tora

      I love these.

    4. WeirdNekoGirl

      I really want to use the idea of Ambassador Tube Man in a thing now but I don't want to get sued for copyright.

    5. Matthew Shiers

      I'll bet ten bucks that the photo of the girl covered in pens has something to do with Donald Trump handing out pens to the pandemic workers, who were attempting to appeal to his non-existent humanity, with news about post-traumatic stress issues within their workplace, having been surrounded by so much death and heartbreak. Yeah, I saw that episode, and as Mr Oliver put it back then, there isn't even a joke to be made there.

    6. Cobra Commander

      Nothing can kill the Grimace.

    7. Monica Mera

      Does Jaggie Gyllenhaal look a bit like Nicholas Cage? 🤔 I think the answer is yes

    8. Klm49

      I will never be able to unsee Colin Firth not showing his teeth when he smiles again. It's mildly sinister to be honest.. Thank you very much, she said sarcastically.

    9. 09yulstube

      Yes to Colin Firth appreciation moment

    10. Mc Hammer2007a

      Does that mean... Firth is full of mirth?

    11. Ben Oliver

      My new life objective, get hired in the LWT graphics department. looks like heaps of fun

    12. joseph pope

      so he's attracted to facial hair. i wont kink shame that but good reveal

    13. Silent Gamer


    14. tiedtheknotable

      That merged image of the Gyllenhalls looks like Niall Horan!

    15. Darren Knop

      When did the void turn from white to blue?

    16. Mike Hess

      Grimace tiger claw with ketchup

    17. Jenifer R.

      What I love most about these is every single final graphic has a MINIMUM of three levels to unpack.

    18. Charlie Vardar

      Why not! Here's a Colin Firth joke: Colin Firth sitting at the breakfast table reading the reviews on "The King's Speech" talking to his wife: "Honey do you know that women consider me for a sex symbol?" Livia, his wife: "Will, breakfast time is the time to have your breakfast, not to play computer games. Honey, there's a huge difference between a sex symbol and a sex partner. Luca, we will see grandma during the weekend, I promise." This joke was awesome until I didn't watch an interview with Colin Firth, where he himself said something similar as a true story. And this was the real laugh!😆

    19. Parsnip Guy

      Mmmmmmmh yeah

    20. pepe the frog poops on right wingers

      we're gonna get more colin firth jokes, culminating in a call from colin firth and an awkward exchange aren't we? it'll be the adam driver incident all over again and i, for one, will welcome this story arc :3

    21. Ian Sullivan

      it must have been so hard to not go the obvious joke route with the dildo boomerang. Hopefully, the throw away joke will return in a future episode.

    22. Liam Bowles

      Why does Jaggie Gyllenhal look like John Travolta?

    23. François Drouin Morin

      My favorite thing about Last Week Tonight's graphics, is imagining the emails those designers get to ask for those graphics. "We'll need a picture of a cat looking shocked at a boxed dildo boomerang" "Could you photoshop John 'enjoying' a concert?" "Grimace mauling a McDonalds customer to death, need I say more?"

    24. IcySaracen

      Why is the Uighur video up but the Palestinian one taken down?

    25. Nightman’s Sexy Hands

      I’ve spoken to people who think John Oliver is intelligent. I swear to God, they really do.

    26. Colin Clark

      I gotta say it’s kinda weird hearing the sentence, “Colin demonstrates restraint at every turn”

    27. Simon Caine

      The graphics department are the unsung heroes of this show

    28. Colton Ruscheinsky

      An "All cats production of Rent" graphic speaks for itself.

    29. AMpro BIUS

      Willie wanka pic is tehran- iran in the background

    30. Rami Mroueh

      Do those graphics guys take commissions?

    31. Alba Spire

      Love this but hey HBO, give us back the Palestine segment you censored, wtf is wrong with y‘all

    32. BlueHoodie Art

      0:56 It’s the one in the blue suit, who is turning to his friend like “seriously? Can he not take the hint? No one wants to fuck him. Not even himself”

    33. Nezumi Nora

      Context is overrated in comedy

    34. CHI

      The cat version of Rent is clearly a joke about feline aids.

    35. SolSere Jeremy

      Transatlantic Sweetheart 💕💕💕Yes, Colin is. Thanks for emphasizing it.

    36. Ariel Valsagna

      we people in the graphics business really appreciate this shot out. Cheers!

    37. Be Creative

      Disgusting language and content.

    38. D Lo

      That bit on Colin Firth was bang on. :)

    39. Pramith Pillai

      The name for (Maggie+Jake) Gyllenhaal should have been obvious.. Its 'Make Gyllenhaal'!

    40. pinguaina

      Do a video about the metric and the imperial system.

    41. TheBlueArcher

      that was pretty awesome.

    42. Daniel Revelo

      Say sweetheart again

    43. Taha Morshedzadeh

      Why is Willy Wonka in Tehran?! 😂

    44. nami matta


    45. Luigi Scazzari

      There is a reason why my wife is in love with Colin. He doesn't go on rants like Adam Driver. Colin has a restrained elegance.

    46. Rose Hannaquist

      Someone better have sent that last one to Jake Gyllenhaal and recorded his reaction

    47. Somna Weismann

      I don't know who that guy is. The Colin fur I'm familiar with does inventions out of his garage

    48. Jarod 1999

      I didn’t now the new season of the show stated I got a lot of episodes to catch up on.

    49. Eman Ismail

      Talk about the Israeli- Palestinian "conflict" John. You have the resources to do a thorough research. Don't be scared to tackle the issue. You can make a difference.

    50. Eman Ismail

      Talk about the Israeli- Palestinian "conflict" John. You have the resources to do a thorough research. Don't be scared to tackle the issue. You can make a difference.

    51. Eman Ismail

      Talk about the Israeli- Palestinian "conflict" John. You have the resources to do a thorough research. Don't be scared to tackle the issue. You can make a difference.

    52. Tim Wenger

      Kinda falling down a John Oliver rabbit hole, and this is the first clip I’ve seen during the pandemic... holy fuck it’s so uncomfortable between jokes with no audience...

    53. ZoanBlade90

      0:56 I wasn't aware that the graphics team were fans of Mark Leung.

    54. HyShade

      I appreciate all the people who acknowledge and appreciate people.

    55. Hinarf Narfy

      Feline aids.

    56. Hinarf Narfy

      It's weird thatt you're a show about bettering the world but you're "Off" weeks. I just want to live in a time where I think everything is okay.

    57. MaxRobertoErikson

      Also, I find it interesting that the inflatable tube man is an ambassador for Japan. Makes me wonder which country or other government body made Japan think an inflatable tube man would be the best choice to send to them as an ambassador. Is he representing his country at the U.N? Russia? India? Venezuela? These are the questions I want answers to and will never receive.

    58. jerrysizzler44

      Am I the only person who finds these not to be funny at all? Not just this show but all the late night shows using these as punchlines...

      1. Gnome de Plume

        Without any evidence one way or the other I'm going to say that yes you are the only one simply to make you feel that little extra bit of crushing loneliness in your life

    59. Truthat

      Stop blowing Firth

    60. Brownebunny

      good job graphics team good job. making all graphic artist proud

    61. Quasar

      As someone who loves Jake Gyllenhaal , that was nightmare fuel ಠ_ಠ

    62. Kimberly Hernandez

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    63. EverNewb

      why is there a two week delay for canadians to watch these videos?

    64. Bunny, Easter

      *_Adam Driver has left the chat_*

    65. M Balazs

      this was fun thx

    66. Richard Brown

      Whoa now, back it up there Mister Oliver....how the fuck are you going to try and claim that image of Nicolas Cage as Willy Wonka isn’t going to haunt my nightmares....on second thought you’re right it’s not going to “haunt” my nightmares...it just straight up declared itself king.

    67. Jo.N Lam


    68. LarryofAstora

      "First all u see are a cat and some dildos, no surprises there" John just describing my room

    69. Mats JPB


    70. satellite7391

      Their graphics department is a potato.

    71. cute christa and fishy jay

      If you want to see a new episode of John Owler, Last Owl Tonight search it on FIblock. It is worth it!

    72. Sam Hagel

      There it is folks, let's add that one to the list of "reasons it's better than Bill Maher"

    73. Justin

      That Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man had to have been from John's segment "Trump vs the World" when he talked about Trump's lack of ambassadors. I bet Trump looked at the Family Guy Al Harrington ad and said "Make that guy ambassador of Japan", Pence would ask "Who, Al Harrington?" to which Trump replies "No the purple guy".

    74. Gabriel CoteBrockman

      You are still 90% blocked in Canada.

    75. Gabe Camozzi

      They came together to create a Gyllen-whole.

    76. lilmermaid246

      Is Ambassador Tube Man an ambassador to Japan or of Japan?

      1. Gnome de Plume


    77. freezer638

      Why is a lipsticked Nic Cage the love child of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal?

    78. An Intellectual

      0:29 Jokes? what jokes all you do is mock people and take things out of context

    79. Bruce Wayne

      Lol that grimace graphic should be an NFT!

    80. Anthony Sopkow

      Liked for the hottest Gyllenhaal.

    81. Sophie French

      Jackie Gyllenhaal looks like if Ryan Gosling and Eddie Izzard had a baby!

    82. Xorn

      I took a screenshot of Nicolas Wonka and I am not ashamed.

    83. stupidusername

      I can get on board with John Oliver’s taste in men

    84. HoodieSticks

      Please tell me Colin Firth does not become the new Adam Driver

    85. HardRockMiner

      Why doesn't this show talk about Biden's inability to speak more than a sentence without sounding like he's in the middle of a stroke ? They beat Trump up on everything. They don't mention anything about stammering Joe. I hate them both, but that's just not right. Your favourtism is showing. And you should be ashamed.

    86. Joe Craft

      I wish I was able to watch the other 3. Guess Canada youtube does not want me to see them.

    87. catonutt

      discreet lips?? what lips?

    88. Curt Carson

      More of this please!! 🤣lmao

    89. kousetsuhana

      truly enjoying the Colin firth content, please keep it up thank you

    90. Burning The Evidence

      Episode 5 should end with John sitting in the void and the light being turned off, followed by the sounds of some doors closing xD

    91. Shamma 1994

      Please talk about Palestine John.

    92. Benjamin Gal-Or

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    93. Noel

      That was nice. 😋 How can I join your graphics team?

    94. Wendy Karle


    95. Erik Larsen

      Anybody recognize a graphic’s purpose because they remember the episode ot was for? Like the doctor with pens was clearly on the Trump segment 6 months ago.

    96. K.R. M.

      This seems the ideal format for people who are into weed. ;)

    97. EmperorBlackMan

      I want John to thurst after collin ferth like he did with Adam Driver.

    98. João António Jacinto

      We need more graphics department shitposts NOW

    99. Firstname Lastname

      Thank you Graphics Department!