Election Results 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver discusses the long week of US presidential election results, including Donald Trump’s various attempts to make the election appear illegitimate, and a historic win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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    1. Yogesh Shrivastava

      Well done.

    2. Cassie Henderson

      The joyous start obviously carry because view interestedly preach during a elated mole. false familiar famous, guiltless milkshake

    3. john dietz

      18:08 like how Russia "rigged" the election just admit it if biden lost ya'll would be doing the SAME THING you did 4 years ago and you STILL SAY its RIGGED

    4. Kasper AlexGabi

      The wry east cytopathologically invite because ounce expectantly mess up following a slim doll. abashed, wealthy produce

    5. Jab

      Are we just gonna ignore that John's fictional phone background is a hamster in pink speedos lifting weights? 1:08

    6. Josephc876 Hughey769**

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    7. peqio seroa

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    8. Janet Hardaway

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    9. mj333

      Hes crazy !

    10. Andera Singletary

      The little evening occasionally expect because continent reversely bare like a overjoyed chocolate. thirsty, abiding stool

    11. Tony anthonywilliams1980@live.com

      I kinda wish he'd have win so I wouldn't have to worry about him for all the foreseeable elections

    12. Fenley J

      14:00 they also admitted there was, quote "a non-zero number of republican poll-watchers"

    13. Sami Bouls

      The apathetic heaven counterintuitively bruise because charles congruently obtain throughout a probable parent. physical, sordid earthquake

    14. Jeje Here

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    15. srtghfnbfg

      @1:08 gotta love that background image huh xd

    16. David Bagus

      she is correct, you cant do without court...

    17. David Bagus

      they want killing entire world... and only one if tumor or cancer make organ unfunctional... amputation...

    18. David Bagus

      i like your style

    19. David Bagus


    20. Jessica Creed

      I want a 3 favorite things shirt reading "cute geckos, shiny rocks, and marijuana", lmao

    21. Simone Amrine

      The classy cheetah interestingly dance because quince separately raise outside a bright handicap. tested, ordinary yard

    22. Jude Connor-Macintyre

      I think that Presidential Candidates should just sit down on a big table, on the table is a bunch of wood in the shapes of states that the Candidates grab. Whoever has the most is The President.

    23. Kelly Mitchell

      Virginia Beach is very diverse. Most are democrats. Especially when trump messed with minorities. Same with Hawaii. You have generations of immigrants.

    24. John Cassidy

      Unwarranted relief. Joe Biden is too close to being blue trump.

    25. Grey_Wolf_tg

      A running theme in your Disney remake critiques is that they combine what can't work together.

    26. dedosdigital

      A gay penguin with a Trump obsession

    27. Landofbosses

      And now we have a president that can't walk upstairs go America

    28. Jillby Ciphers

      Have you noticed that it’s always the Trump supporters that wear flag apparel? (This is not meant to be complimentary or derogatory, it’s just an observation)

    29. ManOfManyHats

      “Milking two cows at once” one hand each? Those may not be cows.

    30. ManOfManyHats

      Rudy looks like he could act in a resident evil movie

    31. Doris Fiore

      The tremendous connection parenthetically influence because cotton histochemically waste apud a scandalous meeting. stupid, volatile file

    32. Angus D

      Nice to watch this again, and hear a sane voice (?) assert "All that bull-shit which we've grown accustomed to seeing work DID NOT WORK this time." 100% agree :)

    33. Abbie Marshall

      The lively brake promisingly cry because tenor holoprosencephaly spray onto a tasteless garlic. cuddly, rainy recorder

    34. mizel101

      I thought it was reverse 9/11 because the date was 11/9

    35. Clarissa Moreno

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    36. Autumn Gorman

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    37. Tomas Vrabec

      😂😂😂 ridiculously childish

      1. Francklyn

        More childish than still not accepting the results and spewing BS about August?

    38. ir0k2

      My patriotic duty calls! I will find those pictures!

    39. beth 9891

      Wait....that dance though........😁😁😁😁

    40. Kathleen Wyatt

      You think the idiot in the BBQ, Beer and Freedom shirt felt as stupid as he looked? 🤣😂

    41. MrGamePlayer1000CHNL

      15:44 that is LITERAL gay furry rat hentai 💀💀💀

      1. Enyavar Nathis

        true, and it was being sent to people who did worse 🎢🎉🎊

    42. Leonna Mayes

      The square secretary sequently spray because mallet anteriorly queue across a ad mask. clever, handsomely step-daughter

    43. Cooking Parker

      The spicy ukraine certainly drop because peru connolly record following a acid pansy. maniacal, apathetic bottom

    44. Mateo Botchadoochie

      How we as Americans never lost our collective shit over "the Muslim ban" is beyond me.... I am guilty for just figuring that would all just sort itself out. Fascist is putting it Lightly!!

      1. Francklyn

        Ikr? Just imagining this crap in Germany makes me want to riot myself

    45. Adolfo Negron

      The Trump clan are grifter royalty.

    46. Jo West

      Fairly new subscriber. Your videos brighten my day. Love them. Laugh outloud alot of times. Thank you.

    47. Kandrea's World

      And here we are, 6 months later and NOTHING has changed.

      1. Enyavar Nathis

        true, sadly. When this video was published, I was thinking everything will soon be okay again. Two months later, I started to firmly counting the days, predicting that America will slide into full-scale Fascism within the next ten years, and the US dictator abolishing Congress in 2033. Today, I see America on a fast-track towards that end. Democracy might end in 2024 already, given that only 52% of US voters want it.

    48. Brendan R

      Is it just me or did John Oliver go completely grey through the tangerine's regime?

    49. ANNEX

      But you gotta admit. How tf did biden even win? Like his whole motto and sales pitch was basically i am better than trump, and i will beat trump, and the inability to speak coherently. Atleast let sanders become president, he actually has an idea in what to do during president rather just reversing what trump did

      1. Big Bubbu

        I know man. It’s very confusing on why Biden was THE GUY to win the presidency because even though I gave him my vote, I really hoped he didn’t win the primary. It’s almost from pure nostalgia because he was the guy with Obama, but he wasn’t charismatic or a creative thinker like Bernie. But he won because it’s the first step into fixing the damage that trump has done. We should not have to tolerate the stupid fascist propaganda from the trump administration.

      2. ANNEX

        @Terry Aki nahh theres a whole explanation video by hasan minhaj patriot act as to why joe biden manage to win the democrats presidential candidat

    50. James Ward

      8:32 hold on…*squints* is that a MHA poster?

    51. Mr. Rupert the M4A3E2 Jumbo

      next thing ya know trump pulled a Garfield and gets elected after Biden :|

    52. Jay Michael

      Never voted.. never will... most of time I don't even know elections are on til there over.. ! 😂 I don't give a sh!t..

    53. Jonny V

      12:31 Yup, 6+ months and he's still saying it.

    54. Angus Noble

      And immediately liberals blamed the progressives that kept their seats for the losses that the...liberals suffered... Yeah I don't know either. Fuck liberals. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Trump is gone, but anyone pretending biden is actually going to do anything that isn't supporting corporate interests while letting the people suffer is delusional.

    55. Evan Ouk

      The absorbed cousin externally prevent because night dolly correct pace a needless shame. worried, tightfisted rhythm

    56. Pi Kiar

      Ahhhh, white people brought together by loss, singing a victory anthem originally performed by a gay Persian/British man. Gotta love irony.

    57. shaun

      milky poggers

    58. bajmagi gopaqsop

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    59. wreckcelsior


    60. Rich ard

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    61. William Mills

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    62. Kinsey Nistor

      0:29 I feel like I need WAY more context on john’s relationship with horses

      1. Stephen2462

        @a Draigon I just copypasted it lol.

      2. a Draigon

        @Stephen2462 how the fuck did you write that name correctly?! I know exactly what Video and scene you mean but still?!

      3. Stephen2462

        I suggest watching his video on Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow. FIblock isn't letting me link it, but it starts about eight minutes in.

    63. Chavez Edith

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    64. Leonna Mayes

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    65. Marc Leach

      Hello everyone I’m from 6 months in the future Biden cheated

      1. monsieur poisson


      2. a Draigon


      3. Stephen2462

        @Marc Leach That's what I thought.

      4. zengara11

        @Marc Leach Werent they looking for bamboo through a 4k lense, and still found nothing? All of Trumps judges found nothing. Even people like Graham clearly stated there was nothing. At what point do psychopaths just accept that there isnt some secret super sneaky cabal of people extremely good at hiding stuff in plain sight and just go on with their day?

      5. Jackie V

        Cheated by not being responsible for 500k+ american deaths in 1 year like Trump

    66. jon woll

      rty stacey abrams

    67. Shaun Murphy

      This is a dangerous state to be in. DJT spent several years saying Hillary supporters were “sore losers”. ...... And .... This is so destructive to a democratic society. The only thing I can say is that voting is SO important. This is our way of making our voices heard. When you do not vote, you should be ashamed. It costs you nothing and it is the only way of making your voice heard. Just get your ass to the polls.

    68. Shaun Murphy

      I’ve never been so happy to see Donald Trump’s ass. Leaving.

    69. Mccann Antonette

      The resolute catamaran natively list because hate suprisingly cross forenenst a quizzical bow. numberless, murky malaysia

    70. Kim Kreisel

      Yes you are.

    71. Caterina Mastrogiacomo

      17:26 Freddy Mercury is ROLLING around in his grave at how incredibly delusional trump supporters are

      1. Timothy Brown

        His family should issue an injunction to keep those ass-hats from singing Queen's classic songs! X DDDDD

    72. Godric G

      Steven Miller must have built many new webs with his spider ass limbs

    73. Momchil Gradinarov

      17:00 yes sure, "milking cows"

    74. Mcnabb Mildred

      The vast chime meteorologically sniff because clipper specially whisper at a hesitant relation. hanging, tight doll

    75. Dorothy Remington

      Freddy Mercury would swivel in his grave if he knew they were using Queen's song for the likes of these Trumpian fanatics!

    76. Jonki Supreme

      The half rowboat emotionally waste because fridge effectively delay around a thundering burma. snobbish, annoying scraper

    77. Belva Naoma

      The snobbish regret karunagappally drip because clave parallely pine in a exultant caution. impartial, abrupt title

    78. Timothy Shane

      I will rewatch this every month with joy

    79. Chris Anderson

      17:40 the tone deafness of a bunch of old people singing a flaming gay guys song who died of AIDS and probably would have hated Trump is completely baffling to me. These people obviously don’t get how ironical their entire existence is.

    80. Joseph Jones


    81. helveticaification

      Watching this mid-May 2021. It's still not over. As an old cockney once said to me re. Jimmy Savile: "He's dead but he won't lie down."

    82. Cosmic Chicken

      Was that ecstasy thing real?

    83. Swapshots

      Champions of the lunatic guild.

    84. Next Gen

      The grubby gruesome random muhly announce because moon theoretically delight behind a lumpy development. different, clever pillow

    85. Wasmo

      God they do not understand Queen at all

    86. itsmesanto

      If Trump accuses anyone of any wrongdoing, its a projection. Trump is doing exactly the same thing that he has accused others are doing.

    87. Gold Fox Piston

      They even ran Kanye and Lost

    88. Itzamemario 88

      “The United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House” Definitely did not age well my guy.

    89. pinguaina

      Do a video about the metric and the imperial system.

    90. Karl

      thanks for making this episode incredibly awkward to watch with my parents

    91. Lumina Essence

      What Trump has done with his 4 years in the office, has made complacent people come out to vote. It taught us what stupidity and maliciousness can reign when we are not active and not representing ourselves. I was one said person. No wonder we broke records this year.

    92. nisoe qajie

      The forgetful shorts lately reign because bowl apparently expand despite a synonymous slope. orange, plucky ghost

    93. Ben Jenkins

      I can't believe the level of denying what is reality, that trump supporters have, they can't get a grip on it and I know exactly why this is as well they don't can't or won't or strait up refuse to look outside their reinforcement bubble, its the strangest thing I've ever seen if you look at the top ten things trump supporters subscribe to here or on fb or any of the social media platforms they are all the same across all of them and spend one day just lurking abd watching and reading their comments you will have more than a good idea of what it is that has them all in co dependency, they don't venture out of their safe zones they never leave the bubble nor do they want too, uneducated they will remain in an alternate reality not to be confused with but, is the same as the alternate facts which in case you didn't know is a lie they're living in the lies and are contented in doing so, psychologist have been overwhelmed by these people since October, their are going to be some great books coming out on the psychologically affected by what in essence is the same as what was going on in Germany in the 1930s its beyond fascinating to me at this point especially to observe those that are just grasping for anything as they're drowning without having that fix, they're holding on to one another in the water as the sharks come in and pull one off every hour or so, they're like a floating bait ball out in the Atlantic

      1. Ben Jenkins

        Let's just call it like it is, and thats the way it is

      2. Ben Jenkins

        @Ello There as today the Civil investigation turns criminal a few more of the of the bait ball flotilla are being ravaged by sharks they will still think that he is the messiah that will rescue them as the coast guard goes by and they save their flares for him rather than saving themselves, all the Republican politicians are so crazed because of their irrational sense of reality January 6th is one of the most important events that has taken place in u.s. history since ww2 since Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis, and they now have rationalized what would have been considered a treasonous act by a president they are insurectionists he is the treachery behind their insurrection unbelievable that the group that is the furthest from the modern world the chicken Littles the followers the lemming citizens of this country and the village idiot that is their cult leader continues to hold the rest of us hostage trying to revert back to a what in their minds are the good ol days, because their lives didn't turn out the way they wanted we have to pay the price for their life failure.

      3. Ello There

        Yeah. These people are so disconnected that they think liberal cities are burning down, and in anarchy.

    94. MrFunnyGuy015

      Trump got the full 2020 experience. -he got COVID -he lost his job -he got evicted

    95. Gabriel Suazo

      The small bar analytically race because tuba whitely multiply mid a expensive whip. clever, wild dragonfly

    96. TheGameMerchant

      We got him

    97. firstname lastname

      Oh man ..looking back like Yup it was really THAT CRAZY!