Hair: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver discusses the importance of Black hair, the ways it can be a target of discrimination, and some ideas to address that.

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    1. Amber Rodriguez

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    2. jimmycargo1

      I get it is wrong to discriminate against black people for their hair in any way shape or form. It should never happen and is wrong. But is it really appropriation for a white person to have dreads? I didn't realize we were assholes and those hairstyles were off limits. Guess I gotta tell my redhead afro-having friend he's stealing from black people. Eventhough it's just how his hair grows.

    3. Saad Farhan

      "Fucking off is always an option". Such a great advise for a lot of situations.

    4. John Eastman

      This piece from John Oliver helps demonstrate his open mind & fearless pursuit of justice.

    5. marvin makwarimba

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    6. Ohlala Levi

      Jews can't be forced to remove Yamikahs, but this shit exists 😖

    7. Ghost_Anna _Reads

      All I know about black hair products, is that I can’t use them even when my Scottish-Irish hair gives me a full Afro when the humidity increases. I can’t use white hair products or black hair products. I am screwed no matter what and I have learned to live with it.

    8. TheJackieBones

      Put black people in charge of everything NOW!! They're all PURE LOVE

    9. WICKERS

      22:32 JUDY!!!!

    10. WICKERS

      Never understood the obsession. Even at school "Extreme hairstyles" were banned. Your head your rights.

    11. peqio seroa

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    12. Richard Britten

      I'd love to know why the 15k people down voted the video...maybe I don't

    13. Neltins

      this is why america forced all black women to straighten their hair, to appeal to white people & get jobs

    14. forndo alange

      I can't believe I am only seeing this now. I love you John Oliver . This was accurately delivered.

    15. owen glenn

      If hair styles are one of the biggest forms of racism, then the US is a fucking brilliant country.

    16. owen glenn

      I wonder when left wing commentators and comedians will run out of things to find racist.

    17. Debra Barratt Thompson

      Simply Brilliant John. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am a white woman who was initially raised in Harlem, NYC in the 1960s. My very first memorable nightmare at the age of 5 was of my best friend Jerome being abused by people who constantly wanted to touch his hair when he came to my neighbourhood. I was the only white girl in my class - BTW. Love you for what you are doing. Keep on keeping on.

    18. nonchablunt

      I support private businesses right to discriminate against hair & clothing & tattoos (among other things).

    19. William Vaux

      Imagine judging people for literally having hair. Another form of racism.

    20. Alberto De Cristoforo

      I almost committed suicide when I found out I had herpes virus, I was going through a health blog when I saw how a woman testified of how Dr IGUDIA on FIblock cured her and I decided to contact him, to my greatest shock he actually cured me and now I test negative

    21. Bentheriault1

      wait, doent raggedy ann basicly have dreds???

    22. MarkJGG

      Why did you make me watch that news clip at the beginning, so much second hand mortification, im uncomfy.

    23. Science Anni Style

      Housewives meet John Oliver??? I’ve never been happier

    24. Ed Kelly

      "Goddamn white people" ..I can emphasise with that statement ...and I'm a white person.

    25. Koviko

      Why the fuck did I just start crying @ 5:35 An episode has never hit so close to home 😭

    26. ZDU

      So are these hairstyles natural or do the take hours to achieve? Or are they different hairstyles?

    27. ChettaBombBay

      I’m surprised this video was on point. The last part was my favorite. Google It bitches.

    28. Danielle Stan

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    29. N D

      I'm completely convinced that John Oliver is an Android.

    30. chez066

      Dread locks aren’t just a “black hairstyle”. Dreadlocks are thousands of years old and have been worn by various cultures from Egyptians to Greeks to Vikings and many more. Some of it today is done for religious reasons like practiced by some Hindus and Buddhists. That being said, nobody should be discriminated against for their hair and asked to change it unless it’s a safety issue.

      1. jimmycargo1

        Thank you! Anyone being discriminated against for there hair is wrong. No question about that. But is it really appropriation for a white guy to have dreads? Or a fro? Is it racist for a black lady to want to straighten her hair or dye it blonde? I'm so confused john.

    31. Anna Dibba

      this docoumentary and the terrifying it must be to be black in america. imagine being told not to be the true you?

    32. Anna Dibba

      u think charles smith was bad, try reading king solomons mines. to think that used to be my favorite movie as a child..smh. the write took every opportunity to degrade africans (including their hair) and show them as inferior and exploited every opportunity to show white people as superior..i felt ashamed for him and his dumbness reading the book

    33. austrianpenguin

      Not all white people, because I had a student whose dad was African and she talked to the class about the issue and then I got interested and got stuck on parents doing their kids hair, I watched the Netflix movie about Madame C.J. Walker and did some further research... so muhahaha John Oliver, jokes on you!

    34. Asheli Kiefer

      Yes white people. Stop asking to touch my hair!! I am not an exhibit

    35. Miss R

      As a black girl, people ask some dumb ass questions about my hair. Like, mind your own God damn business! Unfortunately, this has never happened. 30 years and counting

    36. KC Wilder

      Luv'd it..."If your answer is, not all white people... you need to search your soul to learn why's that's your answer." 😅😂🤣😭. Further more why are you worried about Black people's hair 🤔

    37. S R

      I am non-white, but not of African descent, and yet I can very much relate to this story. I have curly hair, and for much of my life curly hair has been synonymous with being "unkempt" and unattractive. I very much feel pressure to have straightened hair, especially in professional environments.

    38. Zee

      Thank you for this John ❤️

    39. ikazukison2

      whoa whoa whoa, I'm not a white person but I let my dog kiss me in the mouth, it's like a probiotic that's free

    40. Shemeka Mosby

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    41. Official ellimac

      Yes I love Dorothy Tucker from Chicago! thanks for including her reel, she’s a phenomenal journalist!

    42. Malaika Naomi

      I’m half Rwandan (East Africa) and half Swiss living in Switzerland and my half Korean half Swiss German teacher suggested I listen to a white dude talk about Black hair and I’m very pleasantly surprised lol.

    43. Francine Leahy

      Why do you hate autistic people John?

    44. White Blaze

      Okay; I totally can't be the only one viewing this video who's feeling creeped out by the guy talking about how he "normally doesn't take photos of young children" right? Cause something about that man and THAT STATEMENT screams "someone needs to call CPS ASAP" - and to keep your children away from the weirdo'

    45. szepi79

      I'm too European to understand this video. we have all hair styles here, mainly on white people, because, you know, that is what we have here primary.

    46. Fatimah Ibrahim

      Oh my god. I'm 25 but I remember visiting a salon while on holiday in Sudan and having my hair hot combed... Weird flashbacks 😂

    47. Thomas De Quincey

      Wow! John Oliver has finally ran out of things to talk about. Black peoples hair, yeah, dead important.

      1. Zee

        It's important to us so, yeah! Thanks John!

    48. Dr Ilknur Tulunay

      Thank you for spreading the awareness. Another "hair" discrimination towards to females above 50s with their natural hairs (i..e. without hair coloring). Unlikely to be employed! Society behave as they are senior and so assumed not being mobile and active etc!

    49. Elocvent G.

      note to this, please consider the "white people" the ones from USA, im from Europe and fortunately i learned human decency and i wouldnt do any of that, neither would any of my friends/relatives, but then again im from a latin i dont know how im viewed

    50. D W

      15K white folk wit the thumbs down. Lmao.

      1. Zee

        Right lmao

    51. no one

      I knew this one would be about race.

    52. Verdugo

      “You lay those edges down so well, they fall asleep” BRUH

    53. Herminia Almgren

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    54. peqio seroa

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    55. Amy Pattie

      I am a whitey, but I have always stanned the push for African and Islander women to have free hair. As a child, I would get so many kids asking if they could touch my hair, my mum would tell me if my hair got too long, I’d have to straighten it all the time. Scary Spice was the best human in the world when I was 10, the only girly-haired girls in a sea of fake straight hair. I was so happy to see Monica Rambau in WandaVision being accepted, even if it’s in a fantasy it was so good to see. All power to you all. I hope one day all the cultural ways in which you guys manage and style your hear will be seen for what it is.

    56. Sparky Summers

      That pre-emptive "before you say not all white people" line was so fucking weak. Imagine being that much of a prick

    57. tantzer

      Krystal & Saagar’s new show:

    58. Lauren Walker

      I couldn’t imagine getting my hair done and then being told it’s “unkempt” or “dirty”. I don’t think I can comment on this, I’m obviously a white girl with straight blonde hair but It’s really heartbreaking to hear that black hair has been and continues to be used as a form of oppression against black people. I did know about this, but not to this extent. To the black woman who wrote this segment, Thankyou for teaching me about this.

    59. Bunny, Easter

      This is _hairassment!_

    60. D P

      I really never thought about this before, yet another thing the "leaders of the free world" decided to discriminate against. Land of the free if you dress like us, look like us, wear your hair like us. USA: the country who enslaved entire cultures, destryoed countries for their oil and even shits on it's own people on a daily basis. Well done USA!

    61. Jan Chandler

      The sad fact is that our world is sculpted in a way to make white men comfortable. Obviously with issues involving POC that would include white women as well.

    62. PoolNoodle Warrior

      First time i've "thumbs-downed" an episode of this for a long time. The bit at the end was just condescending. And please spare the righteous indignation of "oh, white people have been condescending to black people for CENTURIES"; two wrongs don't make a right. It's possible to make your point and be civil *cue the hate*

    63. AMedz

      The young lady from Banana Republic missed a trick. She should have said "of course" gone home , taken them out and returned to work with her afro. Pscheeeew (as per my ancestors)

    64. Ogre SM

      if your culture matters more than your employability - you don't really want a job.

      1. Zee

        If a job is trying to make me erase my culture? Hell no I don't want that job. Who would?

    65. Toni B*

      so they have to be grey haired and receding.

    66. Dave Webster

      I don't get it, so there is 17 salons and non of them do black hair. Surely this isn't racium it's an opportunity to start salon with no competition in the market?.

    67. Abdulrahman al-mathkour

      Hey, took me a couple of weeks to finish this video cause the controversial nature of what I think I think it sucks that African American have to struggle with even their hair, in a way that affect their livelihood, WE NEED to figure this out so we can focus on even more important things that people face But the part that I disagree on in gate-keeping culture things like hair, the two cases 20/30 years ago, made peoples lives harder but stopping someone from experienceing part of your heritage is kinda iffy ? At the very list the normalising of such things would normalise it (seen a vid of a young black girl harassing a white dude, cause of his hair,) I thought about the same issue in my own culture, people do wear the traditional clothes of my country, and that doesn’t bother me at all (actually I myself dont want to wear it, pain in the butt) So yeah, I hope that one day we can move beyond all the racism without having to have all their secure things, for people to leave the hatred in their hearts.

    68. Rew King

      Ok i was firmly in the 'why is this an issue?' right up until it was a pain in Doug Judie's ass 🤣 Seriously though, it boggles my mind that black people have to deal with this BS.

    69. Lredfloss1

      Surely you can't call yourself a "professional" or even fully qualified hair dresser if you don't know how to work on all types of hair. 🤔

      1. Sally French

        Sadly they can, but they shouldn’t.

    70. Bipolar Mind Droppings

      I think a lot of white people just dont get that hairstyles are a cultural touchstone in some cultures. I was into punk and grunge and hairstyles were a big part of that culture so it was easy for me to see it in black hair.

    71. Bobby Gane

      I have no opinion on this subject

    72. Svet Savov

      Who cares...i don't...i am bald.........

      1. Zee

        Who cares that you're bald?

    73. Mr. Grey

      No, your hair doesn't look good Leslie. You look like Buckwheat f***ed Carrot Top. and yeah I know what a boxbraid is, you didn't invent it.

    74. enkidu 28

      Hair is hair. Who cares... you can have on top of your head whatever... but of course for some jobs/some schools there might be some rstrictions. Many times i saw people forced to cut their hair to 'fit the norm'. Like a dress code. It happends to everyone and everywhere. Doesn't matter what race you're running:/

    75. fe86brandao

      I love john oliver, but i didnt like this segment at all. I absolutely agree about black hair in the workplace, about its use as a pretext for discrimination and the impact it all has on a person of color's self view. But a lot of his illustrations were flawed and ignore the realities of a multi racial society.

    76. Gobtik

      One minor point but there is a big difference between appropriation and appreciation. It is a FACT of recorded history that white Viking women in England had braided hair; ancient Greece (1500-1600BC) has depictions of men with dreadlocks on frescos. There are similar descriptions of dreadlocks on Ancient Christian Ascetics in the Middle East and Mediterranean, the Dervishes of Islam, it is not an exclusively black African thing, nor is someone appropriating culture just for wearing a style they like - something humans have done for as long as we have sailed and traded. People trying to claim ownership of a hairstyle particularly those trying to make money from the culture of others is a problem, not a white person celebrating their own heritage.

    77. Ajay Harry

      The football players hair looks awesome tied up. Also the kid that got his hair cut, his haircut looked awesome too before they chopped it off, what the (explicit) is wrong with people.

    78. Dru Talero

      Lol those news anchors are so cute

    79. atlaslex

      Had to fast forward through that white guy in Utah. “You people?!” I just couldn’t take the cringe 😬

    80. Max

      Looking at the title, I thought this might for once not be a video about race. It only took 10 words to prove me wrong. This show is dead! It's exclusively race nonsense at this point.

      1. Max

        @Golden Memes No idea what you're even talking about, I didn't continue watching the video. I don't watch race nonsense.

      2. Golden Memes

        So is the old guy from penn state wrong about dreads or right ? It was racist

    81. Kazi Reza

      I really do want to touch a black person's hair though.

    82. Lolly Holmes

      I have curly hair and I'm in groups all over Facebook and I see the difficulties that black people go through with regards to their hair. There isn't enough education about hair care, especially for those with beautiful curls, coils and afros! For a lot of people their hair is part of their identity, we need to understand that!

    83. Jacqueline Ellis

      Fuck this was hella informative, thank you, I learnt a lot. Also I never thought to google it eh. Thanks for the tip x

    84. Simon TheKindCutthroat

      To be honest, I think to things like this "more interest and understanding" every minute thing about everything is not the solution to problems. I don't need to know about or understand "black" or "white" or whatever else hair. My personal responsibility is to not give a flying fuck about anyone's hair. As long as its not posing danger to me because of hygiene for example. Literally the only cure to racism, is not decades of education on every conceivable minority, their history, differences etc., the only cure to racism is people learning to not give a shit. Do not give a shit how someone looks like, talks like, walks like and so on. I literally do not care, never have. It's also okay to have personal preferences, I think thats a completely irrelevant issue to treating each other well and with respect. The "problem" of cultural appropriation is a big yikes from me. People should be able to do whatever they want. People have copied or iterated on each other's inventions and culture for literal centuries. Stop trying to police what people like. If you have something of cultural significance, see it on someone else, using it differently, and you get mad, you are no less dumb than those who would dislike it on you. But I know, I know, culture wars are important to keep people infighting, keep people in power, stay in power. Tale as old as time.

    85. wsrtwetr

      So did Walmart end up providing the data? John skip that part and conveniently made a joke. Because if it is backed by data, it's just business. Don't steal. Period.

    86. Lonely Lantern

      Some people think everyone should look the same, and they actually try to enforce it too, as though other people's lives are just there to suit them. "You should have different hair, hair that I like and am familiar with." Is that not psychopathic levels of entitlement or what?!

    87. raghi99

      Ok fine, everything is funny but that’s more white shaming than educational. It is almost annoying watching 20 minutes of this.

    88. Hannah 246

      I wear wigs to job interviews and for the first month then I do my natural hair

    89. Glen Behan

      I hope everyone sees the hypocrisy, I also hope people see how far this show has fallen. As soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew this was going to be dumb shit. Hair is hair kids

    90. FredlocksAsher2012

      Since the early 1940's the terms race and intelligence have been a subject of wide debate in both popular science and academic literature. If we examine the term race from a scientific perspective we can understand how race is a social construct. Researchers can now prove, beyond a doubt, that culture is a learned behavior. Hence any social behavior can be mimicked by any individual. Black social behavior can be mimicked by whites, For example if a German child is raised by a Russian family he or she will develop Russian cultural and social behavioral norms. The truth from a biological perspective is that we have more in common as a species than differences. Our ability to mimic these behaviors across racial and cultural lines is proof in of itself that our customs and beliefs are conditioned by our environment. As we boldly embrace our oneness, we will begin to realize that our differences are merely cosmetic and have nothing to do with our ability and capacity to develop and grow into a more humane human being. Mutual respect started with the struggle for what we refer to as "human rights". The Declaration of Human Rights wasn't signed until Dec 10th 1945 and its only now, some 68 years later, that we are beginning to truly define what these "Human rights" should be and protect each other from those who would violate them. This again is proof that we are now emerging as a species form our primitive stages of owing our allegiance to countries, races, religions and empires, to a much broader acceptance of our astonishing global culture and remarkable human spirit. The term race is an unintelligent way of describing a human being. Race is a term modern scientists, and enlightened individuals do not use. There is only one race from a scientific perspective; the humans are but one species. We have fought many wars only to come to the ultimate conclusion that we are all one Race, HUMAN. By F.G Phinn

    91. FredlocksAsher2012

      your awsome john for taking on this subject, gracefully done sir, very gracefully done,.

    92. slaskel

      I lost a large portion of respect for John the moment he brought up cultural appropriation

    93. ElChapo The Taco

      Yeah nah wear whatever hairstyle you want. I’ve seen white girls with dreads, it doesn’t look good but I really couldn’t care less.

    94. Czeslaw Coombe

      its the unkempt wording that baffles me, the amount of work that goes into keeping hair of these types and in these styles is a lot!

    95. Time Stamp