Border Wall II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    Nearing the 2020 election, John Oliver checks in on one of the key promises of President Trump’s 2016 campaign: the border wall.

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    1. Sabrina Butler

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    2. Paulina Elinore

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    3. ijachacovert

      As a former Kansan, seeing Kris Kobach's very punch-able face in this video made me angry all over again. LOL. So glad Laura Kelly whipped his ass.

    4. Дарья Сергеева

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    5. Kasper AlexGabi

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    6. Ian Young

      John we need you to cover the borderwall for a part 3!!! Biden is still building the god damn wall & is taking people's land to do so! I thought we elected the opposite side to stop stupid shit yet they're also do the same stupid shit... We need a 3rd party FAST!

    7. Ruth Erbach

      How can you not want to/remove the gooblidigock troll comment postings? Please answer to this.

    8. Ruth Erbach

      Forgot how stupid this man, T was. Thank god that immediate crisis has been put away.

    9. George Ferminky

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    10. david welch

      Vietnam , Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the wall, trump. We are the stupidest people on earth We are unable to learn.

    11. Дарья Сергеева

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    12. Francesco Saverio Comisso


    13. NOAH R


    14. Dave Man

      A shyster's main tool is to create an solid illusion.,, That, being the wall. Yes, the wall will be attempted to be built. But now comes the time for stalling, stalling for the so-called bids. As the money changes hands, there will be deliberate time consuming prefabricated hurdles. This is the "stalling time".,, When Co bills, money, and receipts can be be exchanged between whoever is involved at the time. Then comes the "excuses" , excuses on why the wall is not being built fast enough and a few on completion. These blue collar stalling techniques allow time for the shysters to shave and loop exchange funds, an attempt to hide where the fleeced money is going. Where the fleece, stolen money is ending up. Meanwhile they are going to praise how great the wall is, which is only thin wool laid caring and lovingly over your eyes., .🌾.. 🐑...🐑....🐕.🌾...🐑..🌾...

    15. Dave Man

      Watch Lindsey Graham spew garble, deflecting,, and then barely grazing the real issue. What a snib. 🦨💨🌪️

    16. Dave Man

      Where is the real money,, for the real infrastructure that we need within our country!? The Wall scheme was designed to have loose ends. The Wall, is a shyster's wild goose chase. The wall, also shows itself as a huge slice of red herring. All left wide open, for criminals to siphon money, for their own personal gain. They want you to only see the trees, and not the forest. It never was totally,,,, about keeping people out. 🌪️🐓🌪️

    17. S1nwar

      as a german i am confused on how anyone thinks a single wall will do anyway? like are you children playing pretend or do you really want to stop people from crossing your border? you obviously need an inner wall followed by an electrified barbwired fence laced with spring guns followed by a route for patrol dogs followed by a part that is permanently lit by lamps followed by a road for soldiers along the wall followed by a concrete reinforced trench against vehicles followed by an at least 4 meter concrete outer wall

    18. dyob Odraode

      He wanted that wall to define him as a president hey? Hmmm maybe he shouldn't have done the myriad of shitty disgusting things then. Inciting an insurrection? Seperating children from mirgrants and probably bringing them through a traumatic experience? Supporting racists and actively trying to stop BLM protests? Trying to fuck millions by stopping health care? Fucking with the entire world by exiting the WHO and Paris agreement? Yeah maybe don't do that and then maybe we will remember you for your useless shitty wall.

    19. Evelyn Wagner

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    20. Ian W

      So another major Trump partner organization has credible allegations and convictions even related to child pornography? Man, Q sure is silent when the creeps have an R next to their name. Would bet a year's salary that if a mid-level donor to the DNC ran a company where someone in management was convicted on such a crime it would be EVERYWHERE that this CONFIRMS PIZZAGATE REEEEEEE!!!! What a country.

    21. Quas Asmr

      Imagine not being able to do something that we've done for a millennia, big stone walls to keep people out.

      1. dyob Odraode

        Fuck big stone! Big water is also trying to stop people.

    22. lani bobc

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    23. Phillip Price

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    24. dimapez

      100k settlement in a discrimination case? that sum is rather telling

    25. D Parks

      "Bad knees, weird dick and doesn't want to climb walls" lol.

    26. patrick hall

      13:10 it is a good list for Drumpf.

    27. Duong Lien Huong

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    28. Leonna Mayes

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    29. Attila Nagy

      Just so people know the charges of fraud against Bannon has been dismissed.

    30. Christopher Price

      Thick latinas won't be deported is funny bro chill with the sjw bullshit, you've said worse

    31. Timothy Smith

      Canadian Kelloggs Corn Pops.... and that's all I got to say about it.

    32. Darrin Stanfill

      I’m a thirty two year old from Kentucky. Been here my whole life. Guess what? Mexicans affect me so little that I knowONE. I literally remember zero from growing up/school. Point is ,Fuxk that gd wall. Graham is such a fn grifter sleeve. Obviously our schools matter more. This country’s political system is such a circus. It’s embarrassing(and local white idiots cooking crystal and selling their pain pills are the entire drug market here..literaly the majority so Fuxk off with the cartel bs)

    33. Piroteus

      Who knew that one of the reasons John Oliver isn't like John Cena is that John Oliver has a spine! No wonder Cena has to build up all those muscles, wihouth them he would fold even sooner.

    34. the world is ending

      Not only is the wall a symbol of racism on top of the " prototypes " there is a pipe runing along it which is to similar to the Berlin wall

    35. Rafael Rodriguez

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    36. Kerrie Lucrecia

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    37. I'm a disappointment

      As someone who's grown up around camels the fact that Saudia Arabia has beauty pageants for camels isn't one bit surprising

    38. TheBearKat

      Didn't John used to say "undone by mankinds 3rd invention" when referring to Trump talking about the rope/thick string. Mendala or is it from another episode?

    39. random email

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    40. deepbigeyes

      One term real estate Donnie for sure took bribes and kickbacks for the construction of the portions of the wall built. Dig a bit I'm sure it's there.

    41. mbnb bcvg

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    42. Zhen. Andrew. Li

      That Brady comparison was salvage!!!

    43. Nostalgia _

      I really hope anyone who voted for trump who sees this video (or just anyway) is genuinely disgusted with themselves and thinks more carefully about the following elections.

      1. Stephen2462

        @Rich Piana I assume you're referring to this? Looks like you're either being deliberately misleading by referring to the levee as "the wall", or regurgitating bullshit conservative propaganda.

      2. Nostalgia _

        @Rich Piana If you're so much brighter (as you insinuate, like an idiot), then go do my graduate level mathematics work about projecitve unitary modules, exact functors, and group cohomology (at your rate, it would take you 100 years at least to understand what any of those things mean).

      3. Rich Piana

        Literally Biden has resumed the construction of the wall. You're not very bright, are you?

    44. ruth gansrow

      Gee John, you should learn to be more reverent towards the Great Leader. (snicker)

    45. KD

      The important part is that there were idiots who bought those bricks and those idiots should never be thought of as victims. They are like the guy who drives the get-away car for the criminals. The only victims were those who lost their land.

    46. KD

      Trump got his legacy- the first and so far only president who was *twice-impeached* This should be a game show question everywhere in the world.

    47. legendhero 45

      Oh no, moments of this video are so very very horrible and so very very terrible.

      1. Angelina S.

        Very very?

    48. Darth Gorthaur

      Shame biden is building the wall now isn't it...guess this didn't age well lol...

      1. Helge Holme

        @Stephen2462 jeezus christ. The worst part is that I saw at least seven comments likes this sorted by recent...

      2. Stephen2462

        @Helge Holme Just looked into it. OP is probably referring to this; Basically, several holes were blown in the Rio Grande levee to make way Trump's Wall. And when Biden halted that construction, the holes were left as-is, putting the area in danger of flooding. OP is either being deliberately misleading by referring to the levee as "the wall", or regurgitating propaganda. So yeah, it's just another example of bullshit propaganda from conservatives.

      3. Helge Holme

        The fuck are you on about? I don't hope you're right because there is no evidence for it making a difference

    49. Benjamin Gal-Or

      *What-These-May-18-2021-Deaths-Tell-Us* about *Your-country-affected-by-neighbors?**Name[3]* *Name[3]* *Deaths* *#/100k* *Fatality%* ______________________________________ *BRZIL* 436,537 200 2.78% v. Vnzula 2,411 8 1.10% v. Urgwy 3,171 91 1.39% v. Argentin 71,027 151 2.14% v. Pragwy 7,692 102 2.36% v. Colomb 76,414 53 2.59% v. Peru 66,220 197 3.45% v. Boliv 13,566 115 4.19% v. Eqdor 19,786 111 4.81% v. Chil 27,934 144 2.2% _____________________________________ *INDIA* 278,719 18 1.09% v. Pkstn 19,752 9 2.20% v. Npl 3,859 13 0.95% v. SrlLnk 981 4 0.61% v. Bhutan 1 1 0.08% v. Mdvs Islnds 101 16 0.2% v. Bngldsh 12,181 73 1.54% _____________________________________ *GRMNY* 86,386 102 2.43% v. Nrway 774 14 0.66% v. Dnmrk 2,504 43 0.97% v. NL 17,602 101 1.12% v. Swzlnd 10,744 125 1.60% v. Austr 10.392 111 1.65% v. Czch 29,913 278 1.80% v. Frnc 107,973 159 1.85% v. Spn 79,432 168 2.2% v. Blgm 24,723 214 2.43% v. Hngry 29,213 394 3.94% v. Itly 124,296 204 3.0 % _____________________________________ No Border Controls for land travel between El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua & Guatemala.Wikipedia ____________________________________ *US* 586,362 177 1.78% v. Mxco 220,493 171 9.25% v. Eqdor 19,786 111 4.8% v. Cand 24,964 66 1.94% v. Gtml 7,893 47 3.3% v. Elslvdor 2,191 33 3.1% v. Prgwy 7,692 2.0% v. Pnam 6,297 1.75% v. Peru 66,220 197 3.5% v. Cymn Ilnds 2 30 0.37% v. Iclnd 29 8 0.45% v. Brtsh V Ilnds 1 33 0.46% v. Cub 814 76 0.6% v. SnMRTN 12 37 0.68% ___________________________________ *CN* 4,846 1 4.7% v. HK 210 28 1.78% v. Mngl 221 6 0.35% v, Bhutn 1 1 0.08% v. Npl 4,252 13 0.95% v. Twn 12 1 1.02% v. Kzkhstn 3,853 207 1.14% v. TJkstn 13,308 90 0.7% v. Vtnm 37 _____________________________________ *RUSS* 112,410 77 2.32% v. Ukrn 48,419 109 2.18% v. Hungry 28,888 294 3.60% v. Plnd 70,679 184 2.46% v. Kzkhstn 3,372 18 0.8% v. Fnlnd 922 167 1.04% v. Estn 1,204 91 0.96% _____________________________________ Russia borders with 12 other countries _____________________________________ *ISRL* 6,378 70 0.76% v. Jrdn 9,047 90 1.26% v. Lbnon 7,507 109 1.4% v. Egpt 14,091 14 5.85% v. Syr 1,664 10 7.1% v. Tuns 11,899 v. Trky 44,983 v. Cyprs 347 ____________________________________________________ NO BORDERS, NO VIRUS in 12 ISLANDS-ATOLLS cited out of PHL-7,100, EST-2,220, out of Africa, India, Europe, U.S, Australia, which, with peninsulas & Arid Areas, constitute Nature Refuge from this virus. ____________________________________________________ Sn Barth 1 140 0.10% Timor-Leste 5 1 0.13% Cayman Ilnds 2 30 0.37% Brtsh Vrgn Ilnds 1 33 0.46% Grenada 1 9 0.63% Sn Vincent 12 118 0.63% Sn Martin 12 369 0.68% Turks & Caicos 17 480 0.71% New Zealand 26 1 0.99% Taiwan 12 1 1.02% Caribbean NL 16 636 1.02% Mauritius 17 13 1.39% ______________________________________ SAF 55,260 94 3.4% Irn 76,222 91 2.8% Ymn 1,294 4 19.7% ______________________________________ Alaska 0.52% Utah 0.56% Porto Rico 0.93% LA, Ca 24,030 Brnx, NY 6,514 MiaMi-Dde 6,273 _______________________________________ *What-these-facts-tell-us?" #1: *Virus-Free-Locations,* & Vaccines can *end* this Pandemic. #2: Pandemic leaders/Czars face the greatest in history life-or-death *dilemma*: #3: *Campings* in arid zones, beaches, river sides, forests, mountains, atolls. #4: *Relocations* via campers, tents, single floors, 100-ft Residential Distancing. #5: *GOVS-RELOCATIONS* start with homeless in donated good tents, food, etc. #6: *Non-science-terms* like immigration, refugees, travel bans, lockdown, revised. #7: *Linked-Countries* Affect Death Inside Each. *REFERENCES* 1. *Unlike One-Liners,* NYT & POLITICO appear to first comprehend this Science.[2]. 2. Gal-Or, Benjamin, 'Modern Thermodynamics' and *Local-Climates* *Thermodynamics* [Amazon, Wiley, Springer, Science, Nature, 'In', FIblock.]. 3. *Thousands* of dedicated MDs, Nurses, Health Care Workers in ~180 Countries daily reporting these data to US University JH and WHO, analyzed via *countries-around- each* or as islands, peninsulas, etc. and reordered herein in 5 or 7-Days Intervals, These data for *May 10-18-2021.* *All Copyrights* apply and reserved to this author, David Galor & family members//

    50. Jeremy Mcclary

      Took me 8 times to comment on you....probably my imagination....( but too borrow from "my imagination......" ") but did you just own flat earth comments.....??!!???,")

    51. Jeremy Mcclary

      11:50....if anybody out there reads this...,then good on you!!and thanks for keeping up!!!!

    52. Jeremy Mcclary


    53. Jeremy Mcclary

      4:25.... seriously don't buy that particular wall because it keeps me from spreading my form of current mind control!!!!

    54. Jeremy Mcclary

      3:20.... shouldn't you do this in cyrillic.....because that is how you explain STUPIDITY THAT DOESN'T SUPPORT YOU!!!!》

    55. Jeremy Mcclary

      Sooooo SAD .....another Gen Xer like me continues to rape brains to their own monetary avantage.....

    56. Jeremy Mcclary

      Inadvertently managed to point out the flaws.....(ME NAMESAKE TUCKER CARLSON DOES BETTER ....AND HE ROYALLY F^$@%ed THIS!!!!)

      1. Angelina S.

        The rage comments aren't making a lot of sense Jeremy. Me namesake TC? What?Edit bro

    57. Colin Mor

      erosion is not a normal part of building a medium size structure that’s a LIE like they always do

    58. Colin Mor

      what happened to conservatism there ARE crazy people on the far left but you guys are BAD men. from Abu Ghraib to Trump the last 20 years have been DARK

    59. John Ver

      Isn't it funny how now Biden is building the wall...?

      1. John Ver

        @Helge Holme yeah I don't understand it myself but the left and right media outlets don't get all the stories correct. I've been part of real world operations that made it to front page and other news stories and they were vastly different than actual events. I did recall a story or 2, likely FOX or possibly the Sun where it showed exactly where they were building it. It's by the Rio Grand.

      2. Helge Holme

        @John Ver That sounds exactly like something conservative media would love though?

      3. John Ver

        @Helge Holme my co-worker in the coast guard is protecting the workers this week from cartels shooting at them. Not exactly front page in the news.

      4. Helge Holme

        Source? I don't get why they would do that when there is no evidence of it working...

    60. Rishi Kamath

      John Cena & John Oliver are in a Schwarzenegger-DeVito situation.

    61. NutmegBGB

      Chad Wolf looks like a Unity asset named "hot male sunglasses cop," I swear I've seen him in those "[insert career here] simulator" videos Graystillplays used to make

    62. Ken Pagel

      Trump is illiterate😂

      1. Finn Nicholson-Crotty

        You don’t need to tell me, I already know

    63. Gabriel Le Pen

      This border wall could be the sequel to the "Stupid Watergate" scandal, except only Trump is involved and he somehow acted more stupid in this case than the collusion one.

    64. Ker Loz

      The purple discovery conceptually carve because epoxy formally sign a a ancient step-mother. embarrassed, uptight swan

    65. Brent Senior

      Man trump really does it almost every single time someone or some business venture goes bad and trump goes from the guy behind the greatest idea ever to I've never ever met these ppl, I know nothing about it

    66. Karen Watkins

      The squirrel in my backyard could climb up a slat and be over that wall in a trice.

    67. Crit

      As a shut in, I'm offended to be placed in the same category as Trump

    68. Aidan Margarson

      Me .. I dont want to climb mountains .. I cant even walk around a golf course

    69. mack cummy

      put spikes on the slats so someone can't slide down.

    70. Ashley Churchill

      Aren’t there remnants of homemade ladders by the existing wall?

    71. Matthew Shiers

      _"There is nothing more emblematic of [Trump's] presidency than this wall. It's destructive, pointless, ineffective, racist, weak, and something that the damages of which we're going to be dealing with for a very long time."_ . Spot on comparison, mate. Buy the writers and editors of this show a damn fine drink!

      1. Lee Johnson

        @Finn Nicholson-Crotty google “wall starting by army engineers”.... loads articles, it’s essential work as old Joe was so quick to stop the wall they didn’t try and find out what critical flood defences they hadn’t finished.... but it’s all in good hands, the border is safe LOL! No citation, easy google find, you are welcome.

      2. Finn Nicholson-Crotty

        @Lee Johnson I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I, NEED, A, CITATION

      3. Lee Johnson

        Wall being finished in secret by Biden.....waiting for your outrage

    72. ThatOneStuff

      im tired of being autoplayed from real news to this bullshit

      1. Helge Holme

        But that's youtubes fault? Why comlain on this video? If you're on mobile you can click on "not interested"

    73. Nate Wap

      So thank u Lindsay! 4 pointing out the fact that u r more than willing to deprive the children of the brave men & women who used the technology that we waste billions... shit! Hundred of billions on. Instead of their children/health & overall well being! Truly gross

    74. ShawnGrayV

      How is a border wall racist? How much illegal drugs pore across the southern border decimating American communities? Americans are dying every day and people still don't get that the wall would save countless lives? Am I wrong?

      1. Benjamin Wulf

        90% of drugs come through legal ports of entry. Plus, a drone could just carry drugs across anyway. A decent drone doesn't cost too much compared to the profits the cartels bring in, and if it is good, you'll be able t use it for a few years. Goes over the wall as well.

      2. Prometheus

        The vast majority of drugs and criminals are going through different ports of entry, a border wall on Mexico will be as effective as protecting yourself with a blanket against the boogyman

      3. robert presley

        Did you...just pause the video at the beginning to make this comment and then leave? Because the video quite clearly explains how the wall won't save countless lives.

      4. The Viewer

        The wall won't save lives cause it won't stop drugs. You're wrong.

      5. Stephen2462

        Because it doesn't actually accomplish anything except make racist idiots feel safe from an imaginary invasion of brown people. Sorry, but a wall like this would not stop the flow of illegal drugs. Yes, you are wrong.

    75. EternalRecurrence

      omg dude I'm so happy your not this angry anymore.

    76. Michael K. Jensen

      Maybe take the ladder. That you climbed up on. Haul it up and let it Down the other side?

    77. CBL

      Priceless, John.

    78. BunzeeBear

      Well, it is NOT ORANGE.

    79. I am that guy

      John oliver is a universal treasure , for real the world needs more of this man ❤️

    80. Marcea Susanna Becerras

      I just watched a video on Scotland and how Trump didn't finish the golf course and all the stuff he said he was going to do now I'm looking at the wall that he didn't finish and it's the same story over and over and over again. And now he's wrecked America probably permanently. When does it stop? When does somebody put that idiot in prison?

    81. ih8study

      I now want to buy a brick and have the inscription read "the country is open! Everyone is welcome!" In english and spanish

    82. Amigostudios

      You know I Might donate to we build the wall just to have a personalized stone that saya ''kill that wall''.

    83. jonathan bell

      Biden is still building the wall

      1. Prometheus

        Show evidence.

    84. Wardy 48

      I know no one's going to read this, but I need to get it off my chest: If you can declare emergencies that freely, this should be done by governments constantly on any activity that is excessively fuelling global warming.

    85. Heather Lowry

      8:10 One is gigantic and the other looks like it'll collapse if you push hard enough. I secret hope Oliver refers to himself in the former statement and Cena in the latter

    86. E E

      Umm, are we not going to talk about another one of Trumps people being convicted of Child Pornography? I'm serious, it seems Trump surrounded himself by these scumballs... 12:55

    87. TheSeal

      It just pains me to see this garbage

    88. TheSeal

      Ur good nights are becoming more of a threat than a blessing

    89. Nicole T

      It's hard to believe how much I hate John Oliver now.

      1. Helge Holme

        What exactly has he done wrong?

    90. automotive

      So it's ok to destroy native heritage but its a sin to destroy confederate statues that were put up in the 50s just to make a point to people fighting the civil rights movement.

      1. Helge Holme

        If you watched the video about that you would know they are still being put up today. Also one of those is for people who fought to conserve slavery. If you took just 2 minutes to watch his video about the confederacy he starts out talking about one of his favourite people during his childhood who turned out to be a pedophile... So they took down his statue. Now... What has native american done to deserve getting their sacred grounds decimated?

    91. microphonemr

      China: Great Wall of China US: Super Duper Wall of America

    92. Harry Moore


    93. Generic Name

      "There's no ladder going over that!" That didn't age well.

      1. Prometheus

        @Lee Johnson Just show me evidence for your claims

      2. Lee Johnson

        @Prometheus too quick to shutdown the border, his advisors had no idea of the essential work needed... they can’t even do a wall never mind run a country, enjoy the next 3 and a bit years. You voted for it.

      3. Prometheus

        @Lee Johnson I'll be outraged if you can show proof for your claims.

      4. Lee Johnson

        Wall being finished in secret by Biden.....waiting for your outrage

    94. Kelly Arthur

      As usual, bloody marvellous. Well done. Y'know what bothers me in all the media screaming about the border wall? Nobody noticed the parallel with fucking _East Germany_ . They couldn't keep people in with attack dogs & minefields & guys with automatic rifles & orders to shoot to kill on sight, & Trump & his cult think a wall that wouldn't keep kids out of a swimming pool is going to work?

    95. Ed Carrasco

      The GOP is morally bankrupt and sick

    96. Ed Carrasco

      The GOP is morally bankrupt and stupid

    97. Charles Dick

      someone could also spread the bars on that wall with a jack. then just walk through.

    98. Benjamin Gal-Or

      Is fooling all by just do same to end pandemic at the door with criminal deaths? NOT CLIMATE, LOCAL CLIMATES prevent most Covid Deaths, Science proves. Virus Control Ability, VCA, or Covid Deaths Ratio, IS A WHO SCIENCE INDEX, Reordered here v. Life Expectancy & 78-days VCA-History of non-abating deaths. This VCA-WHO-INDEX PROOF is not for fooling themselves in public, the unable to write more than one line, not read a few, nor for Self Appointed 'Reporters of Science', replacing scientists while tainting science and this civilization. "Answer not a fool, according to his folly, LEST THOU ALSO BE LIKE INTO HIM." King Solomon. 1 - [4] SNGPR 0.05(0.05)30...............2 - [114] BHTN 0.10(0.12)1 3 - [126] MNGL 0.23(0.11)74..............4 - [49] TLND 0.24(0.43)117 5 - [33] MLDV 0.26(0.32)71................6 - [145] ERTR 0.28(0.33)10 7 - [41] UAE 0.31(0.28)1,567..............8 - [47] BHRN 0.36(0.36)617 9 - [63) MLAS 0.37(0.36)1,415..........10 - [93] CYMN 0.38(0.51)2 11 - [8] ICL 0.45(0.48)29.....................12 - [28] CYPR 0.49(0.64)297 13 - [94] SYCL 0.50(0.42)2.................14 - [37] CUBA 0.57(0.83)569 15 - [51] SLNK 0.64(0.49)634.............16 - [19] MRTNQ 0.64(0.70)68 17 - [14] NRW 0.67(0.75)736..............18 - [45] SMRT 0.70(0.97)12 19 - [100] USBK 0.73(0.79)639...........20 - [55] BORA 0.75(0.73)141 21 - [9] ISR 0.76 (0.74)6,346...............22 - [43] CURC 0.85(0.44)102 23 - [65] SRB 0.91(0.89)6,164.............24 - [108] CBVR 0.92(0.95)201 25 - [45] ESTN 0.93(0.92)1,126...........26 - [21] ANDORA 0.95(1.01)123 27 - [150] PAP 0.96(1.06)99.................28 - [15] NZ 1.00(1.04)26 29 - [34] TWN 1.01(0.88)11..................30 - [22] FIN 1.03(1.55)902 31 - [121] VNZL 1.04(0.94)1,925..........32 - [43] OMN 1.05(1.08)1942 33 - [128] INDIA 1.14(1.37)189,549......34 - [34] BRB 1.16(1.10)44 35 - [15] NL 1.18(1.43)17,016...............36 - [2] MNCO 1.21(1.28)28 37 - [84] JRD 1.22(1.10) 8,574..............38 - [72] VTN 1.24(2.26)35 39 - [35] LBN 1.37(1.01)7,890...............40 - [13] MLT 1.37(1.35)412 41 - [11] SWD 1.48(2.04)13,923............42 - [10] SK 1.56(1.59)1,802 43 - [3] SWS 1.63(1.80)10,550..............44 - [160] KNY 1.66(1.74)2,583 45 - [24] AST 1.66(1.76)9,055...............46 - [76] SAR 1.68(1.72)6,846 47 - [118] PHL 1.68(2.11)16,529............48 - [57] MRCO 1.77(1.74)8,983 49 - [1] HK 1.79(?)209............................50 - [35] U.S. 1.79(1.69)585,075 ** 51 - [2] JP 1.79(1.93)9,671.....................52 - [49] ALB 1.82(1.71)2,36 53 - [12] FR 1.88(2.40)102,496..............54 - [20] PRTG 2.04(1.70)16,951 55 - [108] UKR 2.08(1.83)41,700...........56 - [6] SP 2.25(2.07)77,591 57 - [103] RUS 2.27(2.11)107,501.........58 - [23] BLG 2.47 (3.03)23,957 59 - [25] GRM 2.51(2.59)81,936............60 - [48] CLMB 2.58(2.59)68,328 61 - [66] BRZL 2.72(2.44)386,623.........62 - [25] UK 2.89(2.83)127,385 63 - [15] GRC 3.00(3.60)9,864..............64 - [5] ITL 3.02(3.47)118,699 65 - [98] ELS 3.06(3.08)2,093...............66 - [7] AU 3.07(3.19)910 67 - [86] GTML 3.38(3.54)7,309............68 - [58] PRU 3.38(3.42)59,012 69 - [59] TUNS 3.43(3.48)10,170..........70 - [153] SAF 3.43(3.39)54,066 71 - [54] HUNG 3.43(3.40)26,208.........72 - [117] BLV 4.32(4.56)12,783 73 - [51] EQD 4.91(5.26)18,062............74 - [54] CN 5.12(5.18)4,636 75 - [109] SYR 6.91(6.68)1,510............76 - [146] SDN 7.03(6.75)2,300 77 - [75] MXC 9.23(8.51)214,504..........78 - [144] YMN 19.40(29.0)1,120 * LCT, LOCAL CLIMATE THERMODYNAMICS is, inter alia, based on Worldwide Acclaimed book COSMOLOGY, PHYSICS and PHILOSOPHY, [Amazon], followed by editorials, reviews, comments at U-tube, 'in', 10 Million-plus References-Citations by Google. ** US # include low infected by LCT in islands/atolls between Au & NZ & PHL. LCT 1. High VCC , not #/POP, which is not science, neglect nature recovery at beach areas, islands, atolls, deserts, forests, highway-sides, residential distancing. LCT 2. No country, alone, can execute global, final recovery from this pandemic. LCT 3. To win this global war mandating by UN-SC may help. LCT 4. It may prevent many fatalities by forcing WHO the world PANDEMIC-CZAR. LCT 5. Win this war only by Vaccines etc.? Why not combine it with natural LCT? LCT 6. People/Regimes must escape prisons of borders-citizenship to survive. LCT 7. Is fooling all by just do same to end pandemic at the door with criminal deaths? Click name for online books, editorials, etc. Copyrights, etc.: 87 yrs/old, Prof.-Dr. Benjamin Gal-Or and son David Galor.//

    99. Ichijo Festival

      Just two minutes in, and I'm rejoicing in the fact that we no longer have to listen to that idiot.

    100. cullermann2

      Trump supporters seriously do love to get ripped off xD