Bankruptcy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver details why people file for bankruptcy, how needlessly difficult the process can be, and the ways we can better serve people struggling with debt.

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    2. Holly Fallon

      Interestingly, my friend cannot afford to do a debt consolidation pay-off plan because her debt is too high. Also, her debt was all from credit card debt, so she couldn't file bankruptcy.

    3. 88mphDrBrown

      The only patent that Elon Musk has is for the dimensions of a charging port, coincidence? I think not.

    4. kugee secea

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    5. Kelly Parkinson

      Love John Oliver and his amazing research team, editors, everyone involved. I can't get enough of his show. It's crazy how I'm always shocked at first but within a few seconds nah, not.suprised at all. As I always expected but hoped this really isn't the case here. For all the people that accused me of being cynical and and negative towards most everything, well fuck off. At least I've been right the past 15 years. I'm going to teach 10 year old daughter to always look for the truth, question authority quietly of course at first at least and never believe commercials or political leaders promises. Find a profession that you love and thatbhelps.others whether individuals or helps tear down institutional injustices. I've known one successful man that did that exact thing. Attorney from Univ of PA, graduate of Wharton School of Business became a sole practicioner who became a genius expert on FLSA laws. He found wage earners or mostly restaurant supervisors or homeless men all being grossly underpaid or misclassified as exempt from overtime where these companies never paid properly. Did all the leg work, was super patient and filed multiple class action lawsuits with the underpaid workers on board whether still employed or not seeking all back wages plus punitive damages if it could be proven these companies were purposely violating Fair and Standard Act on federal level and was able to send healthy checks to the victims, our opt-ins which not only Wage included their lost wages page back but a portion of the settlement from those companies punitive damages. Under law as the attorney he was entitled to 40% of entire settlements which would make him a millionaire right now he could shower his 2 daughrers with anything but he distributed most of his attorneys fees to his clients,.the workers making such low wages. He did move his family into a nice mosest home instead of a duplex but didn't change his family lifestyle. I had the pleasure of having working for him for 6+ years and we keep in touch sometimes and he's still fighting the good fight for wage earners who either know they're being underpaid or clueless which always breaks my heart. Majority of companies know what they're doing wrong and don't care. For the other companies that really don't know the law, and it's obvious it was innocent mistake, they're only required to pay out the back wages they legitimately owed in settlement. These workers were so grateful.. Zero greed in his blood, only a strong sense of justice and fairness and pro labor. He cusses like a sailor and his personal office was always in dissaray. I'd get to clean it when he traveled. Always made him uncomfortable to come back if things too tidy.. he cared about what was important, the meat of it, the people, hardworking needing a champion. We need more prople like Attorney Chuck in this world. Being his assistant was the most gratifying job I ever had.

    6. Alberto De Cristoforo

      I almost committed suicide when I found out I had herpes virus, I was going through a health blog when I saw how a woman testified of how Dr IGUDIA on FIblock cured her and I decided to contact him, to my greatest shock he actually cured me and now I test negative

    7. Catherine Gold

      Senator Chuck Grassly is an absolute douche.

    8. Some Guy

      i agree with all of this, but i have to ask a question here. the research you cite at 9:54, they took stereotypical names with the explicit intent to not mention race. are you really calling them out for being racist, if their research is fuckin ABOUT unveiling racism in bankruptcy cases in the first place? this is revolting.

    9. mafiacat88

      "another massive category" It's going to be student debt "80,000 dollars of student debt" Well that could be worse "And I bet you were thinking 'that could be worse'" ...GET OUT OF MY HEAD, JOHN

    10. Tray Berkin

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    11. D W

      That’s it!! 50,000 dollars!!

    12. Dale Hartley

      What; you don’t have an independent federal government public insolvency and trustee that manages things bankruptcies, wills, powers of attorney, etc for free or a highly regulated minimum fee? How backwards can you be?

    13. Connor A

      Just get a job that pays better 4head.

      1. Some Weeb

        Ah yes, and that is famously incredibly easy.

    14. pooiuish

      lol 50 000 in debt you just fucked up in life duumb

    15. Nithun Sridhar

      It will NEVER cease to weird me out to see lawyers ads on American TV. I don't think any other country allows professionals(lawyers, auditors, etc) and MEDICAL COMPANIES to advertise

    16. Maddox Mulligan Yuhas

      gotta love when corruption gets the government to not pass reforms that would take money from rich people and give it to poor people who desperately need it

    17. JP Schlecht

      Clearly seems like a minor injury 🤣

    18. custom build

      What can you do? End the US. Seriously, it is obviously a complete failure and always would have been. The rest of the world NEEDS the US to end.

      1. custom build

        @Some Weeb Thanks for providing the American hubris I literally just mentioned. LOL

      2. Some Weeb

        @custom buildFine, we'll see how well europe fairs if we abandon you. Prepare for Halal

      3. custom build

        @Some Weeb That view is purely driven by typical American hubris. Your nation is not liked, however much you people like to think that we all look up to the USA for anything other than driving climate change and poverty. I stand by what I said. End the US.

      4. Some Weeb

        @custom buildWe're the only ones keeping China and Iran in check, we just need to reform dumb shit like this.

      5. custom build

        @seigeengine No we don't, and it's about time Americans realized that. Not only do we not need you, but you're fucking the rest of us. End... NOW.

    19. Kishan

      As an Indian. Many of these issues don't concern me at all. But, this is a great show to watch and the presentation is lit. Also, I don't know why I am writing this. 😂

    20. Karmotrene Yellow Submarine

      If you learn anything from this video, learn that Joe Biden is an absolute garbage human being who deserves our contempt, not our votes.

      1. seigeengine

        lol, because he voted for legislation that prevented rich people from declaring bankruptcy when they could afford to pay off their debts?

    21. Christopher Chavez

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    22. C G

      Way to avoid the ‘I guess I’ll just file for bankruptcy HaHaHaHa’ line by the evidently naive person who subsequently realized that the debt she took on wasn’t that simple to get rid of (hint, it’s in the fine print of the documents you signed)….. I’m not saying that being in her shoes is easy - far from it but his show could be so much better than it already is if he spread his ad hominems more evenly…

      1. seigeengine

        I think that highlights the point quite well that people are put in positions where they are ill-equipped to make good decisions, and have little to no recourse.

    23. Clarissa Moreno

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    24. Sky On Fire

      America more than $23 trillion dollars in debt and has the auday to give me a credit score 🤣

    25. stephanie santos

      okay maybe i'm a fucking idiot and i'm missing something but like ... given the interaction between biden and warren in that clip it's even more wild that warren was not a supporter for M4A

    26. Joyful Sorrow

      The raccoons...

    27. aftrimg

      That Joe Manchin bit didn't age well, eh?

    28. aftrimg

      I was faced with over 200k in medical debt before ObamaCare, and ch7 that shit away. Biggest regret of my life.

    29. Aidan Sloan

      I'm curious as to why black families are pushed toward chapter 13 bankruptcy. I mean sure call it discrimination but why and I dont just mean racism, I mean what is the purpose? Assuming you are racist wouldn't you trust black people less and therefore want to have them pay upfront rather than later and risk not getting it? Maybe it is more the assumption that black people are poor and therefore can't pay upfront. I don't know.

    30. GREG M

      is that furry porn at 6:32? oh john, you rascal :3

    31. Clara Castilho Oliveira

      It comes to mind to me the term "debt slavery" we used to have that here in Brazil and study about it in school. We do have a similar issue right now as well.

    32. colly beans

      John Oliver is not wrong but I wish he would focus on more pressing issues and step out of the confines of the gated institutional narrative. Ofcourse its important what you're talking about but you are micromanaging sir. There's lots of very important subjects that John Oliver just wont touch, important stuff that Jimmy Dore, The Rational National, The Greyzone, Secular Talk ect all is trying to create awareness of and all of them is being buried underneath the algorithm for for talking about it. I would recommend any of those channels over this one to all who likes following whats going on. Those who doesnt skip a subject because certain people would get mad them for talking about it.

    33. George Arnold

      Are there really 3k bankers watching this?

    34. thatoneguy

    35. Rob Dryden's Jr.

      Bankruptcy bad. Paul Thomas Andersen dialogue good!

    36. David Lofdahl

      what a country. Oz.

    37. Pit Gutzmann

      How often filed Donald Trump bancruptcy???

    38. non_zero

      Wait what is the Windsor Heights Dairy Queen good for though

    39. yoked1234

      Welcome to America where Republicans have been working with Democrats to screw over every American that gets in financial trouble and essentially making it impossible to declare bankruptcy. Thank you Biden for sponsoring and pushing that bill on behalf of your banking buddies in Delaware.

    40. Somebody Stupid

      Bankruptcy what you'll have now no one watches this unfunny British wanna be programming.

    41. Fanage

      student debt should NOT be able to be taken care of by bankrupsy

      1. seigeengine

        Education should be covered by the government as an investment in increasing the productivity of it's workforce.

    42. madaro

      love you John xxx

    43. Francais Lover

      Student loan debt cannot be discharged in bankrupcy.

    44. Twinkle Toes

      I went through a simular situation with being talked down to by a court ruled course I had to take. When I was 18 I got caught drinking underage at a party because some idiots started a short fight and the cops got called. The online class I had to take for it to not go on my record was a class for actual recovering alcoholics that required me to have a sobriety buddy to have daily conversations with and fill in daily reports of my struggles recovering. It was about a 3 month course and by the last week I was literally copy pasting "I'm not a fucking alcoholic, this course is a fucking joke even if I was an alcoholic. Eat a dick." in every questionnaire spot, with the final answer to the question "Overall how would you rate the experience of your journey?" with a 2 paragraph rant about how ridiculous this was. Also I passed.

    45. Dean William

      I filed chapter 13 to keep my house n vehicle. I shouldn't have filed at all. I ended up withdrawing from it. I filed cause I was late 1 time on my business vehicle. They threatened to take it. Turns out they had no intention of wanting the truck they justed wanted to threaten me. However, the attorney told me I had no other choice then to file chapter 13.

    46. denzel gregoire

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    47. Christopher Forte

      Dude, comment from Australia. Probably just a note and generally on the approach recently... start talking about the positive and defendable position of candidates making change - not Andrew ‘the clown’ Giuliani. Spread a message to a broad base. People need to know the opposite not just the reason “why” conservatives are shithouse.

    48. Carla Houston

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    49. prozzak6616

      "student loan debt is a major problem" and then America elects the guy responsible for it being unable to be discharged through bankruptcy, as president.

      1. Some Weeb

        No one cares about young people, especially young men.

      2. 50jakecs

        The Democratic leadership jammed Biden down our throat in the primaries and in the general election ... choice of the lesser evils as usual.

    50. Melicious Misc

      You included the Raccoon Whisperer! Love.

    51. Malgax The Great

      Nothing like watching a Last Week Tonight episode and growing ever more disheartened by the wreck that is your nation

    52. James Flynn

      Feels like bankruptcy is primarily for the rich to just renege on their commitments

    53. Lee Stoichkova

      These thumbnails have John looking progressively more and more done with the world

    54. ChaosLord

      My long-term financial plan has always been... 1. Rack up a shitload of credit card debt. 2. Die. 3. Make the credit card companies eat it.

    55. lw88

      YES! YES! YES! YES!

    56. Vladimir Zhilyaev

      I like how a month later the bat reference is now questionable

    57. Camille Shultz

      I was waiting and waiting to hear Credit Card Joe's name! So glad that Oliver didn't shy away from this truth.

    58. Ryan Stewart

      Student Loans MUST NEVER be dischargeable! And that is coming from someone who lived out of a tent for two years in Canada to deal with mine (and that was just to get back on track).

    59. TimberwolfC14

      My, Oh, My. Isn't bankruptcy the favorite game play of the Obese Orange Weasel apart from just not paying his bills anyway.

    60. Sean B

      Biden voted yes on that bill

    61. Ashley Marie

      Of course if your last name is "Trump," filing bankruptcy six times just means you're "smart."

    62. Rob Schofield

      Well, I *think* I know where the BAFTA (TV) for "Best Bad Acting During Genuine Factual Episodic Reporting Of High Social Consequence" is gonna go.... I will be watching with intense interest on June 6th, Dude!

      1. Rob Schofield

        PS. As ever, a truly excellent piece - long may it continue, Mr. O. (from over here, in Daaarrr-zet)

    63. Antoine FD

      I swear this show has done a million times more to keep me out of America than any wall ever could.

      1. Kelly Parkinson

        @Tim Loescher Agree

      2. Kelly Parkinson

        LOL totally believable and understandable.

      3. Tim Loescher

        I live in America and this is one of the best comments I have seen on FIblock, right on.

    64. Linda Maddox

      Why is it that you almost never hear talk about Chapter 11 bankruptcies? Could it be that corporations are too sacred to be criticized because of their "wholly" pursuit of the almighty dollar? Just asking.

    65. Linda Maddox

      I was forced into bankruptcy in 1992, when the recession on the east coast caused me to lose job. I was a single parent, buying a home for myself and my daughter. My usual line of work was in law. About two years earlier, most major firms began downsizing, including many law firms. I lost everything: house, car, health and life insurance, savings, home furnishings -- everything except our clothing. Many people became homeless. After two years of futile job searching and with failing health, I relocated, where my health continued to deteriorate. I never completely recovered. I went on permanent disability, as I never completely recovered. I consider my self blessed because I was eventually able to purchase enough life insurance to pay off my creditors upon my death. They'll just have to wait a while longer. But to that condescending, self-righteous windbag asking if banks should absorb their losses, I'd like to remind him that taxpayers absorb the losses of banks to the tune of up to $100,000 or more (ever hear of "FDlC" Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) for a pittance. Would be nice if the government, likewise, underwrote taxpayers in case of bankruptcy. After all, it is taxpayers who pick up the tab to pay off depositors when banks go belly-up. The hypocrisy of the bum in that clip is nothing less than nauseating. He's feeling sorry for creditors, but probably voted against every piece of health care legislation proposed during his tenure, even though taxpayers would have picked up the tab for that also. I find it incredulous that the dick (in this clip) can be so indignant and adamant regarding how other people's monies are spent. Besides, with the exorbitant interest that lending institutions charge, they lose nothing -- unless they're lending to fat cats, ala Donald Trumpery. BTW, how many times has thst fart gone bankrupt within the last 35 - 40 years; and how much in taxes did he pay during that period?

    66. Bryan Smith

      Who the fuck has a masters degree and doesn't know they can't discharge?

    67. psammiad

      The trouble with the student debt issue is, if you're 22 and $80K in debt, you can file for bankruptcy and have a clear credit record by the time you're 30. A lot of people would be tempted to do that.

    68. gingy rocka

      its funny how in america biden is considered a progressive, in the UK he's UKIP our extreme right party, trump is the brexit partty lollllll

    69. SurleyBlaine

      I know several restaurant owners that follow the Trump manual of bankruptcy. The "company" goes bankrupt, the owner walks away with pockets full and starts a new one that goes bankrupt as well.

    70. Brian Griffin

      Joe Biden has been one of the worst politicians for average people for decades. And he's also a massive creep around little girls. The only good thing I can think to say about him is that at least he's not Trump. And that is not saying much.

    71. Silent Gamer


    72. John Talbot

      It's a ponzi world of huge wealth disparity and poverty ...and while all countries try to convince their peoples that they are all important and part of their countries success...the reality at stats show a different truth... as all our hierarchically controlled systems are geared to serve and flow money up to those at the top, at the cost and expense of everyone else below. Now people will go up the ponzi wealth ladders and others will fail and slide down ...but the the pattern is pretty consistent...which should make the majority of people shocked and awake! Half of the world's net wealth currently belongs to the top 1%, The top 10% collectively holds 85% of global net wealth The bottom 90% hold the remaining 15% of the world's total wealth, However the top 30% hold 97% of the total wealth. Which means 70% of adults on the planet compete and survive on only 3% of the net wealth in the world So.... this is why the world of humans is naturally completely f@#ked up. But this isn't new as all our Hierarchies throughout history have always shown pretty similar stats and disparities.

    73. Princess Jello

      damn Truck-kun immigrated to the US?

    74. Mr Piggy

      I love student lones in the U.K., much better system And we don’t have medical bills

    75. Palestine Exists

      8:00 missed opportunity to follow-up on word “discharge”

    76. bruh

      i'd like to personally apologise to the person that had to edit a picture of furry porn onto this video

    77. Nathan Stone

      Americans could have changed all this if they’d voted for Bernie but they chose good old platitude and cliche Biden who has had a 40 year history of punishing poor people and African Americans

    78. Natascha A-S

      11:45 is like watching John's innately repressed British soul return to his body after being briefly possessed by Julianne Moore

    79. GoldnDusty

      The intonation on that Julianne Moore speech was *flawless*. Who needs accent work when you can capture the tone of someone's delivery?

    80. A Streetcat named Bob - Official Channel

      shame on you.... wow John, you deserve the BAFTA!!

    81. Rob Gibson

      One nit to pick. The couple who said they didn't afford to go bankrupt. You don't need money. You can file yourself and your can get fee waivers. What they're saying is they just don't feel like doing the leg with to figure out the process (aka Google "how to file for bankruptcy")

    82. Harshit Pathak

      Very informative Man the cartoon was good 👌

    83. Dan the Dude

      What is that “shame on you” pharmacist monologue from?

    84. Dan the Dude

      Jeff has anime eyes

    85. Isaiah Isaac Hoerauf Abel

      I love the raccoon whisperer

    86. StanTheFeline

      It's not the fault of the bats, but the fault of those who ate the bats.

    87. SECDUP

      Biden is at most centre right not left-wing or progressive.


      Donald Trump has filed for Bankruptcy more times than he's filed for divorce, and he's a "smart, successful businessman" That Applicant on 'Shark Tank' filed for bankruptcy and he's "Radioactive".

    89. Jeanelle Place

      The rabid shame additionaly groan because trouble cytopathologically bake after a fuzzy latency. available, broken muscle

    90. Sohail Khan

      Peace settlement should now be imposed on Israel, there is nothing more to negotiate on the two states for two people in the land of Palestine. There has been far too much discussion and very little action. Far too many UN resolutions which Israel has ignored. The settlement should be based on Israel's full withdrawal, without exceptions, to the pre-1967 borders, this includes all West Bank, East Jerusalem, Golan Heights and any other land and territory it has illegally occupied from 3rd June 1967 to the present date. There are to be no land / border adjustments etc. Israel must remove its illegal "Berlin Wall in the West Bank and fully lift its land, sea and air blockade of Gaza and the West Bank. Israel must immediately stop all forced displacements of Palestinians from the homes they have lived in for generation and it must also vacate all homes, land and orchards it has occupied in East Jerusalem, including the Al-Aqsa compound and grounds, and the West Bank. Israel must immediately release all political prisoners, including Marwan Barghouti, and all children it has arrested since 1967 to date. It would be wise for the UNSC to vote to put a peacekeeping force to monitor Israel's compliance with its full and unconditional withdrawal to its pre-1967 borders.

    91. Harry Cooper

      Politicians handed a huge win to the Credit Card companies? Who da thunk?

    92. Bradley Smith

      Wow! It actually took 10 whole minutes for this to somehow be tied into some kind of unfair racial bias where black people are being screwed over just because they are black. It usually takes about half that amount of time to get there. Pretty sick of constantly hearing about how bad minorities have it just because they are minorities without a single bit of context whatsoever.

    93. Lion Clieli

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    94. Beau Carr

      I bet this guy smells his own farts, then talks down on people who won't smell them with him

    95. clem kadiddlehopper

      I can't say that I was sold Chapter 13, but the general idea was that it was better to pay off a few necessary debts through the protection of the court than to file Chapter 7 and not have paid anyone. Chapter 7 was only what the loathsome would do, was the idea back in the 90s.

    96. Brand X

      I see the Ken Rannick commercial and thought, "She would've left him." :p

    97. rogdeb1

      Do you know why every country is in debt it's because of the evil banking cabal. We have been robbed for decades. Well I know that 4,000+ top bank officials have been arrested worldwide.

    98. The Man's Kitchen

      Yeah....if you dont use debt you wont get into this trouble tho. Dave Ramsay for the win.

    99. jerome dragun

      Why are you fifty k in debt?