Asian Americans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver discusses the large and diverse group of people who fall under the term “Asian American”, the history of the model minority stereotype, and why our conversations on the subject need to be better-informed.

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    1. bbfizzle

      can we talk about the fact that strictly speaking, russians are actually asians?

    2. Dylan Cooney

      John Oliver has really turned into a massive piece of shit

    3. Josephc876 Hughey769**

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    4. Kabir Choudhary

      This was so wonderfully elaborated, please don't leave the video halfway and watch till the end. John Oliver promoting progressiveness as usual❤️.

    5. MidNiteR32

      Kamala Harris is as Asian as Panda Express is Chinese or Italian as Oliver Garden. She doesn’t look Asian nor should she pass herself as one.

    6. Paul Loves Soccer

      Race. Get over it. Be yourself, not a color or a race. Love your neighbor. Work hard. Tell the truth.

    7. spectral lines

      I would like to see john Oliver in a debate with ben shapiro. When John doesnr have his staff of writers

    8. MCF

      The spate of racial violence during the pandemic. You kind of sped through that, John. I mean, you pontificated exhaustively on the premise that everyone needs to remember to blame white people, but you spent a fraction of a second on the current violence which is perpetuated primarily by african americans against asian american communities. You're too brilliant to stoop to foisting cheap attempts to buy your way out of whiteness, John. Stop perpetuating the need to label everyone and stop being a shill for the grievance industry.

    9. okonh0wp

      The model minority is a tool of white supremacy. I used to love this guy but he's a little too woke for me these days.

    10. okonh0wp

      People whining about being the model minority are first world problems. It's much better to be model minority than stereotyped negatively

    11. wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN

      This is one of the reasons why I don't answer the questions in the Census regarding ethnic origin. Systemic institutionalized racism is all it really is. What the hell does my racial background have to do with distribution of economic resources and voting? I'm an American, that all there is. Deal with it. When people ask me where I'm from, I respond, "New York". They always say, "That's not what I mean" and they get a "I know what you meant."

    12. Straytenwhite Normell

      A person is either an American or not an American. There's no such thing as African, Asian, Irish, Polish, Italian, etc. Americans. Either you're an American or you're not.

      1. wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN

        Unfortunately, They believe you're only an American if you're White. Everyone else is a hyphen American.

    13. Victory

      I recognize this piece is well intentioned, but as an American of Taiwanese ancestry who also lived in China for a decade who has been close with numerous people who suffer from mental health issues, I feel it sort of lacks perspective so I wanted to join the discourse. I love John Oliver and I think the humorous points are great, but I felt compelled to share my personal view, especially as it pertains to the model minority myth and its impact on suicides/mental health. I feel like this piece misplaces the heft of blame on society instead of giving people the accountability and tools to take appropriate action to help themselves. I know the model minority myth plays a role, but in my perspective it’s a much smaller one than presented. I do appreciate his good intentions though. Couple points: 1. Mental health issues and intense pressure to perform for Chinese kids often comes from inside the home. When nothing you do can satisfy your own parents and family, you really don’t care what your white buddies at school or some white TV anchor say about your math skills. I faced this as a child, as many of my peers have - the jokes in school were fun and funny but going home was a nightmare. Even in China, suicides are skyrocketing (but underreported for obvious reasons related to their gov). The pressure to perform and compete is even more intense there, where no model minority myth exists. Its because opportunities are far fewer and competition is far more intense. Parents fear the worst and demand the best (with good intentions, but in harmful ways) so that their children can succeed and "survive". This same attitude carries over when they immigrate to the US. 2. Chinese views on mental health are absurdly outdated. My wife suffered from depression and borderline personality disorder (she is a rape victim, a single child of a broken home, her parents used her as a weapon against each other in a horribly bitter divorce). She tried to take her own life several times before and during our relationship. Her treatment options went from medication (no therapy) straight to mental hospital and electroshock therapy when she didn’t respond to medication. It wasn’t until I got to know her well that I took her to see North America trained doctors and went through years of medication and psychological therapy. She is now in remission and medication is being reduced. To this day, her parents don’t understand that she was actually sick and not just acting out like a child, though they are happy that she has “matured.” Traditionally, older generation Asians view mental health problems as “weakness,” until they lose their child. This is not that they are evil, but their education and knowledge is simply lacking. Time (and a lot of pain) will change this as these problems become overwhelming. If this sounds like your situation, seek help from friends, your school counselor, or anyone else. Getting help is not weak. Surviving these tough situations will be one of your great achievements, and strengthen you to do many great things in the future. It may harm your short-term relationship with your family, but know that once you have found your will to live and your inner strength, only then can your relationships begin to heal. In reality, a lot of toxic habits exist in every culture. We need to evaluate both the external and internal and improve. While I do agree that all the “issues” presented are indeed issues, I think as a whole people are really blowing recent discourse out of proportion and losing perspective as it pertains to what I personally see as more serious issues (as it so happens, our black friends are still getting shot by police, mass shootings are increasingly rampant, poor kids are starving... this list is long.) It’s ok to recognize the societal issues and push for change, but we also need to recognize how lucky we are to be living in the USA and step back from all the heated discourse from time to time to remember. I’ve been called Chink, been told to go back to my country (I’m born and raised American), been in race-driven physical altercations, but I’m still eternally grateful that my parents immigrated here and allowed me to live here in the US (I spent 10 years overseas in the second most developed economy in the world and it doesn’t hold a candle to our great nation). You can't change hate and anger with more hate and anger. Embrace who you are, be grateful, and accept that nearly half of people could be haters for no apparent reason no matter who you are, where you are, or what race you are. Ignore the haters and do your part to tip the scale of loving, good people to 51%. You’ll be much happier in life. If you made it all the way down here I'm impressed! Wish you a great day and hope you can pass along some gratitude today!

    14. Jacquie Miller

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    15. TcFresh Official

      The US has always been a fucked up place.

    16. clydemosis

      God, now I want Chinese food and KFC.

    17. peqio seroa

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    18. M C

      Wow 2 white guys don't get any jail time because "they weren't the the kind of guys you send to jail"?!?!? That's like only giving a white boy only 3 months in jail for raping a girl & getting caught red handed because you don't want that "promising young man" future to be wrecked.....🙄😒

    19. M C

      Lucy Liu Lisa Ling Margaret Cho Ken Jong Randall Park Brenda Song Awkafina And that's off the top of my head without even going to Google. This is coming from a non Asian. How can anyone not acknowledge any other famous Asain besides Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan? SMH

      1. wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN

        You left out the most obvious...Andrew Yang. He ran for President of the USA. How people couldn't immediately reply with that name is beyond me!

    20. Mary Kay Keller

      All my Asian friends are Asian Americans. People need to get outside more.....

    21. Miss. Danni Tiger

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    22. miko foin

      "You might not catch happiness but you can chase it." Yeah, does seem familiar somehow... "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.."

    23. otra cosa

      A coalition is not a monolith. Liked that.

    24. xing live

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    25. Robert Ray

      Jackie Chan is a pro-communist, I would call that reasonable suspicion of his allegiance being questionable.

      1. Robert Ray

        @miko foin "five dollars is all my mom allows me to spend" lolol.

      2. miko foin

        5:57 remembers me that piece of dialog from Full Metal Jacket movie “me love you looong time”

    26. Michael Šefčík

      I'm Czech, I don't live in the U.S. Yet, unlike the majority of people commenting here it seems to me that this show tends to discriminate against whites in every episode and blame whites for everything bad that happened mostly to blacks (but to Asians as well as we can see from this episode). John Oliver didn't mentioned that a lot of the attacks against Asians recently had been conducted by blacks. The thing is that virtually every second story is about whites being the bad guys which is also a stereotype. And John Oliver fights against stereotypes in this show. Imagine how would you feel if someone constantly pictured your race as the bad guys?

      1. wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN

        This is a video about the legacy of systemic racism in the USA. Against Native-Americans, against Blacks (Slavery), AND against Asians. And perhaps to your surprise, racism against Italians and Irish as well. Identifying yourself by color, ie. White, is inherently racism. Period. That label comes from racist origins here in the USA. And only two groups have had color 'white-washed' to become socially acceptable identifiers. White and Black. You don't live here, you won't understand, you don't have to endure 50+ years of racism like I have as a Chinese-American. My late uncle served as a Marine during WW2. It doesn't matter it seems. When my Italian wife and I were introduced during a dinner party in Phoenix, two White women casually spoke without reservation, on how confused and shocked on how such a marriage was possible. When I mentioned she's Canadian, they were suddenly relieved and exclaimed, "Oh, that explains everything!" I knew what they meant and wasn't ashamed to say it to my face. That no self-respecting White Christian American woman would consider such a union with a 'China-man'. This is how deeply embedded it is in American culture and societies.

    27. Mr iFOX

      14:15 JollyBee!

    28. Mr.SunShine

      We Native tribal people and African Americans have had it worse. We have dealt with disparity and racism for hundreds of years Asian and Asian Americans are the New kids on the block and in today's world are actually treated better than we Natives, African Americans and Spanish communities. African Americans are being gunned down left and right by police we Natives are still on reservations living in horrible conditions. Honestly they got a little bit of bad treatment from a bunch of ignorant people who didn't understand the coronavirus but they are in no way shape or form truly discriminated against.

      1. Ignoramus

        @wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN Defunding the police just means more private policing for those who can afford it, and poor people are screwed over by it

      2. wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN

        I know history and how heinous Whites treated Native Americans and Blacks. But the Chinese immigrants were exploited, killed, and deported as early as the 1800s. Thousands murdered, lynched. Many built the railroads in the West and were murdered instead of being paid for their labor. Old phrase, A Chinaman's luck. Japanese-Americans were forced into concentration camps during WW2, lost everything they owned. No formal apology from the US government to this day for violation of their civil rights as citizens. ALL non-white residents of US territorial possessions abroad, are secondary US citizens. They have no say in selecting representatives in any US election. None. They are not White. Statehood was declared, by law, based on the percentage of White occupation of new territories. Displacing Natives. Hawaii, is a sovereign nation, but colonialized by White settlers and was taken as a State with no say of the indigenous population! It is to this day, an occupation. For you to fall for the old trick of believing "well we had it far worse" is what white supremacists want you to do. Get into a conflict between minority groups. Divide and conquer strategy. The promotion of Black on Asian hate crimes these days, with over 4,000+ cases since 2020, is a prime example of this. So, don't kid yourself. It's far more beneficial to the establishment to continue airing such hate crimes in order to undermine any Defund the Police movement politically. It only looks bad when the news must air Whites committing Asian hate crimes. Or hate crimes against Blacks (BLM), and Native Americans (Dakota pipeline). We minorities should be joining forces in solidarity, not fight among ourselves.

      3. Ignoramus

        You know Asians were kidnapped and enslaved in the US during the 1800s, right?

    29. YB

      That Hemsworth metaphor was BARS

    30. Andrew Pham

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    31. doro626

      That Bee was a savage.

    32. mc2w

      very long piece that fails to address the fact that even amongst poor and uneducated, there are cultural differences between (east) asian and other minority groups that lead to better outcomes for the next generation.

    33. Ben Barredo

      I'm an Asian American fan!

    34. Thomas Jacobs

      What do you mean half the country hates the 4th of July??

    35. JusmaVids

      Middle East is also Asia

    36. Antonio Rodriguez

      Why did asia stop at pakistan in the image they showed? its really weird. I know that the us is really weird with their categories, wich is why most americans think latino is an ethnicity, but arent people from the middle east part of the asian continent?

      1. wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN

        White people are screwed up that way, LOL! But you're right, technically they are all Asian. And if you recall, Middle East used to be labeled Asia Minor by White folk. Heck, Russians are technically Asian. :) That's why the term Asian-American is such a ill-used term by Americans. But Whites only believe they are Americans, while all others are hyphen Americans. ie. Asian-Americans, Native-Americans, African-Americans, Latin-Americans. Jews and Muslims though, causes them to have fits...can't fit them into tidy little label.

    37. anti -TV

      Funny how he forgot abute the arab lol People forgot arab are from asia

      1. wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN

        Technically yes, but Whitey has special labels for them...Middle East as opposed to Far East. Recall, what they call the Middle East was once labeled Asia Minor. Russians are Asians too! :)

    38. Piece Nerve

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    39. Dylan Wells

      This fucking guy, “we took in over a million refugees but that’s not generosity.” Then send them the fuck back!

    40. Benji Purrincho

      5:57 remembers me that piece of dialog from Full Metal Jacket movie “me love you looong time”

    41. xdeadmeatx

      Go figure, another media giant who hates Andrew Yang.

      1. wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN

        Well, I'm Chinese and I did support Yang for some of his good ideas. But recently with his public support of Israel response on Palestinians, and his backing of the Police Union and not supporting Police reform, during his NYC mayoral race, killed it for me. He sold out to appease the establishment in New York.

    42. WhtKnight Nemesis

      Asians: the left is not your friend.

      1. Ignoramus

        @WhtKnight Nemesis word

      2. WhtKnight Nemesis

        @Ignoramus agreed. Focusing on the left bc theyre the ones making all the noise rn

      3. Ignoramus

        Spoilers: Neither is the right.

    43. la sept

      Thank you for all this useful information! Now I can be racist more accurately

    44. Allison Corona

      Never forget. White people rounded up Asian people into Concentration Camps.

      1. Ignoramus

        Not to mentioned enslaved them in the 1800s in California.

    45. Neltins

      Strong values and hard work... tell that to all the successful business owners in Tusla OK. The truth is white men have always hated & resented any black people they see more successful. It's only okay for blacks to succeed if they're propping up the white man, making him feel good, or serving him.

      1. Dutch Mayer

        You can’t even handle masculine white men who are poor.

    46. Richard Jones

      denying that asians blow the curve is just liberal denial

      1. Ignoramus

        Certain Asians who are economic migrants do. These people are already educated and had higher income coming into the US. Not all Asian immigrants are like that, like my family, who came here cause of the Vietnam War.

    47. cjtcabrera


    48. Nao Rho

      Thank you for recognizing us, John

    49. chess boi

      they eat bats and dogs

      1. Xi Jinping

        @wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN dont forget crocodile!

      2. wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN

        And I bet the recipes are very tasty! Southerners eat squirrels and swamp rats, and mud bugs.

      3. Ignoramus

        So do other races.

    50. Sam Brown

      Huh. Maybe letting capitalism define how your prisons are run is a bad thing

    51. Ellen Fries

      1 Fete

    52. extremawesomazing

      If experience as a millennial is any indication, the US workforce will round out the trauma that war might not have.

    53. Morning

      Michele Branch famous in USA half Indonesia -Half Dutch

    54. Daniel Spencer

      for the LastWeekTonight team - Jimmy M an Irish legend

    55. Barna De

      any time you get asked where you are from, ask them the same thing back.

    56. Theodore Yuen


    57. ahmed emerson

      no one cares about asians

      1. Ignoramus

        Funny cause Lincoln did.

    58. Dregern Bern

      Don't fuck a bee

    59. Jay Tissera

      When you say 'Asian' people in the west generally think of Eastern Asians, I think even media is responsible for that mindset. So you cant blame them if they dont think that Kamala Harris is 'Asian American'

    60. Claudiu Gardelli

      Kamala Harris is not a famous person. She's just a sad error.

    61. lordeisschrank

      Should have called the episode "why Americas race concept is bullshit" and be done with it within 5 minutes

    62. RobinHood3000

      Jeez, even knowing the white supremacist reasoning behind it, it's so hard to turn off the emotional validation from some asshole saying that your ethnic group is better than others. Imagine being a newly arrived Asian immigrant desperate to be accepted into your new home, and all you have to do is let the white people in power pat you on the head and use you as a club to beat other minorities down. Of course a lot of people are going to say yes, especially if they buy into white propaganda about black and brown people.

    63. Joel Middaugh

      Easier than trying to find out if someone identifies as Asian American: ask them where they or their family are from specifically, and then remember. Try it, it's not hard. For starters, the surname Ham is Korean. Nguyen or Tran is Vietnamese. Pham is either Chinese or Vietnamese.

    64. ericduan19

      i've been to the US & i really couldn't understand the smart & successful Asian stereotype. i'm just an average dude with a mediocre liberal arts degree working a wage that could never buy me a house...... but every non-Asian American just assumed that i know how to code & i'm a wizard in math. no, i can't solve the square root of 169 in 2 seconds & you can kiss my ass on that pi digit reciting contest. and btw, my mom doesn't have 20 gold jewelries hid underneath her mattress, we put money in bank accounts & index funds just like you do.

    65. bubblbabble

      Excuse me, may I ask What does "work their way past column A and column B" and "No starch please" imply? (at around 2:03 )

      1. Ignoramus

        That Asians are relegated to Chinese restaurants stereotypes (column A and B are menu items) and laundromats.

    66. James Smith

      Them according to the video: "Never heard of Asians." Me: "I thought BTS, Blackpink, Twice, Stray Kids, NCT, Itzy, Exo, Ateez, Fromis 9, TXT, Loona, StayC, Oneus, Chungha, Weki Meki, WJSN and GWSN are Asians."

    67. James Smith

      Them according to the video: "Never heard of Asians." Me: "nomunomunomu, baby jakujakujaku"

    68. why not !

      Suicide the leading cause of death for that age group on China, Japan, Taiwan. And pretty much in every country only second to accidents in some countries. Hardly going to be heart attacks and diabetes is it. They are 15-24 years old lol

    69. Rose Black

      I like how he glosses over the fact that Asian-Americans have been here before there even was an America and a bunch fought in the War of 1812 against the British.

      1. Ignoramus

        @James Smith They were also kidnapped and enslaved in California.

      2. James Smith

        @Rose Black Thank you.

      3. Rose Black

        @James Smith More in depth from different site. I thought both would be nice to have, a primer and a longer one. It is very cool history Edit history: replaced same with different.

      4. Rose Black

        @James Smith source: Also, I am literally one of their descendants lol 😂

      5. James Smith

        How? When? Source? How did they get all the way to the East Coast. Was it Chinese, Filipinos, Indians, Malays, or Indonesians?


      Asian Americans vs affirmative action university SAT scores rules : Asians 1216 SAT score needed Whites 1148 SAT score needed Hispanics 1043 SAT score needed Blacks 966 SAT score needed Which party passed these racist affirmative action rules against Asians and others ? Answer the same political party that passed racist Jim Crow laws, elected racist president Woodrow Wilson and put Japanese Americans in internment camps in the 1940s.

    71. Lu Huang

      Famous Asian American Tiger Woods. Famous Asian American Norah Jones. Kirk Hammett. Enrique Iglesias. Bruno Mars. Half of Linkin' Park. Come on.

      1. Lu Huang

        @titanimarklee TV Asian Americans don't have to "lean into" their ethnicity. They can do whatever they like to do without bringing up their ethnicity. The point is some people know famous Asian Americans. They just don't know they know famous Asian Americans.

      2. Lu Huang

        @James Smith Yes. His mother was from the Philippines.

      3. titanimarklee TV

        What is the point of this comment? You named a handful of famous Asian Americans, congratulations? Never mind that none of the people you mentioned leaned into their Asian ethnicities for most of their careers, except maybe Mike Shinoda.

      4. James Smith

        Enreque Iglesias isn't he Hispanic?

    72. why not !

      Talks about grouping as singles entities as a bad thing, talks about how diverse each group is, then says fucking white people.

    73. Colleen McDonnell

      I'd like a moment bout Indians tho like you with your accent cant talk bout asians w/o talking bout asians sorry not sorry but it needs to happen

    74. titanimarklee TV

      “A coalition is not a monolith.” -what an important concept.

    75. David Rouelle The king of the jungle of lions

      He sounded like, Zazu

    76. sergeantassassin3

      If it's one thing I've learned from watching John all these weeks, it's that no one can identify his sexual preference(s).

    77. James Henry Smith

      Well AAPI have a good position actually. Donald Trump about Africa and Haiti "mudhut shithole dark jungle dumb can't achieve" Donald Trump about Latin Americans: "theives, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, cartel, unskilled labor, not the brightest and best" But no, or few, bad things about Asia!

    78. Ova Wolf

      Sykkuno as i don't count Kamala also Disguised Toast another famous Asian American or Hafu or lets go really big Markiplier, so perhaps it a boomer problem when naming Asians American! Mike Shinoda from linkin park is also Asian American, so yeah it is really a boomer problem.

    79. William Vaux

      The fact that people with different ethnic backgrounds aren't all the same....... is so obvious...........and yet so many people don't understand it

    80. John Cameron

      The episode is because the Chinese Communist Party is such a-holez. The CCP is the reason.

      1. Ignoramus

        CCP has nothing to do with Asian Americans, most of whom aren’t even Chinese

    81. SCC LIB

      The labored appeal ethnopharmacologically reign because china fortuitously coach versus a elite flame. flowery, furry furtive hair

    82. Al G

      He didn’t mention this, but Vincent Chin was actually murdered the night before his wedding, when these two white guys saw him at a bachelor party with his friends.

      1. Lu Huang

        That and Vincent Chin also worked in the American auto industry.

    83. Virginia Sanders


    84. A W

      To anyone who claims America isn't a racist country: you are living in an alternate reality, are ignorant and oblivious, or just racist scum... or, you're lying because you have a political agenda. America is rife with racism so rank & so deeply rooted, entrenched & embedded in our society that Americans would rather live in an alternative reality, pretend it doesn't exist, and try to stage a coup d'etat against their own country than work to fix it.

      1. Ignoramus

        @chess boi Is it? Cause science pretty much rejects race as a social construct. You might have regional genetic similarities, but those don’t play out the way we understand race.

      2. chess boi

        Reality is racist

    85. Natalie McCarthy

      I’d love to hear him talk about Asian adoptees we’re outcasts in our white families and our Asian communities

      1. Natalie McCarthy

        @Anthony Edwards I have a closer relationship with my birth family than most adoptees so I'm not the best person to talk about this but It's hard because we share some similarities with asian americans but not others. We don't speak our native language or eat traditional foods or have the stereotypical tiger parents. We're cut off from our culture so it can be hard to feel "asian enough" to fit in amongst asian-americans. However, we still are very aware that we look different from our white family and we're still viewed as foreigners so we don't fit in amongst white people either

      2. Anthony Edwards

        Is that really a thing? You wouldn’t have said so if it wasn’t... I hope that changes for you, just remember that us outcasts are a community too. Great topic.

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    87. Christopher Hannigan

      Wow... I needed another white person to tell me what it is like to be my own race. Thanks Jon Oliver for cherry picking stats and messages to promote your narrative while lambasting older white people for doing the same thing...Bravo for your ability to Google...

    88. Alberto De Cristoforo

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    89. A W

      A single good reason to beat up a car: over a decade ago in Baltimore city, police went FAR above and beyond their authority, targeting, searching, harassing, assaulting, beating, killing, and jailing black people (as most still do to this day, nationwide). They planted drugs on them. They beat them to a bloody pulp and then took them to jail without treatment. They constantly harassed them and looked for and created reasons to jail them. & then locked them in PACKED bookings cells for days to weeks at a time without seeing a judge or commissioner, without their medications and without a phone call. So in 1 small neighborhood in Baltimore while the cops hid in the bushes to jump black Americans (happens at least twice a week, known as jump out days) and had their squad car parked nearby in back of the run down apartments, the young boys in the neighborhood smashed the heck out of the car. Can't say they didn't deserve it. My heart goes out to those boys. Many of whom aren't alive today to tell the tale. A good reason to smash a car? I don't know. I'd never even think to do something like that. But for those who lived it, I'm sure to them it was fully they watched their friends and brothers & sisters get murdered in the streets..not by other PoC, but by those sworn to protect them.

    90. MiguelitoGrajimez

      He Shoulda invited Bobby Lee on for this!!!

    91. ShivJ16

      Good video, as a person of Indian descent I agree that the term Asian is too broad to be very helpful, I never identify as Asian since people always imagine them as East Asian anyway. Also, while I agree that the model minority myth can be harmful, at the same time Asians shouldn’t be afraid to highlight positive cultural values like hard work. There needs to be a balance between not playing into the myth while also allowing some room for praise.

    92. James Henry Smith

      People: "AAPI unknown!" Person 2: "Hang on a minute, don't BTS, Blackpink, Stray Kids, TXT, Twice, Itzy, Ateez, Stayc, NCT and Exo come from Asia!? Anime also." Person 3: "Yes, yes they do!"

    93. Dinah Liddell

      Asians should have a platform to network with each other all over the globe to ensure that this kind of shit never happens again. People are scared of our numbers lets use this to our advantage and fucking swarm.

    94. Andrea J. Wang

      the stereotypes about asians being successful have to do with policy. there are specific immigration policies that incentivize educated people to come from asia to the US. it's very hard to immigrate to the US, but if you have a college degree in a "technical" field (STEM) then it's easier for you to come. Look up the Hart-Celler Act of 1965

    95. James Henry Smith

      John Oliver and many other people: "Asians in news because killings, shootings, coronavirus, bat soup, chinese food." Me: "You'd think they notice that Kpop, anime, Kdramas and Bollywood come from Asia! Heck it should be easy, it's not even middle east (which with Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and West Asia, etc. are also part of Asia, and then there's Pacific Islander etc., are also Asian Pacific Islander. And the disputed Native American, North African, and Latin American.) it's East Asia and South Asia!"